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Running a Franchise

Running a franchise can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time. What Franchise will provide you with all of the essential information required to start running a franchise. Find how to buy or sell a franchise, choose the best franchising model, meet running standards and even furnish your premises. Our advisers will explain the legalities of running a franchise and support you with helpful data and guides to your chosen market.

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Running a Franchise FAQs

Get everything you need to know to start running a franchise. Discover the business model for you and find information covering everything from the legal requirements to how to furnish your franchise properties.

  • Q. What Is My Status As A Franchisee?

    Author: Shelley Nadler

    answered by Shelley Nadler

    Legal director at Bird & Bird

    Shelley Nadler writes: As a franchisee, your status is that of an independent business person entering into a contractual relationship with a franchisor for the right to carry on a business format...

  • Q. If I Buy A Franchise, Who’s In Control Of The Business?

    Author: Brain Duckett

    answered by Brain Duckett

    Chairman of The Franchising Centre

    Brian Duckett writes: Assuming you’ll be the majority shareholder and will take day to day responsibility for the operation of the business, you will be most definitely in control. However, the purpose...

  • Q. What’s A Franchise Information Memorandum?

    Author: John Pratt

    answered by John Pratt

    Senior Partner at Hamilton Pratt

    A franchise information memorandum is a term used by some involved in franchising to describe a prospectus that’s made available to someone who enquires about taking a franchise. It doesn’t make sense...

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