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Age doesn’t Matter when it comes to Investing in a Franchise

Age doesn’t Matter when it comes to Investing in a Franchise

When you’re ready to take that step into franchising, what year you were born is not important, according to Caremark

Caremark franchisees cross the full spectrum of ages, with business owners in their early 20s through to their early 60s. What unites them is their passion for the care sector.

Starting your own business will probably be one of the most exciting times in your professional life. Whether you take the plunge at 25 or 55, nothing can quite take away the feeling that you’re embarking on an adventure and that ultimately you’re in charge.

Passion and desire

When it comes to buying a home care franchise, age is no barrier to becoming a Caremark franchisee, so it does not matter when you decide to take the plunge.

What is crucial is that you have a passion for the care sector and the desire to deliver a high quality care service to your local community. Without that, no matter what age you are, your business will never get started.

Caremark’s franchisees all share the same characteristics:

  • Drive and ambition to build their own business.
  • The desire to deliver a vital service to their local community.
  • Management experience.
  • They enjoy networking and are good communicators.

There are always pros and cons for being a younger rather than a mature franchisee. While youth brings an abundance of energy and excitement for the future, more years under the belt often brings a depth of experience and wisdom gleaned from climbing the ladder of life and career.

Award winner

Hannah Drury, 25, and director of Caremark (Sutton), is one of the network’s youngest franchisees and a recent double winner of two top industry awards from the British Franchise Association - HSBC Young Franchisee of the Year and HSBC Franchisee of the Year 2017.

On her achievements to date, she says: “I already have extensive handson business experience and I think this is a brilliant start in life. I’m hugely ambitious and have clear targets for the future.”

The mother of two took over her stepfather’s Caremark franchise when he passed away in 2016 and subsequently went on to grow the business, achieving a 71 per cent increase in profits/turnover in that year.

Her energy and enthusiasm is inspirational and achieving this result shows innovation, leadership and determination way beyond her years.

Having a young and inspiring leader motivates Hannah’s team and enables them to buy into her vision of becoming the provider of choice in their local community.

Enjoying the rewards

There is nothing stopping you buying a franchise later in your career either. North east Caremark franchisee, Charles Folkes, bought his Guisboroughbased business in 2008 having had a successful 30-year career in various industries, including running his own business.

Now, at 61, he is able to take a step back from daily involvement and enjoy the rewards of his hard work, having grown a substantial enterprise turning over in excess of £2.7 million.

So when you’re ready to take that step into franchising, what year you were born is not important. You’re as young as you feel and if you’re doing what feels right for you, your age is just a number.


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