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Did you know?
Hybrid Fitness has an expected revenue of 300000 after two years after 2 years!
Hybrid Fitness
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Hybrid Fitness

A boutique fitness studio offering a blend of studio classes and state-of-the-art gym equipment
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£50,000 - £ 300,000

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Expected Revenue After 2 Years

300000 after two years

About Hybrid Fitness

What is Hybrid Fitness and services does it provide?

Hybrid Fitness is a boutique fitness studio offering a unique blend of studio classes and personal training along with state-of-the-art gym equipment.

Passionate about delivering premium, results driven workouts to clients in a fun and personal atmosphere, Hybrid Fitness rejects the large and impersonal 24-hour gym models and instead aims to deliver the benefits of health and fitness to clients through high intensity training and workouts in a smaller setting. The flexible model offers the choice of Pay As You Go credits or a range of membership options to suit any fitness enthusiast.

Hybrid Fitness offers a packed timetable of over 30 standard and premium studio classes each week, delivered by experienced and highly qualified instructors. Boxing, hybrid and cycle based classes make up the standard range, while premium class options include everything from hot and cold yoga to interval circuits and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Personal trainers are available on-site to create bespoke fitness plans and keep members on track to reach their goals, while the gym features all the latest equipment, including Matrix treadmills, performance trainers, bikes and rowing machines plus plenty of strength, conditioning and functional equipment.

Fun and fashionable, Hybrid Fitness is a boutique gym experience at its best.

Does the fitness industry offer a safe investment?

Fitness is a £4.9 billion industry and is continuing to grow year on year, along with gym memberships, which have reached 9.9 million in the UK. Fitness has become big business, with increased demand for access to gyms as more emphasis is placed on health and well-being.

As the pace of life increases, high intensity workouts have gained popularity, with 30-40 minute training sessions making lunchtime gym visits a possibility for many. Large corporations are also actively encouraging staff to visit gyms or classes to improve their health, often alongside productivity.

Group training and classes are increasing in popularity, with the social and motivational elements drawing more millennials into small class workouts. Classes are increasing in variety and frequency to keep up with this shift in fitness behaviour.

While low cost gyms make up most of the fitness centres in the UK, boutique gyms are also extremely popular and seem to be a trend that is here to stay.

How does a Hybrid Fitness franchise work?

Hybrid Fitness is offering applicants the opportunity to create a club that is perfectly tailored to the dynamics and demographics of their local market. Completely flexible depending on the territory chosen, Hybrid Fitness centres are adaptable to suit the area, taking into account existing independent gyms and fitness franchises. A wide range of possible venues can be considered and clubs can vary in size from just 3,000 square feet to over 10,000 square feet - or even more.

Hybrid Fitness franchises combine specialist studios with technologically advanced gym facilities, though the franchisees own interests can be taken into account when designing their new club.

The spaces can be kept simple and functional in order to keep costs low, allowing non-contract memberships that appeal to lower income demographics. Alternatively, franchisees can focus on encouraging premium memberships by delivering more premium classes to reach different market dynamics.

Hybrid Fitness provides franchisees with a proven business model and straightforward operational systems to follow in order to make their business a success.

How much does a Hybrid Fitness franchise cost?

Hybrid Fitness offers a range of different franchise packages depending on the type, size and location of club to be launched.

The franchise fee is £15,000 and franchisees will also be required to pay an eight per cent royalty fee and a two per cent advertising fee (both percentage figures are based on turnover).

Investment levels range from £50,000-£300,000, which includes working capital to cover staff costs, type and amount of equipment and marketing support required. The Hybrid Fitness team are committed to helping franchisees achieve the lowest possible prices for the equipment required to launch new clubs, helping to keep start-up costs low.

Did you know?
Hybrid Fitness has an expected revenue of 300000 after two years after 2 years!
Hybrid Fitness
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More detail on potential costs and profits can be provided once the club site has been agreed, as demographics can be assessed and the club’s design can be planned.

What equipment will I need to start a Hybrid Fitness franchise?

It depends on the size and type of the gym and the classes that will take place in the studios. An example of a current Hybrid Fitness franchise inventory is:

• Machines: Matrix treadmills, Matrix S S-Drive performance trainers, Matrix S-Force HIIT trainers, Matrix training cycles, Concept2 rowers.

• Strength equipment: Smith machine, full power racks, dual adjustable pulley, lat pull down, seated row, free weights (up to 60Kg dumbbells), fixed bars, Olympic bars and platform.

• Conditioning and functional equipment: functional rig, kettle bells, slam balls, battle ropes, Plyo boxes, TRXs, punch bags.

Finding funding to cover the Hybrid Fitness franchising cost

Hybrid Fitness franchisees are able to apply for funding to cover up to 60 per cent of the investment costs. Applicants will be put in touch with a panel of suitable lenders.

What do you get for your Hybrid Fitness franchise fee?

Hybrid Fitness has 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry and share its business knowledge freely with franchisees through a support team. All franchisees are given extensive initial support before and during the launch of their business and that support remains ongoing as the business becomes more established.

Along with assistance with finding, designing and planning the new fitness club, franchisees receive operational support and business insights provided by the brand’s specialised accounting software. In this way, franchisees are kept up to date with performance issues and opportunities and can track key performance indicators easily, helping them to solve any operational challenges that may arise.

How much does a Hybrid Fitness franchisee earn?

That depends on the club’s size, demographics, membership options, staffing levels and operational efficiency. Boutique studio customers tend to retain their fitness club memberships for longer than low cost gym attendees, increasing revenues over time and minimising marketing budget spend to attract new members.

Given the range of possible club sizes, it is hard to establish likely earnings, but Hybrid Fitness suggest that hard-working franchise owners could expect returns of over £300,000 within the first two years of trading.

What training is provided for Hybrid Fitness franchisees?

Comprehensive training is provided to franchisees to prepare them for every aspect of running their business. Initial training begins as soon as the franchise agreement is signed. Franchisees are first invited to Hybrid Fitness’ head office in London, before completing hands-on training in their own club pre-launch.

Do Hybrid Fitness franchisees need industry experience?

No, they don’t. Hybrid Fitness is looking for franchisees who are passionate about fitness as well as being motivated, driven and determined. Fitness industry and business experience are not required as comprehensive training will be provided by the head office team.

Where are the territories that Hybrid Fitness are looking to open new franchise locations?

Hybrid Fitness is looking for franchisees to open new clubs across the UK. Options are available for single site or area franchises .

How can I apply for a Hybrid Fitness franchise?

If you would like to receive more information about Hybrid Fitness franchising opportunities, complete the short form on this page.


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