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The Original Poster Company

A global greeting card distribution company
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About The Original Poster Company

The Original Poster Company franchise was formed by Simon Warren-Gash - previously a banker in both the UK and South Africa - out of a timely realization of the industry’s potential. Starting out as a franchisee of another greeting card franchise, Simon partnered up with a lawyer and set to work creating a greeting card franchise empire that spanned across continents.

Unlike other business models, The Original Poster Company was based on a franchise system from the get-go. The business launched off the ground at a rapid pace, quickly proving to be profitable and simple to run. By 1993, the company had around 50 franchises spread out over Britain. Continuing the pattern of growth, The Original Poster Company franchise turned its gaze over to the international table and managed to recreate its homegrown success in several countries.

With such a well-performing business, managing director Mark Thompson stressed the importance of choosing the right franchisees to partner with. After going through initial screening, franchisees are handpicked for specific qualities rather than their management experience. Passion and drive are placed before business knowledge as Thompson believes that anyone can learn their system with a little effort, however, not everyone has the required drive to grow their business.

Although The Original Poster Company has franchises located all over the UK, the business is always open a franchise in an area not yet covered. However, If you’d like to start earning a profit from day one, there are some profitable franchises for sale in various regions.

How does a The Original Poster Company franchise work?

The business model behind The Original Poster franchise is simple. Greeting card stands owned by you are installed in various stores within your territory. Each month the profit from the stock sold will be transferred. Mostly administrative, franchise owners can grow quickly with low risk.

Using the sales techniques taught at the franchise’s HQ, you’ll launch your franchise off the ground by setting up sales meetings throughout your territory. Good businesses to target include bookstores, craft shops, local corner stores, and even art shops. When a business agrees to your proposal, you can install a fully-stocked stand in their store.

At the end of each month (or if needed sooner), you will need to replenish stock at all the stands you have installed. You can either collect payment for stock sold directly from the store or invoice the National Account for guaranteed payment.

The cards are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper stock ensuring that The Original Poster Company supports environmentally friendly manufacturing. Unlike questionable claims that some other greeting card companies may make, the FSC is an internationally recognized organisation that’s dedicated to sustainable foresting. Thanks to the strict chain of custody accreditation, the paper for each card can be traced back to a well-managed forest.


How much does an Original Poster Company franchise cost?

A The Original Poster Company franchise costs around £33,000 including the franchise fee, initial stock, and training. There is a one-time management fee of £3,000 plus VAT to cover administration costs. Unlike other franchises, no management or royalty fees are charged, freeing you from reaching a monthly quota.


What funding is available for Original Poster Company franchisees?

Of the £33,000 investment, you will need to provide at least £15,000 of personal investment money. A bank of your choice will be able to lend you between 50 per cent and 70 per cent of your total costs. This depends on your previous financial history.


What equipment and premises do I need to set up an Original Poster Company franchise?

The startup requirements for a The Original Poster Company franchise are manageable. You need a small van or family-sized car to transport cards and occasionally display stands, a home office, and a dry storage area in your home for the preparation of card orders. Although you’ll build up stock as you start out, you can replenish your supplies at any time by contacting the head office.


How can I find an existing Original Poster Company franchise for sale?

The Original Poster Company has been operating for over 25 years - a quarter of a century! Thanks to their reliability, there are franchises throughout the whole of the UK for sale. Many franchisees choose to expand their territory by purchasing a neighboring franchise. Depending on the area, a The Original Poster Company franchise for sale will cost around £44,000 - £56,000.


Do I need any prior experience in order to be The Original Poster Company franchisee?

Previous franchisees from all walks of life have been successful with the system. A passion for sales will help you grow your business quickly. The franchise looks for individuals with strong self-motivation who are able to invest their time and energy into their business. If you have prior management or retail experience it will assist you, but your support team will help you fill any gaps in your knowledge.


Why should I choose a The Original Poster Company franchise over other greeting card franchises?

The Original Poster Company has been in operation for much longer than existing competitors - and there’s a reason why. For over 25 years the company has been grown from strength to strength by a driven management team which is dedicated to supplying a quality product and a win-win business situation.

From switching to FSC paper in 2007 to constantly updating and revising its stock, The Original Poster Company franchise works hard to stay ahead of the times.

On an individual level, the business model works well for people who want autonomy over their time and a no-hassle working environment. There is no complicated pipeline to manage or massive overhead to try and support. The support staff at the Original Poster Company are available to you at all times and are happy to share proven techniques and solve difficult situations.


What training and support is available to The Original Poster Company franchisees?

A comprehensive one-week training program that covers the practical aspects of your business is provided. You’ll learn to speak the lingo and how to source new customers. After your initial training, you can opt for further training by your regional development manager and call the UK-based support office with any questions, concerns, or requests. Many franchisees find the support incredibly valuable when setting up for the first time.


How can I invest in a The Original Poster Company franchise?

If you’ve decided to buy an existing franchise, then click the enquiry button found on this page.

A The Original Poster Company franchise is scalable and simple to manage. Unlike other businesses, you are not chained to your premises and have complete control of your time management.

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