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Coffee Blue is a van-based, mobile coffee supplier that delivers hot drinks on-the-go.

£ 9,500 Minimum Investment

Coffee Blue In Brief

  • Description

    Coffee Blue is a van-based, mobile coffee supplier that delivers hot drinks on-the-go.

  • Business Type

    Food & Drink, Coffee, Take-away, Vending

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 9,500

About Coffee Blue

Coffee Blue is a van-based, mobile coffee supplier that delivers hot drinks on-the-go.

The key to how Coffee Blue’s approach is the revolutionary design of its vans. With many years’ experience in both the van conversion industry and in mobile catering, Coffee Blue knows what it takes to create a coffee van that is easy to use.

Their coffee is a unique blend, roasted for Coffee Blue by one of the most respected coffee roasters in the industry.

What is the history of the Coffee Blue franchise?

The Coffee Blue story began in 2006 when Gareth Edwards and Colin Smith formed Vantastec, a company specialising in refrigerated vehicles. All makes and models of vehicles have been transformed into temperature controlled or refrigerated vans at their 28,000 sq. ft. factory.

Customers range from sole traders to companies with large fleets of vans, and conversions can include crew vans, box vans, dog conversions, hot section van, lifestyle vans, camper van, chiller vans and coffee vans.

Over the years, the company picked up plenty of experience with mobile catering and, in 2017, Vantastec team took the step to combine their love of coffee with their knowledge of vehicle conversion to create Coffee Blue.

After some intensive design work, Coffee Blue was convinced it had created the best van on the market, using every inch of space to provide the most flexible experience for its franchisees.


How does the Coffee Blue franchise model work?

The Coffee Blue philosophy is to offer a low start-up fee of £13,950, so that franchisees can be their own boss as soon as possible. For this fee you receive an exclusive territory to sell your coffee, professional training and discounted membership to the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) as part of the Coffee Blue start-up package.

Working five days a week, 48 weeks a year Coffee Blue estimates a franchise will generate a profit of around £33,000-per-van. If you add events and weekends to that, the rewards might be even greater.


What support and training does the Coffee Blue franchise offer?

The franchisee will receive professional training at the company’s head office in Wales. Coffee Blue offers a Barista training course - the lessons are taught at a stress-free pace as the team introduce franchisees to the art of coffee making.

The training will teach the franchisee all the necessary skills to set up a coffee machine and grinder, about freshness and packaging and cleaning and maintenance. Trainers are on hand to answer any questions a franchisee may have about coffee, the coffee making equipment and to make sure the franchisee will be comfortable handling both.

Coffee Blue works closely with franchisees to make sure they are not only fully trained but also help plot out the franchisees’ first routes and suggest daily locations including business parks, office blocks, factories and even building sites — these are key areas where people are to be found every day, providing the foundation of a successful business.

As well as training, Coffee Blue also offers support in promotion, including locally optimised web pages with automatic lead allocation, professionally designed leaflets and business cards and corporate branded giveaways. Each franchisee will also receive 36kg of Coffee Blue blend coffee, 2,500 branded cups, napkins and van running stock, and their own Coffee Blue branded clothing.


How does the Coffee Blue franchise source its coffee?

Coffee Blue’s award-winning coffee blend consists of 100 per cent Arabica beans, grown between 1,200 and 2,100 meters above sea level in Brazil, Rwanda and India.

The high altitude produces harder beans, which make for higher quality coffee and Coffee Blue’s amazing taste. The Coffee Blue formula takes coffee grown in three continents and from five different coffee beans, which works well as an espresso or as the perfect complement to milk-based coffees.


How do the Coffee Blue vans differ from other vendors?

All Coffee Blue vans — the van of choice being a silver Ford Transit Custom — start life as refrigerated vehicles, which means fresh, chilled foods and drinks thanks to the van being fully temperature controlled.

With the addition of our side loading door areas, the van offers ample chilled space on one side and an attractive shelving unit for products on the other. The large loading area allows the franchisee to hold stock to carry out catering events or overnight chilled storage. The temperature controlled self-serving display unit holds a plentiful amount of chilled and dry food products and can be used for both hot and chilled products.

Coffee Blue fits holding ovens reaching temperatures of 75°C in its Coffee Blue vehicles. Designed and built at its factory, the holding oven is larger than those of competitors, meaning franchisees can keep their stocks of pies and pasties.

The area for serving is fully temperature controlled and with units at the rear for chilled food, franchisees food offerings will be perfect every time.

The vans have a 5-star hygiene rating and Coffee Blue is always researching new technology to improve things further. They boast that that their skilful conversion and the beautiful engineering of the vehicle means greater reliability and lower initial and ongoing costs compared to every other coffee van.

They run on LPG (liquid petroleum gas), which is widely available, or can be plugged into the mains, rather than diesel, which can often be noisy, expensive and give off an odour.


What happens if the Coffee Blue van breaks down?

Coffee Blue maintains a team of mobile engineers, giving them a national reach should there be problems with a franchisee’s coffee van. An office-based service team can offer franchisees the chance to hire a replacement mobile van should the franchisee’s vehicle break down. This will be particularly handy should the van become unusable and require repairs.

Coffee Blue will also be on call to help with any issues that arise over the coffee-making equipment.

The option for vehicle hire is one Coffee Blue is particularly proud of, as it will prevent its franchisee’s from losing income while their own coffee van is under repair, a service no other franchisor offers.


What are Coffee Blue’s terms of agreement and renewal?

The Coffee Blue franchise runs for five years and can be renewed for a further five.


How in-demand are mobile coffee van services right now?

According to a Mintel report, the market for purchasing hot drinks out of home grew by 37 per cent in the five years to 2016, reaching = £3.4bn in 2016. Research by packaging specialist Huhtamaki in 2017 concluded that around 80 per cent of the UK population buys a takeaway hot drink and almost a quarter buy them two or three times a week.

Of these, coffee accounts for 77 per cent of hot drinks bought, with lattes topping the list of favourites bought, according to Square UK, followed by Americano, flat white, cappuccino and filter coffee.


How can I get started on setting up my own coffee van business?

Taking the first steps to a Coffee Blue franchise will involve training at its HQ in Wales. To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with Coffee Blue, click on the ‘Send Enquiry’ button now.

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