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Safe franchise investment opportunity with Time For You

Safe franchise investment opportunity with Time For You

With Time For You, your success is guaranteed - or you get your money back

Franchisor Freddie Rayner is no stranger when it comes to the franchising world. In fact, as the creator and owner of Time For You, the longest established cleaning franchise in the UK, he is well known within the industry.

In the early 1990s Freddie was a cleaner living hand to mouth, as many hardworking people do in the UK. No matter how hard he worked, there simply wasn’t enough money left at the end of the month. And then his wife Ruth was taken seriously ill.

On top of worrying about Ruth’s health, Freddie found himself worrying about his financial situation. Spending time with Ruth meant he couldn’t work and as a self-employed cleaner, if you don’t work you don’t earn.

As Ruth finally made a recovery, Freddie decided he could never leave his family in that desperate situation again. He knew the cleaning industry was a booming one - as it continues to be - but realised the real money was not to be made by doing the cleaning, but by running the cleaning company.

The couple started their first cleaning company in Milton Keynes. Freddie and Ruth enjoyed being their own bosses, but had problems with customers who saw no urgency in paying for the services they were receiving. For that reason their small business experienced cash flow problems and eventually Freddie shut it down, ending up with just £200 for his hard work.

Freddie is the kind of person who is more motivated by failure than put off. And so he decided to try again - except this time he would make customers pay up front for their cleaning.

This was the key discovery that made Time For You a viable business. Freddie and Ruth could spend their time growing the business, rather than chasing payments. In fact, it wasn’t long after establishing their new venture that the couple found their clients preferred to pay ‘there and then’, instead of having to worry about invoices.

By 2002 Freddie and Ruth had been running their cleaning company for five years and were ready to expand. They decided to franchise their concept and sold the first franchise a few months later.

In the 10 years since Time For You has gone from strength to strength and continues to maintain its lead as the biggest UK domestic cleaning franchise. It has featured on BBC television and Channel 5, and won a HSBC Business of the Year award. In addition, Freddie has become a published author on franchising with his book, Your franchise success, and often features in franchising magazines.

In the last decade Freddie has watched Time For You grow into an established, dependable network of 165 franchisees. With permanent support and constant opportunities to develop new marketing and business skills, every new franchisee is protected by the only money back guarantee offered by a UK franchise. That’s how confident Freddie is that Time For You works.

He says: “Buying a franchise takes away the risk of starting a business that will actually succeed. On day one you benefit from more than 15 years of learning and development that has been done on your behalf. That’s why 87 per cent of our franchisees make back the money they initially invested within the first six months. And there’s a money back guarantee to protect you if for whatever reason it doesn’t work.”

Positive impact

Caroline Kirby is the Time For You franchisee in Tunbridge Wells. She says: “Once upon a time I worked as an investment banker. After having my three children, however, that occupation was no longer suitable, so I decided to do something different and set up a community magazine. It was there I learned about Time For You.

“To make my magazine work I learned as much as I could about marketing and advertising - what works and what doesn’t. Freddie Rayner submitted an article to my magazine about Time For You and, in my opinion, it ticked all the right boxes.”

It wasn’t long before Caroline found herself looking at investing in her own franchise. “I visited the Time For You website and decided that I was sold,” she says. “Who doesn’t want to work half the hours of an average person for double, or even triple, the money? I decided I was one of these people and, one meeting with Freddie later, I was a franchisee.”

Caroline adds: “I can’t stress enough the positive impact Time For You has had on my life. Having made £77,000 profit this year alone, I am able to send each of my three children to a private school. During the school holidays I can work at home and I have the extra money to treat each of them. This is something every parent dreams of being able to do and I truly believe it’s easily achievable.

“My franchise is always growing. I currently have close to 200 clients and work with 100 independent cleaners. Our partnership benefits the both of us and enables me to take care of things such as the smooth running and accounts of the business, while my clients receive a trustworthy service.

