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Canine Creche has outlets available across the UK
Canine Creche
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Canine Creche

Canine Creche provides creche facilities for dogs, mainly for day visits and overnight stays, that are innovative and inspirational
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About Canine Creche

The Canine Creche franchise has taken the typical view of kenneling and dog care provision and transformed it into something new. It provides creche facilities for dogs, mainly for day visits and overnight stays, that are innovative, inspirational and are delivered by highly professional staff.

The service offers a fun environment for dogs to play, socialise, exercise and nap beside other dogs, preventing them from becoming bored or getting anxious while the owner is away. The facilities are not merely kennels - the dogs are not kept in cages of any sort and have the freedom to roam and play. They are not taken to other locations and the customer can rest assured that their pets will be safe and secure at all times. In fact, the service focuses on the safety of the dogs that are being cared for by carefully employing viewing panels, strict security procedures and temperament testing.

The Canine Creche franchise emphasises transparency so that its clients will always know how their dog is doing. There are CCTV systems in each creche and TV monitors in each reception, allowing customers to see what goes on every day. Canine Creche is now setting the standard for the future care of animals.

The dogs and puppies in the creche’s care are constantly supervised. This ensures they stay safe and happy. The range of activities and facilities means that a creche can cater to the physical and emotional needs of dogs of various ages and temperaments. Older dogs can have more nap times if they need them, and puppies are interacted and played with far more.

Canine Creche was founded in 2011 by Candace and Nathan Rose. Their passion for dogs was the inspiration for a petcare business. It began on a small scale but with a more innovative concept based on an American model; Canine Creche was not just a dog walking service but a home-away-from-home for dogs.

Since its launch, the original Canine Creche in Suffolk has expanded its services to include a swimming pool, grooming services, and a doggy hotel.

With the experience gained of designing facilities, locating premises, obtaining the necessary permissions, fitting out, and running Canine Creche, the Roses were ready to roll out franchises in 2016. The company is also constantly on the lookout for new services to offer its canine customers.

How does the Canine Creche franchise model work?

You will be expected to deliver the same standards of excellence offered by existing Canine Creche franchises. The provision of service will, with the help of employees, allow you to create a caring and safe environment for the dogs. Although the service may not be identical from franchise to franchise, you will be expected to ensure that the dogs in your care receive the royal touch. This means that basic tasks such as providing water, food and cleaning up mess are merely part of a much wider care regime. You will be expected to check for medical conditions/allergies and changes in behaviour as the dogs have fun and are entertained.

The Canine Creche procedure is for customers to make an appointment with you and then bring their dogs to register. They will have a vaccination record and, as the customer registers, you will get a better understanding of the dog’s requirements. You will then give the dog a so-called “temperament test,” which will allow you to assess how they behave and how they might behave with other dogs. This will tell you whether the dog is suitable for your creche.

All the dogs are monitored by the staff who also provide a range of games such as fetch the ball, puzzles, and – at some creches – water games or play. There is also play time so that the dogs can run and play together in a controlled setting.

Some creches offer more services than others. While all branches offer fun indoor and outdoor areas stocked with the necessary equipment, others offer training for both adults and puppies; a shop selling a range of canine foods, treats, toys, etc; a swimming pool where dogs can swim and play with staff members; a hotel; and even fields that can be hired for private doggy functions.


How much does a Canine Creche franchise cost?

The minimum investment amount is £42,500+VAT. To set up a creche the total costs will be between £65,000 and £85,000 depending on location and the range of services you want to offer. You will need to have access to funds although you will receive assistance to obtain part financing from a bank should this be required.

There is a monthly royalty fee of £200 and 5 per cent of your income goes towards a marketing fund from which you will benefit.

As with any business, especially initially, income is not guaranteed as it depends on several factors including the amount and quality of work done by the franchisee. However, given that you will be using a proven business model and have the support of the group, you should be up and running and generating income quickly.


