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Delivers interactive storytelling and dramatic play classes for children between the ages of six months and seven years

£ 4,000 Minimum Investment

Debutots In Brief

  • Description

    Delivers interactive storytelling and dramatic play classes for children between the ages of six months and seven years

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    Childrens Services, Education, Entertainment, Children

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 4,000

About Debutots

Debutots is the UK’s premier early years storytelling and drama company. It delivers interactive storytelling and dramatic play classes for children between the ages of six months and seven years.

The company’s activities supports and supplements the national curriculum and helps children develop vital cognitive and communication skills, as well as the confidence to be themselves as they grow up.

Debutots is popular with nurseries and schools, as well as with individual parents and carers.

In addition, the company has recently launched a new intergenerational project that involves taking children from pre-schools and nurseries into residential care homes for interactive storytelling, imaginary play, fun and communication. The sessions have increased the offering of the franchise and have received hugely positive feedback.

Debutots founder, Charlotte Salter, says: “The intergenerational sessions are having a wonderfully positive impact on both pre-school children and the residents of local care homes. The interaction and friendships being forged between the two generations is a joy to see.”

The Debutots classes build self confidence, promote language and literacy skills and develop a love of stories and books, all while enhancing a child’s positive sense of themselves and others.

How does the Debutots franchise model work?

Debutots is a ready-made business. For their investment, franchisees gain access to tried-and-tested classes, a proven curriculum and full initial and ongoing training and support. Each franchisee has their own exclusive territory and the freedom to organise how they work - from their timetables to their staff.

The Debutots franchise model has been in operation for over a decade and is set up to be workable around family commitments. The company understands that, parent or not, a business has to be flexible enough to work around your life, while also be successful at bringing income into the home. Around 80 per cent of Debutot’s franchisees are mothers.


What locations or territories is Debutots looking to operate in?

Debutots is looking to add locations across the UK and Ireland.


Why is a Debutots franchise a good investment?

Debutots is an award-winning franchise. A finalist in the Best Franchise Awards 2018, the business won an award for continuous improvement. Franchisees gave Debutots a 96 per cent satisfaction rating and the franchisor was complemented on its professionalism and attention to detail.

The services Debutots provides will always be in demand, as there is a never-ending need to invest in developing children’s communication, social and emotional skills.

Classes appeal to a diverse customer base, which includes nurseries, schools, after-schoolclubs, children’s centres, libraries, local councils and parents, and with the introduction of the intergenerational project franchisees have more to offer than ever before.

Debutots enables franchisees to earn more than if they were in an employed position, while working fewer hours.


Where in the UK is the Debutots franchise based?

The Debutots head office is in Bristol.


What support and training do Debutots franchisees receive?

Franchisees get training, mentoring and ongoing support, as well as a range of equipment and access to the three-year rolling Debutots curriculum, party plans. They’re also granted an exclusive territory.

The training provided is comprehensive and there is a friendly network of support that comes not just from head office, but from other franchisees, who share their experiences on the company’s online forum.


What are the Debutots franchise’s terms of agreement and renewal?

Franchisees benefit from a five-year agreement, with the option to renew at no additional cost.


What experience or skills does a Debutots franchisee need?

Debutots is seeking potential franchisees with a background in, or the confidence to embrace, drama and storytelling, so they can deliver classes successfully and inspire the children and adults they work with.

Friendly people with passion and enthusiasm are encouraged to get in touch to ask about opportunities. The business is looking for those with an expertise in drama, a love of working with children, plus good administration and organisational skills.


How in demand are storytelling and dramatic play classes right now?

What could be more rewarding than making a lasting difference to children’s lives? Dramatic play helps children with development and learning, as it increases their understanding of the world they live in and assists them to develop personal skills that will help them throughout their lives. 

Debutots inspires small children to develop their learning and confidence through creativity.

By recreating some of the experiences children often face in life, they learn how to cope with any fears and worries that may accompany these experiences.

Dramatic play helps children develop both gross and fine motor skills, as well as expanding their personal vocabulary and firing up their imagination. When children come together with storytelling and dramatic play, they learn how to share ideas and solve problems.

Children develop skills to enable them to cooperate with their peers and learn to control their impulses, while studies have show they tend to be less aggressive than children who do not get the opportunity to engage in dramatic play.

Currently, demand for Debutots’ services has never been higher. With relevance to the national curriculum, the classes are much sought after by schools and nurseries. The award-winning continued product development, which includes the intergenerational initiative, ensures the brand stays relevant and current.

With so many different revenue streams the business is diverse and there is currently demand in all areas, making the franchise a low-risk investment.

Franchisees also benefit from a diverse and stable customer base, with access to the premium end of the market, which enables them to charge up to £125 per hour for their services.


How can I get started on setting up my own business?

Provide your details on this page to register you interest and a member of the Debutots franchise team will be in touch.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

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