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Did you know?
Desjoyaux Pools has outlets available across the UK
Desjoyaux Pools
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Desjoyaux Pools

Desjoyaux Pools designs, builds, and renovates swimming pools and spas for individual and commercial clients and offers pool maintenance and equipment
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About Desjoyaux Pools

In 1966 Frenchman Jean Desjoyaux built a swimming pool for his family. Their response to the pool, and its effect on his family, made him realise that this was a highly desirable and saleable product. Initially, there was a single, standard model that was only available to private, residential clients. Basic kits were available for DIY customers.

In addition to launching a business, Desjoyaux began an ongoing program of innovation with both building pools and related products and equipment. The company now builds standard to luxury and indoor and outdoor and heated pools for residential and commercial clients. Further, they offer pool renovations, products, and equipment. Spas were also added to the product portfolio to meet the growing demand for them.

Desjoyaux Pools is now represented in 80 countries and continues to grow. The company is actively seeking franchisees who will be a good fit for the business, and who can reach customers in their areas. The U.K. is one country where franchises are beginning to be rolled out successfully.

The services offered by the Desjoyaux Pools franchise

The services and products offered by the company through its franchises (dealers) and agents (suppliers) are:

•Swimming pools: choice of size, shape, depth, and colour; in-ground and floating pools; indoor or outdoor builds; cross-currents; renovation of existing pools
•Pool equipment: pool covers, liners, robots, heating units/systems, salt chlorination systems, and shelters
•Pool surrounds: lighting, paving, and steps

Desjoyaux uses a unique and patented system for its pools. There are no underground pipes, no plantroom, no need for backwashing, and heating systems are economical. The company provides a 10-year manufacturer warranty.


How does the Desjoyaux Pools franchise model work?

There is no franchise fee, but you will need to invest in some stock and any office equipment you may need to run your business.

As a Desjoyaux Pools franchise owner you will be expected to adopt the company’s standards, respect and promote the brand image, use the company marketing strategy, only sell approved products, use the communication tools supplied, and become part of the global network by attending training, meetings, etc.


How can I own my own Desjoyaux Pools franchise?

The Desjoyaux Pools UK head office is in Guildford, Surrey. The national franchise network is being rolled out from there. If you are interested in becoming a franchise owner or agent that stocks and sells this unique and patented pipe-less technology, contact the company via the enquiry form found on this page.


How much does a Desjoyaux Pools franchise cost?

It will require an estimated £50,000 to set up your Desjoyaux Pools franchise. Given this is a proven business model, you should find it easier to obtain some funding from a bank.


What will I get from Desjoyaux Pools for my investment?

In exchange for the money you invest in your new business venture you will receive:

• Brand power: the strength of the brand and its reputation will be behind you
• Training: you will receive training on the brand, sales and management strategies and tools, pool installation, operational skills,
• Product exclusivity: nobody other than franchise holders may sell, build, maintain etc. these pools
• Specialised and patented products: these include the unique filtration and formwork systems
• Exclusive territory: each franchisee is assigned a unique territory to market to
• A proven business and franchise model: the technology, business, and franchise model have all been proven on a global scale
• Support: you will be assisted with locating suitable premises, recruiting staff, and, when your business is new, finding contacts and creating a flow of customers
• Marketing: the company conducts national advertising and offers dedicated promotional or publicity tools.

Did you know?
Desjoyaux Pools has outlets available across the UK
Desjoyaux Pools
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Do I need experience to be a successful Desjoyaux Pools franchisee?

No, you don’t need industry or other related experience. However, the company does look for certain kinds of individuals: hard-working, dedicated to the brand and success, friendly, honest, a team player, and practical.


Do I have to pay anything monthly?

There are no royalties payable. You will need to purchase stock and materials as you need them in order to fill orders.


Where does Desjoyaux Pools currently operate?

The company is currently located in 80 countries globally. 


Will I be able to get an area of my choice?

You would have to enquire directly with Desjoyaux. However, given the franchise roll-out in the UK is still new, the chances are good that you will be able to select an area where the company does not already have a branch.


Is income guaranteed by running a Desjoyaux Pools franchise, and how soon will I start making money?

Income is not guaranteed as it depends on several factors including the amount and quality of work done by you. The company does indicate, though, that given stock requirements are low you should begin to see profits in the first year.


Do I need to do my own marketing?

Although Desjoyaux Pools provides an ongoing effective national sales and marketing campaign that each franchise benefits from, you will be responsible for marketing in your territory using the proven and approved strategy. You will receive training in this regard.

Word-of-mouth is always an excellent source of promotion and marketing so ensuring all your clients are happy is a very important and valuable.


Is this the best franchise of its type in the UK?

What makes Desjoyaux Pools unique is, firstly, the unique and exclusive pipe-less filtration and formwork systems that are only available through franchises. The system offers benefits to pool owners that others don’t. Secondly, these pools have excellent green credentials: the structural panels are manufactured from 100 per cent recycled materials and the filtration system is chlorine-free.

In addition, the company continues to carry out research and development to introduce new, patented products and systems. Finally, the company caters for private and corporate customers and build from small to very large pools. This means the customer base is large.


How can I find out more about investing in a Desjoyaux Pools franchise?

You can contact a member of the Desjoyaux Pools franchise team by completing the enquiry form found on this page today.


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