“I would strongly recommend that anyone who wants to spend more time with their children looks into the investment of a Time For You franchise. Not only do I have more quality time for my family, but I also have a larger income to make sure that they will have the best upbringing I can provide for them.”

Instant rewards

Before taking on the Time For You franchise in the Milton Keynes and Warwick areas, Sam Stawarz was a full-time chef and ran his own catering business in the evenings. But it was a lot of work for little income.

Sam explains: “Having a family at a young age and working 70 hours a week barely left me any time to sleep, let alone have a social life. If I wasn’t working late into the night, I was sleeping the majority of the day to recover from the long shifts. As my children got older, I became more and more aware of how much of their childhood I was missing out on - little things like getting them ready for school.

“You may think I was being selfish working such unsociable hours, but I needed to support my family, even if it was costing me the better things in life. That was before I discovered a way to have my cake and eat it.”

Sam was introduced to Time For You and says the rewards were instantaneous, adding: “The extra hours I have in the week are dedicated to making up for lost time with my family and the increase in my personal income helps that nicely. My £80,000 profit in 2012 was the perfect Christmas present.

“Everything about Time For You is beneficial. I have so much more time now, a better income and I am able to provide every one of my current 292 clients with a fantastic service from one of my 60 independent cleaners.

“Getting started couldn’t have been easier. Not only was I provided with all the information I needed, a website, leaflets and other tools of the trade, I was also welcomed into a network of franchisees that’s like a family. There’s so much support given from other franchisees, you don’t have any reason to fail.

“I won’t lie, a considerable amount of hard work is required if you’re considering buying a franchise, but if you work hard it won’t be long before you’re reaping the benefits.”

Stable sector

Ian Thompson and his wife Amanda bought Time For You Buckinghamshire in October 2010, after Ian was made redundant.

He had been working for a company for more than 30 years when his department was relocated and, not wanting to uproot his family, took the redundancy package he was offered. Ian considered starting his own business, using his redundancy payment as an investment, but given the economic climate it seemed too risky. Instead, he looked into franchising.

After researching several different sectors, Ian decided he wanted a franchise that offered unlimited earning potential - being a man in a van meant he could only take on so many jobs each day. He decided on a cleaning franchise because it’s a stable sector and he found that Time For You had a great track record.

Ian says: “The thing I liked about Time For You was the fact that Freddie Rayner encouraged me to speak to some of his franchise owners. Obviously, he promoted the benefits of the business to me because he was trying to sell it, but his franchise owners weren’t selling the brand to me - they were just being honest about their experiences with the company.

“This confirmed the business model was a good one, because franchise owners were getting great results. I would advise anyone thinking of buying a franchise to speak to the franchise owners before they commit to anything, as it’s really helpful.”

Ian and Amanda have since gone on to buy a second franchise area and they now have more than 200 clients across their areas. They plan to keep growing both businesses and feel that with the support the get from Freddie they will reach all their goals.”

Work-life balance

While working as a police officer seven years ago, Ann Brebner decided she wanted a better work-life balance. As her job demanded long working hours, she wasn’t seeing as much of her family as she wished, so she started to look into options that would allow her to be her own boss.

She realised that becoming a franchise owner met this criterion and one business opportunity stood out - Time For You.

Ann says: “The reason I ended up investing in my own Time For You franchise was because it has a good business model that is very easy to implement.”

Claire Elliot was working voluntarily as a mechanical engineer and realised she wasn’t going to be offered a full-time position. While taking her next career step into consideration, Claire spoke to Ann about the many benefits being a Time For You franchise owner offered. The opportunity to become part of a flexible and rewarding venture was more than enough to persuade her to join forces with Ann.

Nearly seven years later, Ann and Claire have 290 regular clients and more than 100 cleaners registered with their business, while enjoying annual profits of £125,000. Ann has found Freddie Rayner supportive throughout her years as a franchise owner and says that everything has been “surprisingly easy”.

