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Are You My Perfect Business Partner?

Are You My Perfect Business Partner?

Steve Bolton, Founder and Chairman of Platinum Property Partners, explains why great business partnerships are actually about the perfect people partnerships

I learnt early on in my career that all businesses are people businesses. In order to be successful, you have to surround yourself with the right people, operate with integrity and make sure the people who work with you operate in the same way too.

That’s why I only work with people I like and trust and always encourage other people to do the same.

So when I founded Platinum Property Partners (PPP) in 2007, it was important to me that the company embodied the true power of partnerships in every sense of the word, both internally and externally.

That’s the reason I used ‘Partners’ in the name and made it our objective to offer win-win partnerships. And here’s how:

You can become our partner

By joining PPP, you won’t just learn how to build a specialist buy-to-let property portfolio that gives you an income for life. You will become a valued business partner and not just a franchisee.

This means you’ll have the opportunity to give back - it’s part of our philosophy to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More, which has been key to our record breaking success over the last 10 years.

So unlike other franchises, when you become a Platinum Property Partner, we welcome your input into the development of our systems and processes. After all, the market changes and you’ll become as expert as the people you learn from. And the experience you will gain will put you in the perfect position to give back by helping new partners when they first join too.

Vashti Bedwell has done just that. Over the last five years, she has built a successful property business with her husband Andy, but also played a key role within the Partner network, helping others with their portfolios.

Vashti says: “I’ve built my confidence in areas I never would have expected. I’m running a business, but also teaching other people how to do the same. It’s been an amazing journey of great personal development and achievement.”

You can join with your own perfect partner

People look to franchising for a multitude of reasons, but I found that many of our partners were looking for something they could do with their spouse, son, daughter or other family members, and even friends. And we encourage this.

Take husband and wife team, Francis and Anna Meynell, for example. They joined us as a partnership in March 2013 because they wanted to find a way of earning the income they needed to be able to start a family. They currently have four specialist buy-to-let properties, which are home to 27 happy housemates.

Francis says: “PPP allows a husband and wife team to make joint decisions together and build their own business, which is fantastic. Just like I couldn’t do this business without PPP, I also couldn’t do it without Anna.”

It’s also a family affair for the Narbeths. Ian and his daughter, Clara, have seven properties in their portfolio in Colchester, which Clara manages, while Ian continues to work full-time.

Ian says: “I’m confident that joining PPP has enabled us to fulfil our goals - we’re generating a passive income that will provide a substantial addition to our retirement income and Clara has gained invaluable skills building a business we hope will last for generations to come.”

Like Torban Cane and Jeremy Rose, you can also turn friendships into strong business partnerships. As well as their PPP business, they also run several other gym franchise outlets and used to have five Subway stores together.

Torban told us: “We saw this franchise opportunity as a way of providing a secondary income over and above the other businesses. It can be fitted in around our other work and, more importantly, allows Jeremy to spend more time at home with his young daughter.

“The main difference with the PPP franchise is that it’s an investment in our future.”

You can benefit from our own partnerships

Your partnership with us wouldn’t be as valuable if we didn’t commit to building the best possible external partnerships. We have a team dedicated to finding and managing an approved network of suppliers, so that you can benefit from bespoke and discounted products and services that help you run your business.

This might be with insurance providers, mortgage brokers and lettings experts. The difference is that they have all passed the ‘Platinum’ test of approval.

Simon Whelan had this to say about the value of the Power Team: “The support from the extended network has been fantastic, such as planning applications and lettings advice. If you add up what these services would cost you each time, then it does show how much PPP really does offer value for money.”

You can form new partnerships

By far, the biggest benefit of your partnership with PPP is the community you’ll become part of. And that’s the opinion of our partners themselves, not just mine.

We have over 250 people in our partner network now, all of whom are great friends. But more than that, many of them have formed additional business partnerships.

Some may have passively invested into others’ property portfolios and some have gone on to start new businesses outside our core business model.

Amanda Staton and Daniel Coe are just one example. Despite living within a couple of miles of each other in Twickenham, they’d never met before joining PPP. Through a joint venture, they’ve now branched out and successfully diversified their property business together.

Daniel says: “There came a point where both Amanda and I had achieved what we’d set out to do with our PPP portfolios. We wanted to use everything we had learnt by being part of the franchise and expand our businesses into other markets and different types of property.”

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