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The Sky’s The Limit

Platinum Business Partners offers an exciting online retail franchise business that will give you time and location freedom, as well as an income

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to work from home in your pyjamas, or in a coffee shop in between the school runs?

An online-based franchise business can help you improve your work-life balance as well as your bank balance, without the need for a commute or investing in expensive premises. You can choose to work from wherever you want, whenever you want, as long as you have an internet connection.

Platinum Business Partners, the UK’s number one ecommerce franchise, can show you how to build your own profitable and sustainable online retail business.

Having already achieved great success with the Platinum Property Partners franchise over the past 10 years, the founders recognised that they can replicate this proven system and capitalise on the explosion of ecommerce.

Here, Platinum Business Partners shares some of the key steps to successfully making money online that’s taught to its franchise partners:

Pick a marketplace

The beauty of most online businesses is that you don’t have to be based where your customer is. In the online retail space, you can work from one part of the world, while selling to customers in another part of the world. The question is where do you start?

Platinum Business Partners has already conducted extensive research in terms of which countries have the most online shoppers and how much these people spend on average each month or year online.

It can advise you on where to start selling your products and how to expand into other marketplaces in other countries, because ultimately the sky is the limit.

Select the right products at the right price

Platinum Business Partners can show you how to identify market trends, categories and products that are in high demand in different countries all over the world. What might sell well in the UK, for example, could flunk in other parts of Europe or North America.

The company will share with you the four key components of successful product selection:

How to pick products that will attract impulse buyers, how to price them and how much you should pay for them initially.

Why bigger is not always better when it comes to product size.

How to find out if you can private label a product (think of generic products such as tea bags - big brands vs supermarket own).

Longer-term product portfolio expansion strategies.

Create your own brands

Whether you choose to sell supplements, hair accessories, potato peelers or dog leads, you won’t be the only one. Platinum Business Partners helps you to stand out from the crowd with a great brand.

You’ll be able to position yourself as a reputable and high quality brand in the eyes of your target customer and come up with a brand name, logo, consistent design and brand values that could be used across a broader range of products.

Cost effectively source, store and ship products

When you know what you’re selling and where and have your brand nailed down, you need to work on finding good suppliers.

In some cases, it makes financial sense to import products by buying from one country and getting them shipped to the country in which you’re selling. This means dealing with international providers.

But using both overseas and domestic suppliers (ie, based in the country you’re selling your products) has its advantages and disadvantages.

Platinum Business Partners will help you decide which process is best for you and teach you how it works. Its vetting process considers cost, efficiency of communication and service, track record and business credentials, such as accreditations or stamps of approval.

Choose your ecommerce platforms

The great news is that while you will need your own website to get started, it doesn’t necessarily need to be set up as an ecommerce site straight away. It can simply act as an online shop window that directs customers to other sales platforms where they can buy your products.

There are many existing and trusted platforms available that act as a springboard for your ecommerce business. Amazon, Shopify and Etsy are just three examples, but there are hundreds of online marketplaces out there and Platinum Business Partners knows the best place for you to start to help you reach more customers - and fast.

Set up a tax efficient ecommerce business

Making money is an important skill, but knowing what income you generate and how to keep it is another. How you set up your business today may impact how you can grow, sell or pass it on at a later date.

With online retail businesses, your business might be based in a different country to where you’re selling to and there will be different levels of income and sales taxes, for example, as well as certain legal requirements.

Platinum Business Partners provides you with access to specialist support that will guide you through setting up your business, from which company structure to follow and becoming VAT registered to insurance and limited liability requirements.

Implementing successful digital marketing strategies

You’re all set and ready to start selling, but never assume customers will simply come knocking.
Platinum Business Partners knows what images and keywords to use, how to position your brand and product, how to attract more online shoppers and, of course, convert them into buyers.

From five star reviews and excellent customer service to online adverts and remarketing strategies, its team of mentors can show you how to maximise traffic to your product pages and keep buyers coming back.

These are just seven of the hundreds of steps involved in building a successful online retail business. But with Platinum Business Partners, you’d have access to a step-by-step training programme, which is delivered online, offline and one-to-one, continuously.

You’ll join more than 100 other people who are currently taking advantage of the explosion of online shopping and selling 300-plus uniquely branded products to 100,000 online customers globally.

And this business opportunity is even more unique, because as well as not needing physical premises or staff, you won’t have to manufacture, store or ship a single product.

Platinum Business Partners’ core promise is to help you turn £20,000 of working capital into a monthly net income of £2,000 to £4,000 - much more is possible and already being achieved, but the company prefers to under-promise and over-deliver.

Ultimately, you’ll be in control. How much you earn and how much time you commit to your business will be entirely up to you, as will deciding how much and how fast you want to grow your business.