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Future looks bright

Posted: 22 Jun 2019
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Kare Plus franchises are achieving sustainable growth through remarkable performance

Future looks bright

They say life begins at 30 and with almost 100 franchises operating across the UK and millions of hours of care delivered, the future certainly looks bright for Kare Plus.

Originally founded as a nursing provider to the NHS in 1989, Kare Plus is now an established multiservice healthcare staffing provider, delivering medical and non-medical staff to both residential and care establishments in addition to providing homecare services.

With franchisees achieving turnover just short of £4 million and fellow business owners operating multiple territories, this unique and unparalleled franchise model has shown its versatility within the healthcare sector. The model has demonstrated proven capabilities, successfully adapting to market demands of an ageing population and an ever increasing privatised healthcare system.

The versatility and potential of the Kare Plus franchise model is best represented by the recently formed Platinum Business Group, a group of exceptional franchises achieving sustainable growth through remarkable performance.

Oxford and upwards

Achieving turnover just shy of £4 million in the last financial year and delivering 250,000 hours of care, Imran Qureshi of Kare Plus Oxford has established his business as one of the most consistent in the network.

Recognising the growth potential of the healthcare industry, Imran decided a Kare Plus franchise was the best investment.

“With the UK care sector booming, I wanted to invest my energy and time into building a healthcare franchise,” he says.

“My continued selfdetermination, the support of the head office team and the adaptability of the dual model all played an important role in getting me where I am today. The next step for me is further building my homecare service during 2019.

“One word to describe Kare Plus? Caring.”

A franchise born from a personal connection to healthcare

Clive Cooper’s affinity for healthcare came from the personal experiences he had with the industry. When he considered starting his own business, healthcare was the natural choice.

“Having experienced receiving good care support from a user perspective, I knew first-hand the incredibly positive effect it can have on whole families and the negative impact of it being delivered poorly,” Clive says.

While driven by personal ambition, Clive also saw the long-term potential of healthcare and the opportunity it can provide.

“The healthcare industry operates 365 days a year and there is a demand for professional care around the clock,” he says. “This, coupled with the fact that the population is ageing and increasing, means there is a vast longterm potential.

“One word to describe my journey so far? Challenging - no two days are the same and there’s always something new to learn. It’s great that Kare Plus are always on hand to support me.”

A powerful partnership

Husband and wife duo, Andy and Jo Boardman - both previously chartered accountants - decided to move into the healthcare industry together and opened Kare Plus Southport and Kare Plus Blackpool. They simultaneously acquired dual franchise models and never looked back, exceeding their projections and successfully opening a third franchise ahead of schedule.

“We chose Kare Plus because of the dual model,” Andy says. “We like being able to supply to niche and value-added areas of the sectors, such as the supply of specialist nurses and locums to the establishment side of the business and the complex medical and mental health areas in the homecare market”.

Their experience of working together, mixed with the genuine affection they hold for one another, has resulted in a unique and successful partnership.

Jo adds: “We worked together for over a decade before joining the Kare Plus network. Our franchises were bought jointly and we took all decisions regarding pay rates, charge rates and staff recruitment together.

We discuss everything and we sometimes disagree, but ultimately we always find a way forward. “Describe Kare Plus in one word? Opportunity.”

Six years of success

After six prosperous years of running her own businesses Dr Louise May of Kare Plus Wirral and Kare Plus Liverpool is as energetic and enthusiastic as she was on day one.

“I am passionate about what I do, which is providing quality care and employment to people in the Wirral and Liverpool,” she says. “I haven’t finished growing the businesses and another five years will allow me to build on the solid foundations I’ve created during my franchise journey so far.”

Louise’s previous experience within the healthcare industry sparked her interest in running a healthcare business and in doing so she explored the various options. With Kare Plus having a model with multiple income streams, it made the decision straightforward. Louise intends to utilise everything she’s learned so far to maximise the next five years of her franchise journey.

“I have learned so much in the last five years, from building a business to leadership and becoming more socially aware of my area,” she says. “During the next five years, I would like to become the first choice nursing provider for care and residential homes to people on the Wirral. I also want to further develop my homecare offering.

“Describe Kare Plus in one word? I would choose, empowering.”

A journey sparked from a passion for care

Unlike the other franchise owners mentioned above, Adriana Cocut of Kare Plus Newark is just beginning her journey. She chose Kare Plus after deciding that she wanted to work with her local community.

“I want to focus on the delivery of high standard care, while treating all of my staff with the utmost respect,” Adriana says. “Further down the line, I would also like to grow my business across multiple territories, but I would like to get the basics right first. This is why I chose Kare Plus.”

With a unique franchise model tailor-made for the healthcare market and vast earning potential across multiple sectors of the industry, a Kare Plus franchise is a ready-made business just waiting for you. Want to find out more? Contact the Kare Plus Franchising team today.

At a glance Kare Plus

Name of franchise: Kare Plus

Established: 1989

Number of franchise outlets: 95

Location of units: Across the UK

Investment range: £25,000-£40,000

Minimum required capital: £50,000

Contact: 01952 783 338

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