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You work for yourself but with LighterLife’s support, you’ll never work alone

£ 4,500 Minimum Investment

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    Health & Beauty, Diet

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 4,500

About LighterLife

What is LighterLife?

LighterLife is a weight-loss and weight management service which has helped more than 300,000 people to lose excess weight over the last 30 years. Lighterlife products and techniques are backed by 25 years of academic science published in journals worldwide.

Those who are interested in investing in and running their own business have everything to gain as a LighterLife franchisee, and are supported by a tried-and-trusted framework proven by the long-running success of the established franchise.

It’s up to franchisees how they decide to run their business: they can either do it part-time alongside other responsibilities to supplement the family outcome, or may just be passionate about the brand and wish to share their weight-loss journey with others. Lots of franchisees relish the prospect of embarking on a fresh career.

All of the LighterLife plans – from weight loss to weight management – utilise the company’s food-replacement ‘Foodpacks’. They are each full of essential nutrients for good health, including 28 key vitamins and minerals, as well as being high in protein and a good source of fibre. The nutrition team is continually developing them to make sure that LighterLife is offering the best quality, and tastiest, food replacements on the market.

LighterLife estimates that 23.5m people in the UK will be obese or overweight by 2025. LighterLife enables clients to lose weight quickly and safely by helping them to choose the right plan for their weight loss and weight maintenance goals and support them each week throughout their journey.

What kind of franchisee is LighterLife looking for?

LighterLife is currently on the lookout for a new wave of franchisees, which the company refers to as LighterLife Mentors. LighterLife Mentors really make a difference to other people’s lives, and are there to support and guide them at every stage of their weight loss journey. Mentors will also be in complete control of their career, running their business on their own terms, in their own time. They will also have the flexibility to work as many hours as suits them, and can fit the hours in around other life responsibilities and tasks.

What training and support do LighterLife franchisees receive?

As an industry-leading brand with a wealth of experience, LighterLife has developed a comprehensive training package that provides franchisees with the skills needed to start developing and growing their franchise. In order to get eager franchisees up and running as quickly as possible, an online training package is available as soon as they sign up. Also available to franchisees as a resource is The Hub, which is s training website which is accessible 24/7, so franchisees can fit training in around other commitments and progress at a pace that suits them.

Online training is complemented with webinars, coaching sessions and a helpful training and operations manual for those in need of a easily accessible reference.

As well as online support, there is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated team located at LighterLife’s central office. The very best experts and talent in each of the business’s departments are always on-hand, with specialists ranging from highly qualified scientists and nutritionists to IT professionals - all with decades of experience in the business.

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