She is adamant she made the right decision in investing in a Time For You franchise and hasn’t looked back since. According to Claire, anybody considering becoming a franchise owner should “give it a go”. Her university education has helped her with the business side of the franchise and the support from Ann has been priceless.

“Joining a franchise is something I never thought I’d do, but I’d jump at the opportunity to do it all over again,” says Claire. “The best thing about being a Time For You franchise owner is that it has given me so much more flexibility in my working life, meaning my family and I are benefitting from the increased spare time I have with them.”


Ralph Watson bought into Time For You in the Fife area after realising his carpet cleaning company was too much hard work.

He says: “I bought the Fife franchise of Time For You in 2005 and was no stranger to the world of cleaning. My wife Hazel and I had a carpet and upholstery cleaning company that we both worked extremely hard at lifting off the ground. However, shortly after a friend purchased a Time For You franchise and his boasting about shorter working hours and increased profit stirred my curiosity.

“What I really liked about Time For You was that, as the franchisee, you don’t do any of the cleaning. That’s all done by independent cleaners, meaning you spend all your working time growing your business.”

Ralph also liked the idea of the support network every Time For You franchisee gets access to. “When hundreds of other people have already done what you’re trying to do, it means you personally make fewer mistakes and have more room to develop more quickly,” he says. “So I got a loan, bought my franchise area and haven’t looked back since.”

Ralph adds: “You might be a little bit sceptical about taking out a loan to invest in a cleaning business - and so was I. But to my amazement I paid it off in just under eight months. If someone had told me the day I was sat in that bank requesting money that in 2012 I would make £110,000 profit I would have laughed in their face.

“It’s a nice business to be in. I can appreciate the service my 100-plus independent cleaners are providing for my 320 clients. I like to think I am helping people, especially the elderly, by giving them something they can’t necessarily do for themselves.”

Ralph says his lifestyle has flourished since he invested in his Time For You franchise. “I have all the time I need with my family and plenty of money to treat them with,” he says. “I have stuck with what I am good at and developed my skills, creating a successful and reliable business.

“I don’t have a bad word to say against Time For You. It has helped me work hard and reach my full potential, with the constant support of other franchisees, as well as the franchisor Freddie Rayner.

“My friend introducing me to Time For You changed my life.”


There are several reasons why Time For You is the franchise that will change your life in 2013:

* Failure isn’t an option. With the UK’s first franchise money back guarantee, you’ll never lose. This franchise already works in more than 165 areas. In the unlikely event it doesn’t work for you, you are protected. You’re guaranteed to make £30,000 profit in your first 18 months (that’s profit, not revenue). If that doesn’t happen, Time For You will give you back 100 per cent of your initial investment. Almost 90 per cent of Time For You franchisees make their money back after just six months, which is why the company is confident enough to offer this guarantee. The results speak for themselves.

* Your potential earnings are endless. When you’re working for yourself, you can choose the number of clients you are willing to take on. The more clients you have, the higher your income. It’s that simple. You decide when enough is enough.

* Work wherever you want, whenever you want. Do you want to work from home for as little as 25 hours a week? That’s not a problem when you choose to invest in a Time For You franchise. You’ll be your own boss, 100 per cent in control of your life and business. Franchisees who leave employment to work for themselves say it’s hard work, but the best thing they ever did.

* You never clean a house yourself. Nor will you have to worry about staff and all the hassle of payroll. You don’t hire staff with Time For You. The company shows you how to build and manage a trusted network of self-employed cleaners who do all the cleaning for you.

* Your clients will pay you up front. It’s a golden rule of the franchise. Most businesses are plagued by slow payers or bad debts. Not this one. If the client doesn’t pay, they don’t get their house cleaned. There’s no stress issuing invoices or chasing payments. You get to focus on growing your business, not being a debt collector.

* None of your money is tied up in stock. You’re selling a service not a product, so there’s nothing to buy. You’re selling time. Your focus is on the smooth running of the business, making sure clients are satisfied and watching money enter your business bank account.

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