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Raring2go! is a home-based magazine and website publishing network that helps families plan their leisure time

£ 15,995 Minimum Investment

Raring2go! In Brief

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    Raring2go! is a home-based magazine and website publishing network that helps families plan their leisure time

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    Childrens Services, Communications, Print & Promotional Services, Promotional Items, Travel & Leisure

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 15,995

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About Raring2go!

The Raring2go! franchise provides local businesses with cost-effective advertising opportunities to families of primary school children in the form of local, free, printed magazines and websites in different areas of the UK.

Franchises can be found in major cities, such as London and Manchester, entire counties (Raring2go! Northumberland, for example) and also smaller locations, from Raring2go! St Albans to Bolton and Warrington.

The magazines are produced quarterly (four times a year to coincide with term times). They offer a comprehensive guide to family leisure activities for evenings, weekends or during the holidays.

The magazine is distributed in shops, businesses, nurseries, primary schools (via school book bags), libraries, sports centres, and other accessible venues.

While the income basis of the Raring2go! franchise is advertising sales, it also aims to provide high-quality editorial content: Raring2go! magazines and websites have a wide range of articles, stories, blogs, features, interviews and advertorials, that are well written, engaging and all have a distinctive local angle.

They provide key information about each business, such as its main services, opening times, admission costs, directions and details about what’s on at a given time. It advertises places to eat and shop, education and childcare, as well as other local services.

The magazines and websites also carry promotional offers, such as the Raring2go! Haven holiday deal, and competitions all designed to grow local businesses. The current owner, Mojo Publishing, took over Raring2go in 2006.

How does the Raring2go! franchise model work?

The Raring2go! franchise is unique in that it has many incentives built into its system. For example, it has a unique start-up package that includes the print costs for the first 4 magazines and a 12-month period of no licence fees.

The print costs for the first four 32-page magazines x 10,000 copies are covered. If a new franchisee wants to produce a 48-page magazine x 10,000 copies they will generate far more revenue and Raring2go! head office will simply invoice the difference between the costs of a 32 page magazine and a 48 page magazine.

The first twelve months of licence fees are also included in the start up cost, so for the first 12 months of business, new franchisees will not be charged a monthly fee.  After 12 months the low management service fee of £275 + VAT per territory will be applied.  Keeping it low also helps to secure higher profits for franchisees.

One of the unique aspects of the Raring2go! franchise is its flexibility. After the early period of building relationships, franchisees can expect to work around 24 hours per week and produce the revenues indicated in our forecasts whilst still striking a very attractive life / work balance.

Being home-based also means that franchisees do not have to endure the stress and costs of everyday commuting. They have no childcare expenditures for pre-school children and they can freely take all school holidays off (over three months per annum) to be with their families.

Franchisees arrange for distribution of the magazine through schools so that the magazines reach the decision makers of families – the mums – directly.


Why do customers choose the Raring2go! franchise instead of their competitors?

Franchisees choose Raring2go! because it is determined to provide an effective and results-driven advertising service for its clients. The focus is on building relationships, helping local businesses to grow through brilliant advertising, and providing an invaluable service to local families and communities. Raring2go! is focused on providing a higher than average ROI to its clients - the business accomplishes this by combining the print, online and social platforms fully.

In addition, new-look branded marketing materials and branded clothing are available, and a new fully-adaptive website is provided with bespoke, innovative, online management tools. Franchisees also get an operations manual, a new PC and a 21” monitor pre-loaded with log in, passwords and Office 365 email system.

Raring2Go! takes great pride in its mutually supportive family atmosphere where franchisees help one another and often work closely together: they meet over Facebook and Skype or at regular face-to-face meetings and at the annual conference.

Franchisees also have an input into the wider business through the franchise council, which means everybody in the network can influence many of the key decisions made by the Raring2go! head office.

The close cooperation and support between regional teams also means that businesses can benefit from enhanced coverage potential in sister Raring2go! editions nearby.


What does Raring2go! expect of its franchisees?

Sales experience will be valuable for the role. Raring2go! is looking for smart professionals: you will be expected to have strong people skills and have the ability to quickly form strong, enduring relationships with local business owners.

Raring2go! is looking for passionate, driven, self-motivated people who are prepared to follow the tried-and-tested Raring2go! franchise model to achieve business success, but also play a positive role in their local community.

Franchisees will be expected to have a sound pre-existing knowledge of their area and its leisure provision.

Finally, potential franchisees must be strong managers who can effectively guide their teams.


How much does a Raring2Go franchise cost?

£15,995 + VAT


Do banks readily support franchisees and what level of support can they expect?

Raring2go! has established relationships with the Natwest and HSBC franchise teams. These banks will normally lend 70 per cent of the investment (subject to status) against a prospect investment of 30 per cent.


Is experience in accounting required to become a Raring2go! franchisees?

No, but prospective franchisees with an understanding of running a business is a plus.


How can I find more information about becoming a Raring2go! franchisee?

Click on the enquiry button found on this page and a member of the Raring2go! franchise team will be in touch.

Raring2go! is known for its honest attitude and gives all prospects the time and space they need. The Raring2go! team will not apply pressure at any point in the recruitment process.


Can I change my mind if need be?

Yes, at any time in the recruitment process. However, once franchisees sign the contract they cannot stop if they change their mind. They may sell their franchise at any point, but there is an expectation that they will fulfill their commitment to the 5-year term of the franchise agreement.


What training do Raring2go! franchisees receive?

The Raring2go! franchise has a highly competitive start-up package that includes full induction training over two days at the company’s head office in the Midlands. The training encompasses all the key skills you will need, such as the Magazine Management System (MMS) to plan and record edition data, CRM, which manages the customer base, appointment and call reminders, proposal and pitching, invoicing and financial control, and CMS - the content management system for each local website so franchisees can control 100 per cent of what features, events, listings or advertising appears.

Franchisees can expect full training in social media, day-to-day business management, training in the platforms, as well as three months of ongoing sales and professional development training provided by an outsourced sales training specialist. Moreover, there is a dedicated team who provide ongoing support and advice to franchisees five days a week.


When can I expect for my Raring2go! franchise to return a profit?

You can expect to start generating a profit from your very first issue: some new franchisees have sold £6,500 in advertising in each of the first two editions, which can then be used as either operating capital or as capital investment repayment.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on Raring2go!, simply send us an !


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