Better Balance

Posted: 20 Sep 2017
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Since investing in an OSCAR pet products franchise, Craig Smith has never enjoyed life so much

Better Balance

It was the need for a better work-life balance that drove Craig Smith to investigate the world of franchising and OSCAR.

He explains: “From scaffolding to dog food - ask me why and I can’t believe how it all happened. I was fed up after 26 years in the construction industry and eight years supervising.

“Without any business background, I also had no idea where my future was going, until a member of my family explained how his dog walking business underlined the benefits of working for yourself.”

Working outdoors

A business working with pets had a good feel about it, according to Craig, as it involved working outdoors, plus it’s physical, healthy and sociable.

“I didn’t hesitate to go online and, having already seen an OSCAR van locally, I investigated franchising and found a business that was for sale in my area,” he explains.

“Since joining OSCAR, I’ve never enjoyed life so much. A walk in the park to establish potential customers has made me realise pet people are very approachable and more fun - noticeably different to working on a building site.

“Taking on all aspects of selfemployment was going to be very different and I had a lot to learn.

However, the initial OSCAR discovery meeting and the chance to speak to other franchisees certainly encouraged me to take the next step.

“Knowing this was a big step, the OSCAR team were on hand to lead me into a very intensive training session, opening my eyes to all the elements of running a business and a product range that promoted confidence to sell.”

Great introductions

Craig was provided with some great introductions in his area of distribution, where OSCAR was already well connected.

“The chance to meet people face to face suited my understanding of working with the public,” he says.

“The OSCAR business model, backup support and marketing materials keep me focused and now with the chance to gain a qualification in nutrition, I can expand into new areas of business development.

“OSCAR also helped me tick all the boxes, research my area, plan my schedules and keep in touch with the network. I’ve found regional meetings a great place to pick up news, ideas and share points of view.

“Plus, with access to Skype meetings I can appreciate how OSCAR is working for franchisees in different parts of the country.

“I have no regrets. My own business is of great value to me and I aim to earn a good living for my family and, of course, make time for my hobbies of ice hockey and cycling.”

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