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Posted: 14 Aug 2018
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Steve Pointon has built a thriving OSCAR Pet Foods franchise delivery business

Hands On

In Steve Pointon’s previous career, he found himself caught up in the politics of the banking industry and a lifetime of sales.

He says: “We were a happy family with two children. Jacqui and I enjoyed life while I continued to work, but we always planned to run our own business.”


Only when his family were old enough did Steve and Jacqui find the confidence to consider self-employment.

“We firstly considered a fast food chain, during which time we came across OSCAR and pet food,” he says. “OSCAR was filling a gap in the market, while my background fulfilled the criteria of the business - sales and people. Pets were a bonus.

“We were hands on with everything, until our family life had to endure a sadness and I and my children had to move forward and find an inner strength.”

Steve adds: “OSCAR was our life and it had to continue. In time I met Jean, who was happy to climb on board with OSCAR and is my right hand in technology.

“Having passed the COAPE course in animal nutrition, she also keeps the administration up to date, while I continue to take full advantage of being able to work to suit my lifestyle.”


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