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Returning to work after having a baby?

Returning to work after having a baby?

Being self-employed when you have children is the best option for work-life balance. But being self-employed means you need a business

In the UK, childcare costs are one of the highest in Europe, if not the world in comparison to wages and payments for mortgages or rent. This means that mothers are either not returning to the workplace, leaving a massive skills gap in the workforce, or they are returning to work and paying to be there. 

Returning to work after having a baby is something of a shock. You are expected to be an employee again and arrange your work all whilst missing your children. You might be lucky and be able to express milk in a room set aside for you, or you might have to work through your lunch break sitting in the toilets trying to stop leaking boobs. You have to be a corporate face and then rush out the door to be a mummy again, making sure you’re not late for pick up. The guilt is the biggest factor; guilt that you are not there for your children all the time and guilt that you have different priorities at work.

The pandemic has somewhat changed office culture, however, things are slowly creeping back to the way it used to be. Flexible working is high on the agenda of most employees but not all employers. Being self-employed when you have children is the best option for work-life balance. But being self-employed means you need a business.

A BabyBeats franchise is a ready-made proven business model that gives you all the equipment, tools and training to get started as soon as you are ready. As a franchisee, you are able to choose your own hours, meaning you can arrange your schedule to suit you. You won’t be late for nursery or school collection. You won’t feel guilty for leaving the office early. 

BabyBeats is fully flexible and classes are arranged by you to suit your own needs. The training is taken at your own pace and every franchisee gets full business support as well as access to an automated booking and payment system and their own website. This autonomy means that franchisees have total control over when and where they book their classes as well as time set aside for admin and business development. You can work from home, you can work during term time and you can arrange your time to suit you and your family’s needs.

Not only that, but BabyBeats is also a business run by women and mothers. You will be supported and mentored by people just like yourself who have children and understand the pressures of family life. Your franchise support network is full of supportive people who have gone through the same challenges, as well as BabyBeats head office who will work with you to creatively and positively overcome any challenges you face. This is the foundation of the business’ ethos as a company and it is extremely proud of the women that it supports, working for themselves and their families as they see fit.

Importantly, BabyBeats also offers you the opportunity to support parents in your community. This support is vital for new mothers, some of whom will be returning to work and allows them access to other people going through the same thing. Lots of class attendees make friends and provide support to each other in those first important months of their child’s life. The support that franchisees provide, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well, helps to ensure that parents are fully supported in their choices and with the challenges of childcare and returning to the workplace.