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MagiKats Maths and English

English and Mathematics tuition for children and teenagers
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In Brief

High-profit margins and excellent referral rates - the fast-growing UK tutoring market is a lucrative sector. Funding support is available from banks for the proven business model - exclusive territories come with impressive expansion opportunities. Start-up costs are low for the home-based business - no education experience needed. Ready to launch - training, sales, and marketing support is provided, along with opening inventory.

About MagiKats Maths and English

The idea behind MagiKats was born over 20 years ago when the founders realised many students lack the confidence and basic skills they need to do well at school and in life. From a desire to find a solution to this issue, the founders started working with students outside of regular class hours and started creating a much-needed programme that is flexible and adaptable to the students it aims to support, specifically focused on English and Mathematics. Once the programme was developed and, in order to help manage it, the founders created the “KATS” computer system, the backbone of the programme. The English and Mathematics MagiKats programme was officially launched in 2005.

Following their initial success, MagiKats realised there was a demand for similar services all around the UK, which led to the decision of franchising the business. The first MagiKats franchise opened in 2007 and is still running today. Currently, MagiKats operates in the UK, the Middle East and Australia with 19 franchises.

How does a MagiKats Maths and English franchise work?

A MagiKats franchise is very flexible and gives you many options in terms of how involved you want to be. MagiKats franchisees are referred to as MagiKats Principals.

Your day-to-day will involve running tuition workshops, leading a team of mentors, marketing your tuition centre, preparing workshops, dealing with enquiries from parents, and administration and finances. You will usually need around 25 hours per week to run your franchise.


How much does a MagiKats Maths and English franchise cost?

You will need a minimum investment of £15,000 to start a MagiKats franchise. This £15,000 start-up fee will give you an exclusive territory and training. Moreover, there is a monthly franchise fee of 12% of your turnover.

The MagiKats franchise package includes access to MagiKats support, experience and operating systems. It will provide you with a customised business and marketing plan, including PR. You will receive an exclusive territory to operate in, and the rights to use the MagiKats logo, trademark and intellectual property. MagiKats will make sure to provide a comprehensive training programme, with ongoing professional development, business preparation training, marketing and sales training, and on-site support visits. You will gain access to the “KATS” computer system to manage your tuition centre, as well as other proprietary management systems you will need. Finally, MagiKats will also give you the opening inventory you need to get started.

It recommends you charge around £68 per student, per subject, per month. Expected revenues are really up to you. Established MagiKats tuition centres will have between 50 to 200 enrolments. Fifty enrolments can give you earnings of £21,000 per year before tax, meaning the possibility to grow your income is within reach.


How to find funding for a MagiKats Maths and English franchise?

If you cannot raise the funds for a MagiKats franchise on your own, there is financial assistance available through third parties. MagiKats has a healthy and proven business model that many partner banks trust and are willing to invest in. This makes it easier for you to open your first franchise. MagiKats can introduce you to their partners HSBC and RBS, who can both, subject to status, help you with funding.


Do franchisees need prior education experience?

While you don’t necessarily need experience in education, you need to be interested in education services and have a determination to succeed. It is also absolutely crucial that you enjoy working with children and truly want to make a positive impact on their lives and help them achieve their full potential in English and Mathematics. MagiKats Principals should be intelligent, driven, and looking to build a successful business. You should have a history of exceeding expectation and a record of developing strong and long-lasting relationships. You should be active in your local community, and get to know local schools or community centres where you will find your customers. Leadership skills are essential as you will need to lead a team of mentors. You should also have some discipline as you will be running the day-to-day of your business and managing it with MagiKats’ support when needed.


New locations for MagiKats Maths and English franchises

Currently, MagiKats franchises are present in the UK, the Middle East and Australia. While there is still an opportunity to open your own tuition centre within these countries, it will preferably need to be in an area where there is no other existing MagiKats tuition centres.

One of MagiKats’ key priorities is to promote the franchise and expand it to new areas. As such, priority will always be given to franchises in new territories. MagiKats’ other key priority is to give as much support as possible to franchisees and assist with growth, so they will always be willing to help you in order to find the perfect new locations.


Finding the right building

A MagiKats franchise is a home-based opportunity, meaning you won’t need to find a building to start your business or pay a lease. You can, however, also decide to open a physical MagiKats tuition centre if you have a steady number of enrolments and want a physical presence within your community. MagiKats will assist you with finding the right building if you decide to go for permanent premises.


Why choose a MagiKats Maths and English franchise?

A MagiKats franchise is a great opportunity for someone who loves working with kids, but also wants to build a successful business that they can be proud of. As your business develops, you will also have the opportunity to expand the area you operate in and grow your MagiKats presence, making it the perfect opportunity for ambitious individuals.

Moreover, the UK tutoring market is flourishing. Sutton Trust 2018 private tuition poll found that more than 27 per cent of young people in England have received private or home tutoring. This number has now doubled since their first study in 2005.


How do I apply?

In order to apply for a MagiKats franchise, the first step is to fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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