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Kall Kwik In Brief

  • Description

    Kall Kwik Centres provide a first class service and offer bespoke solutions rather than a fixed product range. They achieve high average order values and excellent profit margins selling to a broad and diverse customer base.

  • Business Type

    Business & Professional Services, Print & Promotional Services, Retail

  • Investment Level

    £ 50,000

About Kall Kwik

“This is truly a business that grows and develops as relationships develop”

Kall Kwik has been in business since 1979 and with around 50 Centres is proud to be the UK market leader in the provision of print, design and other business services to the local community.

Each Centre is owned and run by individuals from a variety of backgrounds who have grasped the opportunity provided by the Kall Kwik system to develop their own business success.

Kall Kwik Centres provide a first class service and offer bespoke solutions rather than a fixed product range. They achieve high average order values and excellent profit margins selling to a broad and diverse customer base. Their business is not subject to the fluctuating demands of the retail market and Kall Kwik Centre Owners can influence the level of demand for their services by actively generating sales through their own effort and determination.

It is clearly evident that only those businesses who embrace change will succeed in today’s market and by establishing the Kall Kwik Business Services concept we will ensure that Kall Kwik remains the market leader in the provision of the full range of communication services to businesses.

“It is not the strongest who survive but those most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

Terry Woods – Centre Owner for Kall Kwik Chiswick

“I opened my Kall Kwik Centre in 1984. I chose Kall Kwik because I had a “gut” feeling that it was an ethical Franchise run by an ethical Franchisor. Nearly 30 years later I still believe I am in an ethical Franchise with an Ethical Franchisor. Any success I have had in the intervening years has been built on those ethics from which trust springs. Trust which means the Franchisor while needing to be profitable in its own right eschews the temptation of short term profit at the expense of its franchisees, but rather invests to develop the brand for the benefit of both parties.

Kall Kwik is not easy, it’s not a get rich quick scheme but if you are looking for a partner to help develop your own long term ambitions to create a successful business it could work for you. It certainly worked for me!”

Kall Kwik Business Services

Developments in communications technology and digital print capability combined with changes in customer buying habits have enabled Kall Kwik to evolve the proposition.

In today’s world we no longer need huge printing presses, extensive premises nor tens of thousands of pounds tied up in associated equipment.

Today is much more about ‘brain over brawn’, about adaptability over print set up and about providing not one answer but a number of potential solutions.

The Kall Kwik Business Services concept offers a lower entry cost to the marketplace and by outsourcing high end production ensures lower on-going operating costs. By being very ‘front end’ and customer focused we can widen the range of services we offer and devote the time and energy to fully developing our client base and the products and services we can deliver to them. Today is much more about collaborative working; providing a range of solutions; having multiple income streams; developing relationships with customers that allows us to deliver a range of products and services across the whole spectrum of communication media; it’s more than just ink on paper.

Kall Kwik has moved from a production led operation to a consultative service driven business - however, one thing remains the same - service - service has been, is and will always be Kall Kwik’s key differentiator.

The Centres will concentrate on:

  • print design
  • web-site design
  • direct mail
  • e-mail marketing
  • on-line print management
  • digital colour
  • digital black & white
  • posters & banners
  • plan printing
  • scanning & archiving
  • marketing management for SME’s
  • full colour print

Overview of the business

Secure Investment
You are joining a brand with over 30 years experience and exposure.

Multiple Income Streams
Giving Centre Owners wider access to customers; a greater share of their budget; more opportunity to sell and the opportunity to create stronger relationships.

Repeat Business
Ongoing relationships with our clients are the cornerstone of our business and we benefit enormously from getting repeat orders from loyal customers.

Large Territories
Your territory will be substantial with 9,000 to 10,000 businesses per territory the norm (London will vary).

On-going support from a strong Head Office Team
Full business support, including, but not limited to - business planning, sales, marketing, procurement and finance; plus access to comprehensive marketing systems including appointment generating, marketing collateral and a range of marketing tools. Additionally, Franchise Owners have their own website and access to the Kall Kwik Intranet.

Part of a Successful Team
As a Kall Kwik Centre Owner you will be part of The Bardon Group which is owned and run by a team with over 100 years combined franchise experience and who run a number of established brands including:

Recognition Express started in 1979 and is a previous bfa Franchise of the Year

ComputerXplorers part of the world’s largest education franchise
Techclean the most successful system hygiene franchise in the UK

Your challenge and demands

Your challenge is to be managing director, financial controller, sales and marketing manager, personnel officer and production planner all rolled into one.

You’ll be working under pressure and at speed, coping with setbacks and adjusting to the changing expectations of your customers and to the changing technologies of your industry. Most importantly though you will be providing solutions to your customers’ needs, winning their trust and confidence and building your reputation in the local community.

This is truly a business that grows and develops as relationships develop. Kall Kwik is very much a business-to-business franchise and as such is very people orientated.

If you are a ‘people person’, a good communicator, someone who has a history of building strong relationships and you are well organised, driven to run your own business and ambitious to be a success then the rewards are only limited by your ability to apply the Kall Kwik Business Services system through hard work and a commitment to quality.

Your credentials and moving forward

We want people who are motivated by achievement, ready to set and reach demanding business targets and have the energy and enthusiasm to cope with the changing needs of your customers and of our industry.

Of course, you will also have the minimum liquid capital necessary to accept the Kall Kwik challenge, and be ready and willing to apply the Kall Kwik Business Services system.

We want you to care about the success of your clients and be determined to play your part in achieving the Kall Kwik vision, but most importantly we want you to have passion - passion for the business, passion for your clients and passion for success.

Next steps

Call 01530 513300
Cost £50,000 + VAT + shop fit

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

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