Time to give back

Posted: 10 Oct 2019
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Andrew Goldberg reveals what it’s really like to own an ActionCOACH franchise for a decade

Time to give back

Andrew Goldberg explains: “I had started up a sales consultancy on my own, but had trouble thinking up how it was going to work; there was far too much leg-work involved in setting up the marketing, website, systems, etc. I liked the idea of franchising because all of that was done for me and I could feel confident I was delivering on a system that was proven to work.”

He admits he was apprehensive at first. “I was worried there would be a limited market for ActionCOACH in my local area in Scotland,” Andrew says, “and that I would not be able to sell it. My greatest anxiety was about what would happen to me, my family, my house, etc if I was unable to make the business work. I had no back-up plan or personal financial savings.”

That was in 2010. Since then Andrew has consistently built his client base, with a monthly income now in excess of £30,000 and one of the highest client retention rates across the national ActionCOACH network of franchisees.

He credits the support and mentoring on offer as crucial to his success: “The franchise partner training at the start was exceptional, even life changing.

“Initially, I found sales a challenge, because despite the excellent training I received, I didn’t break my own habits and reverted back to traditional ‘selling’, which doesn’t work in ActionCOACH. I also had a challenge retaining clients at the start, because I found it difficult to understand the concept that it’s okay for me to tell my clients what to do and be tough on them.”

It’s fair to say Andrew took the lessons on board. Now achieving a comfortable quarter of a million pound annual turnover, he is enjoying the fruits of his labour and has more time to focus on his community interests and his family.

Andrew says: “ActionCOACH has enabled me to grow and develop both professionally and personally and I am much happier and more satisfied as a result. Because I rarely travel, I’m able to spend much more time with my family. I set up my office a four-minute walk from my home and have now got my business to a point where I rarely work evenings or weekends. I am home by 5:30pm most evenings.

“I also have the financially stability I was seeking. I have made more money with ActionCOACH than I have ever made in any other career.”

The appeal of business coaching

Andrew started looking around for a franchise that would utilise his existing skills and, once he’d discovered ActionCOACH’s values, he was eager to find out more

At a glance ActionCoach

Established: 1993 in Australia. 2001 in UK
Number of franchised outlets: 240 in UK
Location of units: UK-wide
Investment range: £69,000
Minimum required capital: £20,000
Contact: If you want to build a business with scalability and longevity and you’re the
kind of person who:
A. Loves learning and developing yourself;
B. Has enjoyed success in your career or sport; and
C. Is willing to invest if they see substantial returns can be made… Then find out more by watching the overview video at actioncoach.co.uk/overview

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