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Delivering results

Posted: 09 Feb 2019
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Leaflet Delivery UK is recruiting franchisees to sell its proven service

Delivering results

Working in partnership with Royal Mail, Leaflet Delivery UK is aiming to build a network of franchise businesses covering all towns and cities in the UK offering its tried and tested shared leaflet delivery service.

Franchisees receive an exclusive territory of around 50,000 homes, as well as the ability to arrange mailings anywhere in the UK, for which they receive a payment.

As all delivery is undertaken by Royal Mail, there’s no need to recruit delivery staff.


Customers pay about £25-£40 per thousand for a leaflet drop, depending on size and weight. Franchisees should make £2,000- £3,000 a month in year one. Gross profit is around 40 per cent of turnover.Supported by the experienced Leaflet Delivery UK team, a franchisee’s role is to show local businesses how to produce quality leaflet drops at nearly half the cost of doing it themselves.

The company is looking for people who want to make and attend 5-20 appointments a week. One in three appointments result in a sale and sales are for multiple months.

The franchise fee is £25 per week. If you want to try it, you can for six months for a total outlay of £650.

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