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Spanish Amigos franchise makes learning fun

Spanish Amigos franchise makes learning fun

A home-based franchise, Spanish Amigos offers people a unique and inexpensive way to start their own profitable business

More and more people are forsaking the traditional model of travelling to work each day and are instead looking for opportunities to work at home.

One of the best ways to get started with a home business, especially for somebody with no prior business experience, is to buy a franchise. Let’s look at the advantages of running a home business and why a franchise is such a good option.


Flexibility is one of the best features of many work from home opportunities. Most industries recognise the importance their employees attach to having flexible working hours and try to facilitate them in this. Many office and factory workers no longer do a standard shift that starts and ends at the same times each day. They are given the option to fulfil their weekly work quota by working flexible hours during the week.

Flexibility is something that is essentially built in to work from home businesses. Workers can not only choose what hours they want to work each day, but can also decide on how many hours they want to work in total. They can build family friendly work routines, so that their business does not impinge on family life.


Working from home is a great way to become independent and be your own boss. You can decide on your own business goals and on the way you are going to meet those goals. You are answerable only to yourself. Of course, you will require good discipline to become successful.


Depending on the nature of the work from home business, people may be working unsupervised. This means the responsibility for getting the work done rests entirely on their shoulders. It is important, therefore, to have a disciplined approach to working from home. If you intend to work from home, you should decide how many hours a week you want to work and make sure you meet that target every week.


For people planning to start their own work from home business, buying a franchise is an excellent way to fast track the entire process. Essentially, a franchise is a business in a box. Franchising gives people the opportunity to run their own business, while providing them with a great deal of advice and support.

The franchise owner will undertake a marketing campaign that benefits all the franchisees. This means the business person does not have to seek help from third party professionals for things like creating logos, stationery and advertising copy. There is no need to worry about registering trademarks.

Let us look in more detail at the advantages of taking out a franchise.

Proven business strategy

One of the key attractions to franchise schemes is that they provide the new business owner with a tried and tested strategy. Franchise options are only created by a business that has already established itself in its market sector and which is making profits. When you take out a franchise, you are given access to all the methods and strategies that have led to the success of the business. You will have a ready-made business plan and all you have to do is implement that plan to emulate the success of the business founders.

Brand recognition

If you start your own business from scratch, one of the biggest challenges you will face is marketing your brand. For many novices or even experienced business people, it can take years to let people know the business exists. In contrast, when you take out a franchise you will be working with a brand that is already established. You can capitalise from a business that has been built up over many years, which will provide you with instant credibility and success.


The level of support available is one of the most beneficial aspects of becoming a franchisee. If you build your own business from scratch, you will almost certainly be on your own. You may have the support and encouragement of family and friends, but that is not going to be of any help in business matters. You will be unlikely to find help and support from others in the same business, since you will be competing with them.

When you become a franchisee, you will be able to get all the advice and help you need to make your business a success. The franchisor will already have experience of helping other franchisees. He or she will know exactly what types of problems you are likely to encounter and will know the best way to sort them out.


Most franchisors offer training to new franchisees, so that they can hit the ground running when they launch the business. The training will cover everything the franchisee needs to know to make the business a success. The best thing about the training is that it is targeted specifically at the franchise business and is not just general business administration training.

Spanish Amigos

Spanish Amigos is a language club that teaches Spanish and French to toddlers and primary school children and has been established for more than 10 years. The business takes a dynamic and innovative approach to teaching children using multi-sensory methods. The emphasis is on putting fun into language learning and engaging children on many different levels.

A primary goal of the Spanish Amigos teaching model is to get children to develop an interest not just in the language, but also in the culture, history and traditions of the regions in which the language is spoken. This greatly broadens the knowledge of the children and helps them do better in other subjects like history and geography.

Spanish Amigos always makes sure its courses are fresh and stimulating for the children. They use a structure that means that when new children join a course, children already registered on that course will not end up repeating topics they have already learned.

The formula has proved highly successful and now Spanish Amigos has launched a franchise option that allows other people to share in its success. Business writer Emma Jones has rated the Spanish Amigos franchise in the Top 50 UK franchise opportunities.

No prior experience necessary

When you sign up for a Spanish Amigos franchise, you will receive valuable and comprehensive training to help you successfully run your business. You do not need to know Spanish or French. With the Spanish Amigos business model, you can hire your own tutors to do the actual teaching.

Key features of the franchise:

* ### Low investment fee ###. Some franchises require a substantial capital investment that puts them beyond the reach of most people. Spanish Amigos is different and right now is offering franchises for less than £3,000. This is a one off fee and grants you your franchise for life.

* ### Exclusivity ###. You will get your own exclusive, large area to give you the best opportunity to generate a useful income.

* ### Branding ###. You get the rights to use the Spanish Amigos trademark in your promotional and advertising material, stationery and online.

* ### Digital support ###. You get access to the Spanish Amigos intranet and your own Spanish Amigos email address.

* ### Materials ###. Apart from the comprehensive training you receive, you also get ongoing support, business and training manuals, branded stationery, envelopes and business cards and a selection of proven marketing materials.

Since Spanish Amigos targets schools and nurseries, you can choose to work only during term time. If you want to earn even more, there is nothing to stop you organising classes during school holidays or outside school hours.

Great opportunity

Spanish Amigos offers a unique and cost effective way of starting a successful business.

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