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How to find time for fitness; a modern-day challenge

In today’s time-poor society where so many people spend their days rushing from meeting to meeting and juggling family life, fitting in a workout can feel like a stretch too far. Yet so many of us are still as health conscious as ever. In fact, the health and wellness sector in the UK continues to thrive, even despite the difficult economic conditions of recent years. It is no surprise that this growth is being fuelled by an ever-increasing demand for fitness regimes that deliver great results in less time. Which is where you come in. Bodystreet has an innovative franchise system that taps straight into this growing demand, blowing traditional gym classes right out of the water. Bodystreet uses clever technology (Electro Muscle Stimulation, or EMS) and proven methods to super-charge your workout.

The clever workout programme

EMS is a technology that has been used by professional sports people and physiotherapists for many years. It stimulates muscles to work harder with every move, so is particularly effective at toning and strengthening. Bodystreet is the first fitness franchise business in the UK to harness this technology and create a super effective weekly workout system that can be used by almost anyone. One 20-minute Bodystreet workout is the equivalent of around 3 hours of traditional gym activity or exercise classes, so it is perfectly targeted to busy people who want results but haven’t got hours to spare.

Award-winning franchise system

This franchise system is new to the UK, but has been taking the fitness industry by storm for almost 10 years across Europe. The business already has over 240 studios and won Franchisor of the Year 2016 in Germany, beating off stiff competition from many other well-known international franchise brands. Bodystreet studios are small and situated in retail-style premises with a good footfall, usually on a high street or close by. This means that the initial investment is typically between £50k – £90K, making it a very attractive option for first-time investors, those new to the fitness sector, or those seeking a multi-site ownership business.

Who should consider a Bodystreet franchise?

As the market leaders in EMS training globally, Bodystreet know our stuff. You can enjoy having control over the direction and growth of your business, reaping the rewards of being your own boss, but you can also rely on the support of an experienced management team. We’ll share with you everything we know about what works and what doesn’t in the micro-studio market, meaning you can build your business on best practice and avoid many of the pitfalls usually associated with being a start-up. Our comprehensive franchise package includes a tried and tested structure for finding, fitting out and launching your studio. We’ll also help you find top-quality studio team members and deliver the marketing know-how to build your membership quickly. We are an ambitious business with a long-term commitment to growth. We’d love you to join us.

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