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Can you truly work flexibly?

Can you truly work flexibly?

It seems the buzzwords of the moment are around flexible working. But, as an accountant or bookkeeper, can you ever truly work flexibly?

Since the pandemic, the world has woken up to what women have been saying for years: flexible working should become the norm, not just a perk. So, would you say you’ve achieved your desired level of flexible working?

According to the government’s website, flexible working, “suits an employee’s needs, for example having flexible start and finish times, or working from home”. However, many professional women are still forced into choosing to work part-time, or miss time with their families to climb the ladder.

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper dreaming of becoming a senior partner, stats like these, released last year by First Intuition, might feel frustrating:
• 46 per cent of women within the accountancy profession attained management level
• Only 17 per cent rise to the level of partner.

So, why not set-up your own practice?

When you start your own practice, you take control over what you’re doing, and how you’re earning. More than just enjoying the flexibility of choosing how you work, and when, to suit your family and life. The profit you make is yours, making it easier for you to build a more secure future for yourself, rather than your boss.

For instance, dns accountants is making it possible for women to create their own destinies and choose their own way of working. Through the franchise model and full support offered by dns accountants, you can enjoy true freedom to define how you want to work.

Tackle the fears, and believe in yourself

There are some very real challenges women face which have the potential to derail your plans for starting your own practice. This may include a lack of knowledge or confidence even to start a business, never mind growing it. But, through the power of franchising, you can overcome any challenge, and enjoy the flexibility of working to suit you.

Brilliant author Maya Angelou said: “When you know better, you do better.” This is as true in your career, as it is in life choices, which is why dns accountants is on a mission to help women in the accounting and bookkeeping world know they can be better, and create a better future – for yourself, for your family, for your peace of mind.

Part of this lies in knowing you have the support of a franchise brand to call upon, for help with any aspect of managing your business. dns accountants not only provides you with the training to feel confident about running your business, but it will also be on-hand throughout the lifetime of your franchise to provide you with the knowledge to do something for yourself or an expert who can do it for you.

Meet real women, like you, who took the step

dns accountants has some exceptional women who invested in their own franchise. These are women who, like you, had a reason to feel more in control.

• Raman Bopari is a mum of three who dreaded returning to work as she enjoyed spending time with her sons. Working long hours meant she was missing out on home life, and it worried her about the impact this could have on them.

She says: “Working for someone else, I often felt I was missing out on time with my sons. I’d leave home early, commute for two hours, and be in the office at 8.00 am. Then I was home late. My oldest would say to me, ‘Oh mummy, we missed you.’ My heart ached for them.”

In dns accountants, Raman found the ideal solution and started her own business with their guidance. “I’m now in my second year, and thriving, having smashed through targets I’d set for my first year. But, the biggest benefit is to spend time where my heart most wants to be,” she says.

• Hema Caullychurn aspired to start her own practice and became increasingly keen to take control of her career.

She says: “The biggest attraction of running a dns accountants franchise, for me, was the support I know I’d receive. They have a team of experts who can help meet any knowledge or skill gaps I have – not just in terms of the work which needs to be done, but in terms of growing my business too.

“For example, I had no experience in sales and wasn’t as confident in this aspect of my business, so when I started, I asked the support team for help. They provided me with people who are dedicated to telesales, on my behalf. They’ve signed up most of my clients for me!”

• Johana Cadena is the most recent woman to join dns accountants, having started the business with her husband, in December 2021. She wanted to provide her children with the chance to enjoy a better future.

She says: “Working for large corporations can be incredibly rewarding, but comes with little flexibility. Vishal and I wanted to build a better future for our family, so we left the city and moved to the Midlands. In order to give our family the best chance at life, we knew business ownership would be the right direction: Vishal is an accountant and I am a bookkeeper, so we opened our dns accountants.

“I definitely have more freedom, now. I can work from home around our children, be there for them if they are sick, or have something on at school, and they know we’re here for them. The flexibility we gained has made our family life much easier.”

Hopefully, these stories of dns accountants franchise partners who are living their best life will inspire you for your own future. There’s so much you can achieve as the owner of your own practice and we’d love to help you achieve them.

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