Gap In The Market

Posted: 16 Aug 2018
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Leading the Way fulfils the need for much needed pet ownership support

Gap In The Market

If you’re eager to start your own business in the lucrative pet industry and have the ambition to grow a successful franchise, Leading the Way has a team of experts on hand to get you started right away.

Leading the Way is the sister company of OSCAR Pet Foods, the largest pet food home delivery franchise in the UK.

Keen eye

With an abundance of animal behaviour expertise and a keen eye on the pet industry, Leading the Way has spotted a gap in the market for much needed pet ownership support.

And with 20 years’ experience in a growth industry, the company has the knowledge to help you build and maintain a successful business. Leading the Way’s expertise in training and franchise support will provide you with the confidence to help busy pet owners manage their day to day pet care needs and routines.

This franchise allows you the freedom of working for yourself in the growing pet care market. Your passion for animals, combined with professional training, will ensure your clients receive a reliable and trustworthy service.

Sadly, in spite of an abundance of loving intention, the safety and wellbeing of our precious pet population is frequently at risk. This is largely due to a lack professional knowledge and limited understanding of pet behaviour, training and companionship.

There is a need in this sector to raise standards, secure accreditation and deliver expertise. Leading the Way has set its sights on making a difference.

Customer trust and reliability

It takes a wide range of skills, combined with extraordinary teamwork, to run a successful pet care operation - so that’s exactly where Leading the Way has focused its investment.

The company has chosen an exceptional team of pet care professionals with an unparalleled level of expertise to guide you.

By delivering an accredited professional service, you will be instrumental in helping Leading the Way deliver exceptional support for your clients, and their pets, from day one.

Taking the stress out of pet care means busy customers can get back to the joy of owning a pet. Franchisees offer the following services:

  • Group walks. With a maximum of four dogs per walk to ensure safety.
  • Dog matching service. Taking time to match temperament, energy and need for socialisation.
  • Home care. For all indoor animals, from puppies to those on restricted exercise, or senior pets who simply need a cuddle or companionship. Visits may typically include toilet breaks, play time, food and settling.
  • Safe transport. Bespoke travel system to ensure pets are transported with care and attention to RSPCA and DEFRA standards.
  • High standards. Animal first aid trained, CRB checked and fully insured.

The leading the way franchise offers

  • A profitable business in a lucrative market.
  • A fun and exciting career.
  • Low overheads.
  • Bespoke online CRS.
  • Bespoke travel system meeting DEFRA and RSPCA standards.
  • Extensive training meeting CERTA accreditation in companion animal health, welfare and disease control*.
  • Animal first aid training covering a wide variety of first aid situations such as injuries, burns, poisoning, bites, stings, shock and resuscitation, as well as guidance on the administration of medication..

Running a franchise business isn’t for everyone. With full support from head office, you will need to decide whether self-employment suits your ideals and capabilities.

Self-employment means being

  • Ambitious.
  • In charge of your own destiny.
  • Enthusiastic, positive and disciplined.
  • Prepared to commit maximum time to starting your own business.
  • Healthy - this business calls for fitness, but may also fulfil your desire to get fit.

A franchise business requires

  • Strength. You must be able to devote time and energy towards building a presence in your local area.
  • Commitment. You must be sure your family is prepared for your commitment (they may even be able to offer support).
  • Investment. The normal investment for a Leading the Way franchise is £10,995 (plus VAT), but the company’s launch offer means you can purchase this new franchise opportunity for just £8,995 (plus VAT).
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