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Buy into a Fully Managed Care Service

Buy into a Fully Managed Care Service

Seniors Helping Seniors explains why old fashioned is best

In the very near future, it’s going to be increasingly unusual for retirees not to work.

The driving forces are increased life expectancy, economic uncertainty, a re-visioning of later years, where people want to do something useful and rewarding, and the elimination of the idea that pensions will be able to sustain us. Fortunately, there’s also greater need for the skills of older people. Especially in care.


Seniors Helping Seniors has a 20-year franchising history and an award winning care brand in the UK, which represents loving, caring, giving and compassionate care.

An emphasis on service, which could be called old fashioned, may not be the most obvious money making opportunity, but there’s no lasting substitute.

Automation, databases and dealing with people as if they’re problems that need solving in the most efficient way all make sense to the bottom line, but they’re not polite or dignified and they don’t put clients first.

Quick fix solutions have a knack of coming unstuck when things like life get in the way.

What people need when they’re looking for care for the elderly is a fully managed service they can trust. They want to be able to plan and rely on it to adapt and accommodate events in their lives and events in carers’ lives.

Seniors Helping Seniors is not greedy for profit. Every decision made is about doing the right thing for clients and staff and it’s evidence that doing good first makes great money.

Elderly care is provided by older carers with either professional care backgrounds or experience of caring for loved ones. The work is well paid, rewarding and flexible, so it fits nicely around their later life commitments.

The company has no issues attracting or retaining carers because carers are fully supported, well paid and fully respected.

The care provided is outstandingly effective because the carer is carefully matched to the client, personally introduced and the schedule is well managed. Because carer and client are of similar ages and they have a lot in common, the care is more easy to accept, even by the most fiercely independent. The objective is to keep people safe, well and living in their own homes as long as possible.


The BBC filmed a special news report on the success and opportunities at Seniors Helping Seniors. Clients are eager to have help in the south east and east of the UK as soon as possible, so the company is looking to recruit new franchisees here first.

The service provided by Seniors Helping Seniors is out of the scope of the Care Quality Commission because it’s not ‘personal care’, so the set-up costs of this franchise are significantly less than care models offering personal care.

The franchisor is a British Franchise Association member and has experience of what is takes to repeat and reproduce successful businesses in different locations. The care and support Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees receive is as outstanding as the care provided to clients.

This is a way to run your own business, as opposed to looking for work yourself at 50-plus years of age.


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