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Posted: 21 May 2019
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There’s plenty of room for expansion in the interior window shutters market, according to Shuttercraft

Must have

The interior window shutters market has exploded over the last 10 years due to the powerful ‘wow factor’ when people see shutters for the first time.

Tastes are changing all the time and peoples’ desire for a clean, modern and allergy free alternative to traditional window coverings means plantation shutters are on the ‘must have’ list more and more.

Enlightened choice

Shuttercraft franchisees come from all walks of life. Take Nigel Luke, for example. After 11 years in the Royal Navy in Warfare Operations, then as a diver and 15 years working in IT recruitment and project management, he felt he wanted to step away from his employed career path and own a part of something for himself.

Nigel researched the area thoroughly, until he was comfortable enough to take the next step. That ‘next step’ was Shuttercraft.

He explains: “I felt very comfortable with Shuttercraft from the outset and was inspired after my initial conversations I had with them. I firmly believe the shutter market has huge potential and is still very much in its infancy within the UK, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

“To date, the training and support has been really good. I appreciate I have a lot to learn as my background is from outside of this sector, but Shuttercraft are well organised and the much needed support is there for me to utilise, as and when I need to.”

Nigel may have closed the curtains on his former career, but his new business is proving an enlightened choice.

Balanced business model

Charlie Scott had held board level positions at two large franchise organisations, so had seen how the franchise model allowed businesses to scale rapidly and diversify locally to create a balanced business model.

He says: “Franchising offered me a fast-track back into self-employment, accelerating my learning as I entered a new sector. Shuttercraft provided an established brand to build upon and the ongoing growth figures in the shutter industry gained my interest.

“The meetings with Shuttercraft head office gave me confidence that the market was there to build a successful business and their support network would ensure I could deliver market leading levels of service and value in my local area.

“My franchise is progressing well and existing customer referrals are already a major driver of new enquiries.

“I have my own fitters and now plan to employ additional sales people and surveyors too, so we can grow the business and give the people of Nottingham the beautiful shutters they deserve.”

Shuttercraft is a management franchise and franchisees can expect to generate revenues in excess of £500,000, with a gross profit margin of 45-50 per cent. When you combine this with a high cash flow and low staff numbers, you have all the ingredients needed to build a business you can be proud of.

Franchisees do not physically install shutters. Instead, they manage a small team of people, so they can focus on ensuring the customer experience is second to none.

Shuttercraft says: “By getting the customer experience right, we ensure our customers come back to us time after time.”

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