What training do franchisees receive at a Canine Creche?

You will receive five-star training and support when you establish a Canine Creche franchise. The emphasis in training is how to follow the tried-and-tested business model. New franchisees will find out about all the relevant aspects of this challenging business, including how to work with animals and provide them with the best experience during their visits. The head office will also help you when it comes to training your own staff (Canine Creche jobs are coveted) and this will be vital when it comes to expansion. Overall, you can expect strong ongoing support across all areas of the business. You will be assisted with the following:
- Drawing up a business plan which can be used to secure financing from a bank
- Identifying a suitable location
- Planning the layout and fittings
- Purchasing the necessary equipment
- Extensive training on running your business
- Ongoing advice, support, and guidance
- Marketing through the company’s programmes

Did you know?
Canine Creche has outlets available across the UK
Canine Creche
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You will also have your own website, and you will receive referrals from other franchisees to potential clients who are in your area.


Do franchisees need prior experience?

You don’t need petcare industry experience. However, Canine Creche looks for people who are passionate about dogs, and growing a successful business. You need to be dedicated and prepared to work to the Canine Creche model, build strong relationships with both your canine charges and their people, and work to maintain standards.


Do franchisees get to choose the area?

There are 12 locations currently, but Canine Creche wishes to roll-out franchises across the UK. Complete the form on this page to enquire about the specific location you wish to open a franchise in.


What does Canine Creche expect from its franchisees?

Canine Creche has high expectations of its franchisees. It seeks passionate people who are naturally fond of dogs and are committed to their wellbeing and happiness. They will have an entrepreneurial flair and want to grow their own business. They will also need to be trustful, outgoing, good communicators and be caring and professional in nature.


Do Canine Creche franchisees do their own marketing?

Although Canine Creche provides an ongoing, effective national sales and marketing campaign that each franchise benefits from, you are responsible for marketing in your territory. The growing strength of the brand will also aid your marketing efforts. Word-of-mouth is always an excellent source of promotion and marketing, so ensuring all your clients are happy is very important and valuable.


Will franchisees need to be accountants to run the business?

Canine creche is a large-scale business and unless you have strong accountancy skills and sufficient time, you will have to employ an accountant.


Why choose a Canine Creche franchise?

Canine Creche is particularly competitive in the UK as it moves away from the traditional kennelled environment. Customers see their dogs as children and want them to be treated as such with access to paddling pools, climbing frames, ball pits, slides, Wendy houses and many interactive games.

Canine Creche is also unique because the dogs can relax under dimmed lights and listen to classical music as they nap. They may also watch movies as they would in a home environment. They can enjoy sausage racing, paw painting and even a story.

The franchise is also competitive due to the popularity of its Puppy Parties, which takes place every other month on Saturday mornings for two hours of fun. There are themed weeks too, such as “Howl-O-Ween” where dogs can take part in apple bobbing, and Sports Day. The Suffolk-based Canine Creche franchise rolled this concept out and received very positive feedback.

Canine Creche was given the Pet Service Business of the Year award in 2015 by the Pet Industry Federation, so you will have the backing of an established industry leader.

Given an estimated 44 per cent of UK households have at least one pet – and a large percentage of those are dogs – this franchise taps into a huge potential and growing market. Importantly, no other petcare franchise in the UK offers the range of services that Canine Creche does.


What happens once you enquire with Canine Creche about becoming a franchisee?

Canine Creche wants to make sure that you are the right person for the franchise and that you are happy with the information you receive. Therefore, it is not about pushy sales, it is about establishing compatibility. Canine Creche encourages you to do all the necessary research to be certain that you are sure and committed about the franchise.

Prior to signing the contract, you will be given all the information that you need before proceeding so that you will have the chance to change your mind if you feel, for any
reason, that the business will not be viable.


How to apply?

If you believe that a Canine Creche franchise is the right fit for you, complete the form on this page.

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