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Diamond Logistics

Logistics for local and international deliveries and fulfillment

£ 50,000 - £ 60,000 Minimum Investment

Diamond Logistics In Brief

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    Logistics for local and international deliveries and fulfillment

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    Delivery & Haulage

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 50,000 - £ 60,000

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About Diamond Logistics

Diamond Logistics started back in 1992 as a UK-based courier and fulfillment business. Taking the time to build a bank of invaluable experience and a rock-solid business model, the company began accepting franchise applications in 2012.

From there, Diamond Logistics Franchises has grown from strength to strength, picking up awards and planning to launch same-day delivery via a nationwide network by June 2019.

The company diversified into three distinct logistical services; express delivery, overnight courier, and fulfillment. The business operates on a low-cost high-profit model which promises an annual turnover of £1m by the third year of operation. By working with local businesses and drivers using a sophisticated software solution, sustainable income is brought in by repeat business and mouth-to-mouth referrals. Owner-operators are not required to make deliveries, leaving you free to focus on growing your business and refining day-to-day operations.

Diamond Logistics franchises is a down-to-earth family-orientated business that takes its clients seriously. Customer service is a value at the core of its ethos. A passion for personal service has driven the brand as a whole to grow so quickly in the UK. Diamond Logistics made it to the Virgin Fast Track 100 in 2016, proving that growth was both a priority and a success.

In 2017, the franchise continued the award-winning trend by appearing on the Financial Times Europe’s top 1000 fast-growing companies list.

How much does a Diamond Logistics franchise cost?

The total startup costs of a Diamond Logistics franchise are between £50,000-£60,000. Broken down, roughly half of that (£30,000) goes towards your franchising fees. In addition, you’ll need a minimum of £20,000 to secure premises, equipment, staff, and monthly costs while you launch.


What does a day in the life of a Diamond Logistics franchisee look like?

Diamond Logistics has spent years testing and developing a schedule that grows your business exponentially. As part of your franchise fee, you will be the sole provider to an entire geographical postcode. With a depot within that postcode, your days will be spent focusing on local clients.

The suggested daily tasks in your first months are foolproof to follow. In the morning, you’ll take care of unusual requests and customer service enquirers. Then you’ll move onto sales calls or emails and general business development or planning. The afternoon is dedicated to collecting packages from your clients.

As you scale, you’ll stop doing collections yourself and outsource to local drivers. With collections out of the way, you are free to work on sales or other business activities.


What services does a Diamond Logistics franchise need to provide to clients?

There are three logistic services that every Diamond franchise offers; same day delivery, overnight/international couriers and fulfillment. Currently, Diamond Logistics uses multiple carriers to for overnight/international delivery, but with franchises reaching critical mass, the brand will soon be able to compete nationally as a courier.

All branches and customers use a sophisticated software solution to manage collection and deliveries. While the coding structure is complex, it is simple to understand and operate both for clients and yourself. By diversifying, your business will become more stable by not depending on one stream of income alone.


Do I need logistics experience to become a Diamond Logistics franchisee?

No direct logistics experience is required although it will lessen the initial learning curve. A mind for business management and a love of customer service is all that’s required. This is not an owner-operator business model and you’ll need to work hard every day to reach your turnover quotas.


What is the growth potential for a Diamond Logistics franchise?

A Diamond Logistics franchise has the potential to make more than a million pounds a year in turnover.

Through previous franchise case studies, it’s expected that you will hit the million-pound mark by year three of operation. Asad Ullah, who owns a Diamond Logistics franchise in Bolton, started his depot in June 2014. By June 2016, he doubled his turnover from 2015. Most franchisees are able to earn a comfortable six-figure salary from their business.


Why choose a Diamond Logistics franchise over other logistics franchise options?

There are no logistics franchises that offer a diversified income stream like Diamond Logistics. By adding fulfillment to its delivery services, the company offers more stability than a basic courier model. Many franchisees started off looking to create a logistics company from the ground up but - when faced with the insurmountable task of starting up without support - joined Diamond Logistics.

Diamond Logistic’s earnest desire to help new owners grow and its “business in a box” startup process are among the most common reasons why entrepreneurs love the franchise.


What training and support does Diamond Logistics offer franchisees?

You receive support from Diamond Logistics throughout your time as a franchise. If you have an emergency problem, business question, or want to take the next step on your growth journey, the head office is a phone call or email away. The MyDiamond help desk will back you every step of the way.

Included in your franchise fee is a training and launch program. You will be taught how to use the DespatchLab logistics platform in detail. The training program includes sales and marketing advice backed by 100+ years of combined experience. You will learn how to handle rare problematic situations and pick up basic people management skills.

Previous franchisees found the “Book of Diamond” incredibly useful before opening their doors and cited continuing support via the franchisee network and head office as an invaluable resource.

Amanda Watkins-Smith, a Bristol-based Diamond Logistics franchisee said: “Development is a big part of our journey and one part of that has been Masterclass. This is a class that Kate runs personally for franchise owners and department leaders each month. I’ve found it has really helped me to learn and develop as a business owner and a leader. Learning from those who have experience in different areas as well as the personalised coaching and support from other franchisees and team leaders has been really beneficial.”


How do you apply for a Diamond Logistics franchise?

To apply for a Diamond Logistics Franchise, you’ll need to talk to the head office team. They’ll get you up to speed on what postcode territories are available in your area and assist you in creating a business plan for finance applications. To start this process click the enquiry button found on this page.

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