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Snack Aid

Charity franchise that supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK through the sale of sweets, flapjacks and cakes
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About Snack Aid

Snack Aid is a low-cost, easy franchise that supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK through the sale of sweets, flapjacks and cakes. It’s simple to run, with the flexible hours that will suit any franchisee, even parents who have to work around the school system.

Snack Aid is well connected in the confectionery world and is able to provide its franchisees with a wide range of high quality products and some unique lines.

This is a proven and effective method for a charity to raise funds as it is known that customers will purchase snacks and sweets because they like the idea of helping a charity, and a children’s charity in particular. This gives the franchisee a significant advantage over other charity sweet boxes that may be placed in the same area.

Because of the significant issues surrounding childhood obesity, the Snack Aid franchisee sells only to adults.

Who’s behind the Snack Aid franchise?

Snack Aid began life in 2010 as My Snack Charity, which began working in cause-related marketing by fundraising on behalf of the Little Lives Appeal run by Milton Keynes Hospital. For this, founder Jim Lawlor created snack boxes branded with the charity’s logo and placed them throughout the local area.

When this proved to be successful, Lawlor — who had been in the retail business since 1995 — founded Snack Aid Ltd., incorporated in 2012, which began working with Make-A-Wish Foundation UK in 2013. The first Snack Aid franchise was also sold that year.

The franchise reached a milestone in 2016 when it reached the £100,000 fundraising milestone.


How does the Snack Aid franchise model work?

Snack Aid franchisees aim to raise funds for, and raise the profile of, the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK across the UK. Franchisees are supplied with a selection of high quality sweets, flapjacks and cakes which can be sold at various retail and leisure outlets and workplaces using self-serving honesty-style charity sweet boxes. Customers make their choices from the products available and put their cash in the moneybox. The franchisee visits every two or three weeks, removes the cash and restocks the display box with fresh products.

Franchisees will receive a large, exclusive territory in which to sell and both stock and the snack boxes are available at a competitive price, which includes the charity donation, so all the money collected is kept by the franchisee.

Display boxes are put in workplaces and anywhere else where people congregate, such as offices, pubs, school staff rooms, doctors surgeries, factories, hairdressers, golf courses, hotels and similar locations.


How much does a Snack Aid franchise cost?

You can choose from a number of fee packages which include options to have boxes sited by Snack Aid representatives, or where you find locations to site your own boxes.

The franchise fee costs from £4,259, including VAT, and is available in four different packages, to suit all budgets:

 The £4,259 (including VAT) package offers a mix of 7,360 sweets, flapjacks and cakes, plus 350 Make-A-Wish display boxes. The franchisee sites the boxes.

 The £4,910 (including VAT) package offers a mix of 5,440 sweets, flapjacks and cakes, plus 300 display boxes, each with 18 snacks per box. These are sited by a Snack Aid representative who will find locations for the boxes. Also includes 50 spare display boxes.

 The £5,855 (including VAT) package offers a mix of 7,600 sweets, flapjacks and cakes, plus 300 display boxes, each with 25 snacks per box. Again, these are sited by a Snack Aid representative and the option also includes 50 spare display boxes.

 The £7,737 (including VAT) package offers a mix of 10,080 sweets, flapjacks and cakes, plus 400 display boxes, each with 25 snacks per box. All 400 will be sited by a Snack Aid representative. This option also includes 50 spare display boxes.

There are no other franchise royalties or management fees to pay — you only pay for the stock and display boxes.


What support and training does the Snack Aid franchise offer?

Full training and support will be provided to the Snack Aid franchisee. Franchisees are shown the ropes by accompanying a Snack Aid operator on their rounds to supply their current clients so they know precisely how the business works before agreeing to any contract.

Snack Aid will help franchisees find customers and will place up to 400 boxes for each franchisee to help ensure that their business gets off to a booming start in their first month.

The franchisee will have access to a bespoke database available only to Snack Aid. By using it, franchisees can save themselves the headache of working out which customers are due a visit; the database can also print out the most efficient route to take. This is particularly useful when you have two, three or four hundred customers to visit. Once you can run your own territory, help and advice is available as required.


What are the potential profits to be made from a Snack Aid franchise?

Snack Aid states that it is quite possible for an individual person to quickly establish a thriving business thanks to the low start-up costs and to earn £30,000 to £35,000 per annum from 400 sited boxes and a 7-8 hour working day.


Are there any Snack Aid UK franchises for sale?

Many people approaching franchises prefer to buy an already established business with clients in place rather than face the uncertainty of starting a new business. With many businesses, it is likely that retirement of relocation will mean franchises are available for resale. You will need to contact Snack Aid to find out if there are any Snack Aid franchises for sale in the territories you are interested in.


What is ‘Cause Related Marketing’?

In the case of Snack Aid, all the display boxes are branded with the name of the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, so customers are usually more than happy to host them. Because they are raising money for a children’s charity, the boxes are more often welcomed and finding locations to site them can be a lot easier rather than cold calling with a non branded display.

To prove that the franchisee represents the charity, a confirmation letter from the charity is supplied to each customer.

The purchase of the snacks by the franchisee means that a donation has already been made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK and included in the price paid for the snacks. The charity is in partnership with the retail company in a form of selling termed Cause Related Marketing and is an increasingly popular way for charities to raise funds.


What experience or skills should Snack Aid franchisees have?

Because the Snack Aid model charges no further fees beyond the initial cost, it is a franchise available to all. As your first stock of boxes and sweets comes as part of the franchise fee, all you need is storage space – a garage or spare room – plus a dependable car and a computer with a printer.

You need to operate the business on a full-time basis, but if you put in the work, it is a business model that can earn franchisees a good living while raising money for a good cause. You need to have a friendly, pleasant personality and a desire to succeed.


What are Snack Aid’s terms and conditions?

A Snack Aid franchise has no limit to its licence and there are no renewal charges.


How in-demand are Snack Aid franchises right now?

A survey by The Thinking House in 2017 revealed that 46 per cent of people in the UK will snack once or twice a day between mealtimes. Crisps, biscuits, chocolate and cake are still four of the top five favourite things for people to snack on (the other is fresh fruit).

Snack Aid’s connections in the confectionery business means that the franchise can offer more varieties than its competitors and source more interesting sweet mixes that won’t be found outside of the Snack Aid franchise.

It has been reported that 20,000 children and youngsters in the UK are fighting a life-threatening condition and Snack Aid is proud of its support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, Little Lives Appeal in Milton Keynes, Wessex Cancer Trust and East Kent Hospitals Trust. Charities also benefit from increased awareness as the charity branding is the chief feature of the display box along with information about the charity.


How can I start setting up my own Snack Aid franchise?

To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with Snack Aid, click on the ‘Send Enquiry’ button now.

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