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Accentia Franchise Consultants

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About Accentia Franchise Consultants

Accentia was founded in 2015 as a full-service franchise development consultancy service, which also tackles franchisee recruitment and franchisee marketing. It has offices in Ilkley, London and, in August 2018, opened a new office in Northampton. Accentia Franchise Consultants is a member of the British Franchise Association (BFA) and the Approved Franchise Association (AFA).

“Our objectives are to work with a small number of good clients, and to assist them in expansion through franchising into new national and international markets,” say Paul Mitchell, founder. “Whether the client company is at the stage of looking at franchising for the very first time or an established franchise network looking for new or fresh approaches to recruitment, training and retention of its franchise partners, Accentia has a solution to fit most objectives.”

What is Accentia’s background history?

In the 1990s Paul Mitchell was CEO of Natym Holding before founding The Business Partnership, which in four years became Britain’s largest franchised business broker, with 26 offices throughout England, Wales and Scotland by the time Mitchell sold the business to a group of franchisees in 2001. Over the next decade he directed various franchise and property groups, developing a number of franchise systems and marketing solutions — for both clients and his own business.

He set up Accentia Franchise Consultants in 2015 and says that he personally recruited over 100 franchisees for clients during 2017/18, and generated over £2 million in franchise fee revenue for clients.


What can Accentia do for franchisors?

Whether the client company is at the stage of looking at franchising for the very first time, or they are an established franchise network looking for a fresh approach to recruitment, training and retention of franchise partners, Accentia will have a solution to fit most franchisor’s objectives.

If a franchisor already has an established network, Accentia can offer a programme of evaluation and objective reporting that can assist the company to identify problem areas within the network. Accentia’s highly experienced team can also offer help and guidance in refocusing on the key values that a successful network can bring.


What advantages can Accentia offer franchisees?

Accentia offers a free initial review meeting and report aimed at providing would-be franchisors with a clear route to market and a strategy that will anticipate and seek to solve the many problems that new franchisees face when first setting out.

Amongst other key collateral delivered to clients as part of a ‘turn key’ franchise project are operations and training manuals, prospectuses, and other key marketing materials, along with tried-and-tested franchise and licence agreements for review between the client and their legal advisers. In the event that the franchisor already has an established network, Accentia can offer a process of evaluation and objective reporting that can assist the franchisor identify problem areas within the network and Accentia’s highly experienced team can offer help and guidance in refocusing on the key values that a successful network can bring.

How does the Accentia Franchise Consultants model work?

Are you looking to franchise your business and need assistance with establishing your franchise network? Or perhaps you are considering investing in a franchise business and need reassurance that it is the right fit for you?

Accentia can help your company expand into new, national and international markets through franchising. With over 40 years’ experience, Accentia provides a truly comprehensive service to potential franchisors, assisting them with every aspect of their franchise journey, starting with preparing a clear business strategy and route to market; delivering the key collateral required to franchise your business; arranging tried-and-tested franchise and legal agreements; providing evaluation and objective reporting procedures to assist you with identifying and eliminating key issues in your franchise network; and help and guidance with refocusing on your franchise network’s core values and objectives to ensure healthy, ongoing growth and development.

The Accentia Fit to Franchise report begins with a phone call and results in a free and comprehensive warts-and-all review and report on the business to be franchised. The report contains all the information that the client will require in order for them to make an informed decision whether their business lives up to the report’s ‘fit to franchise’ title.

Accentia can also take you through the full process of launching a franchise, including the marketing and recruitment of franchisees or a service that will provide the franchisee with all the documentation and systems—manuals, marketing materials, franchise agreements, and press releases that you will need to handle recruitment yourself. Accentia can handle the placing of adverts, copywriting, qualify responses, and interview prospective franchisees.


What support and training does Accentia Franchise Consultants offer?

Once you have decided that franchising is the correct route for expansion for your business, Accentia’s experienced team have developed a number of training modules that will assist you. Accentia’s training courses are bespoke to each client and their individual needs. There are, however, a number of ready-made options which can be tailored to fit a client’s schedule. Here are two explained by Accentia:

Fit to Franchise Fast Track: “During the course you will learn all of the basic principals of franchising, how franchising will underpin the growth of your business and be able to set parameters for growth and development and will have created a learning programme for your franchisees. Most importantly, you will understand the need for a robust franchise agreement and will come away from the course with an outline of an operations manual that works for your business. Finally, we will have provided you with an understanding of how to recruit quality franchisees and you will have developed a clear marketing plan for recruiting quality franchisees.”

Depending on the number of delegates on the course, the price for the week costs between £2,500 and £3,000, inclusive of all course materials and lunch, where relevant.

Top to Bottom Franchise Course: “This course is the natural follow-on to our Fit to Franchise Fast Track course and allows franchisor to build an entire system without the need of external consultants. During the course you will learn:

• How to write a franchise operations manual;
• The key components of a robust franchise agreement (this itself can save a franchisor several thousands in legal fees by reducing the time that your solicitor will spend drafting an agreement for you);
• How to identify franchisees that will add value to your brand and *equally importantly) those who will not;
• The key marketing, PR and recruitment needed to build an effective profile that will attract quality candidates;
• The critical criteria that you will need to understand in order that you can value your franchise and price it correctly in the market. Almost all franchisors get their pricing wrong and either sell key territories too cheaply or fail to attract the right number of applicants due to a franchise fee that is either too high or marketed badly.”

This course comprises 12 day-long sessions at a venue convenient for the client and is run over a six to 12-week period. In some cases this can be extended to suit the client’s schedule and requirements. This, too, depends on the number of delegates, but is priced between £5,000 and £6,000.


Is Accentia looking for franchise consultants?

Accentia says: “If you’re looking for a business that will help you achieve a better quality of life and provide both personal fulfilment and financial rewards, then join the Accentia team. We look for people who are capable of setting themselves up in business but see the value in the brand, training, support and system that investing in a franchise with Accentia brings. Being a franchise consultant is both rewarding and fulfilling.”

According to Accentia, you can be in business in under 30 days. “Being a franchise consultant is for people who don’t want the time and financial commitments required of a typical business, but instead are looking for a lower investment, more flexibility, a faster return on investment and a higher income than you will find in other businesses.

“The Accentia franchise is easy to operate. From day one —and on an ongoing basis — Accentia will help you to develop your business, the strength and success of our business is a key factor in our growth. Growth and success of the business is essential as we only succeed when you succeed.

“As a franchisee, you would utilise the knowledge, the systems and the relationships that we’ve developed to help you start and grow a profitable business of your own. This is an excellent opportunity to have a business that is experiencing incredible growth with unlimited income potential.”


What experience is required become a Accentia franchisee?

A new franchisee will need to demonstrate high levels of self-motivation, ambition, determination, business acumen, leadership skills, communication skills, people skills, and professionalism.

Is it worth starting a franchise?

Franchise business operations have a high success rate compared to other types of business, and in the UK, 48,600 franchise units contributed over £17.2bn to the economy, up over £2.1bn since 2015. The country’s 935 franchise systems employ over 710,000 people (up 89,000 since 2015). The number of franchises systems has doubled since 1996.

A second route is to take over an already established franchise ownership through resale. Roughly half of all franchised businesses are resales.

According to a BFA/NatWest report from 2018, profitability remains high among franchises, with over half of established franchises older than five years reporting that they are highly profitable, with another 40 per cent claiming to be marginally profitable.

How can I get started on learning more about Accentia Franchise Consultants?

You can arrange a free, no obligation meeting with one of Accentia’s directors. To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with Accentia Franchise Consultants, click on the ‘Send Enquiry’ button now.

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