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Resale route

Posted: 29 Nov 2018
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Hayley Clare’s decision to invest in an established OSCAR Pet Foods franchise has paid off

Resale route

OSCAR Pet Foods had an instant impact on Hayley Clare’s plans for the future.

She explains: “For 18 years I had been a sales representative and buyer for a medical pharmaceutical company and, no matter what, I wanted a change of direction - something new and exciting.

“I started with an online business search, which led me to OSCAR. I liked the concept of the business and knew it was for me. I instantly recognised my communication skills would come naturally when meeting pet owners, helped of course by my own dog, Cooki.”


Hayley purchased a pet food delivery franchise that was already up and running - called a resale.

“Investing in a resale was a good stepping stone,” she says. “After one year I have clearly made a good impression, as my customer development has grown through a very active network of dog trainers and breeders in my area.

“I make the most of everything that’s put before me, which means my OSCAR business will thrive on dedication, enthusiasm and belief in a quality product.”

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