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Shredding the competition

Shredding the competition

Whether you’re a qualified trainer or looking to enter the thriving fitness sector with ambitions of significant profits, Shredquarters matches your goals

In a competitive sector, Shredquarters is offering something truly different to help franchisees profit from the UK’s booming fitness industry.

First, a low investment level and weekly subscription income means a Shredquarters franchise is quicker to profit and requires less working capital than traditional gym franchises. Second, operating in the high intensity interval training sector, Shredquarters’ functional fitness model bridges the gap between personal training and traditional gyms. Ever changing classes led by multiple trainers keeps members engaged - and paying premium prices over the long term.

Third, it’s one of the few British brands operating in gym franchising, offering substance as well as style. Franchisees are supported by the original Shredquarters marketing agency, which has been with the business since its inception in 2016 and knows how to make your membership soar.

The model

Franchisees have a choice of how to run their business: either hands-on as a trainer themselves or overseeing their gym as a management franchise, employing trainers and focused on growth. Each Shredquarters creates a bonded community that contrasts with the solo workouts on offer in traditional gyms.

Co-founder Adam Waters says: “We set out to be the best, to forge deeper, more profitable and longer relationships with our members. We focus on running structured classes with a high trainer-member ratio, which keeps people engaged so they value their time at their local Shredquarters.

“Any gym can have 1,000 members, but we want to know everyone by their first name.”

In fact, members don’t know until they arrive what type of class they’re going to take. Tabata, yoga based, cardio, strength - Shredquarters fanatics consistently say this variety is one of the key features that keeps them coming back time and again and keeps membership fees coming in for franchisees.

Adam adds: “People want an alternative to the traditional gym. Functional fitness strengthens the body to be better at everyday activities using high intensity training. It’s far from just lifting the biggest weights.

“It’s exciting, inclusive and bang on trend, which makes it a highly lucrative business opportunity.”

The financials

Co-founder Hannah May Khan says: “We believe our financial model is one of the best in the industry.” A look at the numbers reveals why.

Members’ subscriptions are paid weekly, not monthly, transforming the cash flow of the business compared to other gyms. A new franchisee is cash flow positive within months, not a year or more, and requires less working capital as a result.

And the investment required to open your own Shredquarters is also well below the usual levels: around £90,000 in total, depending on location. Up to 50 per cent financing is available, subject to status.

Shredquarters owners can expect six-figure profits from year two onwards, with the opportunity to open multiple sites after establishing their first.

Hannah adds: “Whatever your skill set, we will guide you in preparing a detailed business plan to map your journey, the investment required and your expected returns.

“Finding your premises is the biggest variable in the set up cost/ timescale, but we know that can be a big frustration with other gym franchises and we provide full support on getting the right location as quickly as possible.”

The people

Shredquarters is led by people with proven track records of success. Adam and Hannah bring substantial business experience to the support they offer franchisees, having previously built multi million pound companies working with some of the biggest brands in the country.

They’re both qualified trainers and have built Shredquarters from the ground up with a rare level of passion they’re now using to help others follow their business blueprint. The focus from day one has been on doing things properly, with an enormous workout library ready and waiting for franchisees and trainers.

The duo are joined by experienced franchise professional Nick Carnes, who has worked with some of the best known international franchises across a range of industries.

Nick says: “Our team have very different skills and experience, sharing a common motivation to help people build their own gym businesses. Our guidance and support is tailored to each individual’s requirements, which change during the journey.”


Whether you’re a qualified trainer or looking to enter the thriving fitness sector with ambitions of significant profits, this is a business opportunity that matches your goals. Whichever route you’re looking to take, you’ll of course need to be passionate about fitness. Great communication skills and commercial awareness are also important.

But you don’t need to have run a business previously, nor have a background in fitness. Shredquarters’ training and support, backed by systems that keep the business side of things as simple as possible to manage, mean it’s your personality that matters most if you want to own one of the company’s franchises.

Adam and Hannah add: “We’re all about different - a different business model and a different experience for members, which keeps them engaged and subscribing for years. We offer the chance to build both a profitable business and a community with our personalised support.

“We plan to take Shredquarters national and then international. The potential for franchisees to benefit is huge.”

At a glance the Shredquarters

Established: 2016
Investment range: approximately £90,000, depending on location
Minimum required capital: £40,000