A Job You Can Fall In Love With

Posted: 07 Jun 2018
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Creating a life to love for your family and your clients

A Job You Can Fall In Love With

It’s the time where some might feel the seven-year itch, the need to move on to something new after seven years in the same role. But Lucas Vigilante doesn’t give moving on from ActionCOACH a single thought.

He explains: “In 1991, I worked with a few friends in a telecoms business that started out in a semidetached house in Romford, Essex. Four buyouts later, I finally sold my shares.”

Looking for a new challenge

“After a few years off, I began to look around for the next challenge. That’s when I found a business coaching firm called ActionCOACH who offered franchises, but more interesting to me initially were their published ‘Points of Culture’. There were 14 of them and every one made sense to me.

“The main criteria for any new venture was it must be close to home. In the telecoms business, I’d been privileged to work with a great mentor and true entrepreneur, Richard Thompson, and it seemed like becoming a business coach would mean working with many more great people like him.”

Launching the business

“In January 2011, I flew to Las Vegas for ActionCOACH University. The intensive 10 days of training was very self-reflective, really demanding and delivered brilliantly. Now I needed to share this knowledge with local business owners. Thanks to the people at BNi, I quickly got to know my way around the local business scene. I’d signed my first client within five weeks of launching my business.

“I set myself two goals for my ActionCOACH business. Firstly, by month three, I wanted to have enough clients and be billing sufficiently for the business to be self-funding. I hit that goal and began to create a financial cushion to support my next goal - build relationships with people who I could ultimately go into business with, creating a portfolio of new and interesting investments.”

The results

“By the 12th month I had six one to- one coaching clients and by year three I was confident that my business coaching was a catalyst for good business owners to achieve remarkable things.

“By year seven, I’d developed my business into a well-oiled machine, choosing to coach 17 one-to-one clients in just two and a half intense days a week. I’d also been able to invest in three other businesses where I spend a total of half a day a week, making the rest of my time available for me to use for other important things in my life.

“My own childhood was jampacked full of fun, so Amanda and I were keen to do the same for our two daughters. The remarkable thing about ActionCOACH is that setting your business up correctly gives you back valuable time. I get plenty of opportunities to pop out on my mountain bike, visit the driving range and do the crossword with my elderly parents.

“It’s allowed me to do so many things that a high-powered corporate job simply wouldn’t, something that contributes to putting a constant smile on my face.”

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