Franchisee Q&A

Posted: 13 May 2019
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Eunice Learmont covers the Cirencester territory for Maplebrook Wills

Franchisee Q&A
What do you enjoy most about will writing?

Making sure a person’s wishes happen when the time comes, irrespective of external influences.

Why did you buy a Maplebrook Wills franchise?

The biggest factor for me was the support and mentorship.

With both a legal mentor and business mentor, I have the confidence that if I can’t answer a client question, I can pick up the phone or contact my mentor by email and get a response almost immediately.

Having the support network and systems also makes for a cosier business relationship - you feel like you’re working with friends, rather than just acquaintances.

What difference has it made to your business?

Previously, I didn’t make much money because I didn’t know how to get clients.

Learning the ‘Maplebrook method’ has allowed me to connect with my clients and grow my business, while servicing them in the best way I can.

Another bonus is the support in the office. I don’t have to worry about invoicing and contacting my clients with regards to payments - I can purely focus on servicing their needs with regards to end of life planning.

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