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Fantastic Services

The one-stop shop for all home services

Fantastic Services In Brief

  • Description

    Fantastic Services provides a range of home services – from cleaning and gardening to pest and waste control

  • Business Type

    Cleaning, Homecare & Property Maintenance, Pest Control, Services, Plumbing

  • Investment Level

    £ 1,780

About Fantastic Services

Founded in 2009 by Rune Sovndahl, now Fantastic Services’ CEO, and Anton Skarlatov, who today is a director of Fantastic Services, the business takes care of over 15,000 customers every month.

It originally started life as a cleaning company, but has grown to include the following brands:

• Fantastic Cleaners
• Fantastic Gardeners (launched 2010)
• Fantastic Handyman (launched 2011)
• Fantastic Builders (launched 2012)
• Fantastic Pest Control (launched 2013)
• Fantastic Waste Control (launched 2014)

Fantastic Services’ customers can book jobs either over the phone, through its website, or via the company’s GoFantastic app.

Fantastic Services currently has 300-plus franchisees in the UK.

How does the Fantastic Services franchise model work and how much does a franchise cost?

Fantastic Services has two franchise options: a regular franchise and a master franchise.

Investors have the choice of five distinct ‘regular franchise’ opportunities to choose from:

• Cleaning (domestic cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and oven cleaning). Investment level: from £1,780

• Maintenance and repairs (handyman, electrician, plumbing). Investment level: from £2,205

• Garden and outdoor (gardening and landscaping). Investment level: from £2,055

• Removals. Investment level: from £2,830

• Pest control. Investment level: from £1,840.

Each of Fantastic Services’ regular franchises use a similar business model and all guarantee a supply of customers. Each franchisee’s workload can be managed using the franchisor’s bespoke online systems.

Investment for Fantastic Services’ master franchise option ranges from £10,000-£49,500.

This opportunity requires franchisees to take on more of a management role, as they’re responsible for the Fantastic Services business in a whole city or country.

The services are delivered by a team of sub-franchisees, who are recruited and managed by the holder of the master franchise licence.

The master franchise operator is also responsible for marketing the business and ensuring all services are delivered to a high standard.


What skills or experience do you need to become a Fantastic Services franchisee?

Franchisees don’t need any industry experience for four out of the five regular franchises offered by Fantastic Services.

The exception is the maintenance and repairs franchise, for which franchisees must have practical experience of home maintenance and repairs and possess relevant plumbing and electrical qualifications.

All Fantastic Services franchisees must be computer/smartphone literate, reliable, good with people, and physically fit. They must also possess a clean driving licence.

Some of the Fantastic Services franchises require franchisees to have their own vehicle and tools/equipment.

Business management and sales and marketing skills are an advantage for the master franchise.


What locations or territories is the Fantastic Services franchise looking to operate in?

Fantastic Services is looking for franchisees for its regular franchises in London, Manchester and Liverpool.

Master franchises are available throughout the UK.


Why is the Fantastic Services franchise a good investment?

This franchise is low cost and, considering investors are trained in Fantastic Services’ tried-and-tested systems, relatively low risk for the right candidates. However, as with all franchises, thorough research into the business is advised before making any type of commitment.

Many Fantastic Services franchisees have started off by offering a single service, growing their businesses by bolting on additional services as and when they are in a position to do so.

According to the company, demand for its services has increased steadily since it opened for business, particularly from time-poor domestic customers who, for example, need their house cleaned to a high standard on a regular basis or require the services of a reliable handyman.

A particularly attractive feature of the Fantastic Services franchise offering is that the franchisor finds customers for its franchisees. In addition, to encourage brand loyalty, customers can join the Fantastic Club, where for an annual fee they receive discounts on the usual rates charged by franchisees and benefit from exclusive deals.

Fantastic Services’ use of technology, such as its bespoke customer relationship management system and branded app, means that for franchisees many of the processes required to manage the business have been streamlined, while customers can book a range of services quickly and conveniently wherever they are.


Where in the UK is the Fantastic Services franchise based?

Fantastic Services’ headquarters are in London.


What training and support do Fantastic Services franchisees receive?

Initial training, which takes place at the company’s Fantastic Academy, equips franchisees with all the tools they need to run a successful business. Fantastic Services even helps franchisees earn the qualifications necessary to operate some of its franchises.

Once initial training is complete, further training takes place on an ongoing basis throughout the term of the franchise agreement.

Franchisee support is provided over the phone and through email. Areas covered include accounts, finance, marketing, sales, customer service, business development, procurement and IT.


How can I get started on setting up my own Fantastic Services business?

To start the ball rolling, request further information on Fantastic Services’ franchises using our simple enquiry form on this page.

A representative from the company will then make contact and arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss the franchise in depth, which will take place either face to face or online.

Fantastic Services will want to know about your previous experience and qualifications, plus what your expectations and goals are.

Both parties will then agree on the best franchise option from within the Fantastic Services portfolio, as well as investment levels.

While the franchisee recruitment process gives a franchisor a chance to get to know would-be franchisees and their suitability to join its network, it’s also a good opportunity for potential investors to find out more about the franchisor, its position in the market in which it operates and how it runs its business.

To find out more or to request further information on franchising with Fantastic Services, click the ‘Send Enquiry’ button now.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on Fantastic Services, simply send us an !

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