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The opportunities within family-led, active leisure have never been greater

The opportunities within family-led, active leisure have never been greater

CEO Harvey Jenkinson explains why you have the opportunity to reach for the sky with Gravity Active Entertainment

Why should someone invest in a gravity franchise?

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, the opportunities within family-led active leisure have never been greater. Landlords are looking to us as experts in the leisure space to guide them through what the new norm in leisure and family entertainment looks like.

In Q1 of 2020, we saw the most significant period of growth, exceeding all previous results and targets by 18 per cent. Embracing the shift towards experience-based retail has been key to Gravity’s growth. And we continue to innovate within the marketplace, with more than 30 experience-led products to choose from.

Post COVID-19, the desire for family-led, active, fun and safe activities will never be higher. Gravity franchisees will benefit from being at the forefront of that growth, which we expect to be reignited in Q3 of 2020.

A bit about the business

We established Gravity in 2014 and soon realised a one-product offer is not what the market or real estate owners wanted. Our model, therefore, adapted to provide a one-stop shop of activities, from multi-level e-karting to high ropes to trampolines, plus much more.

This shift soon established our reputation with landlords. These relationships mean we provide franchisees with the best real estate, rents, rates and contributions to support their success.

A product mix that works

We’re a premium brand offering and the products we install in locations reflect that positioning. We assess every site individually and provide franchisees with a product mix specifically for that site, local demographics and market environment.

We continue to be able to provide franchisees with start-up contributions and investment to support product development. In some instances, this had led to individuals benefiting from up to £1.5 million in start-up support.

Describe a typical gravity site

Some are multi-level, some have high ceilings and some have split units, which is why we work closely with franchisees and landlords to establish the best product mix for that particular site.

What is consistent is they all have an anchor product, which could be trampolines, e-karting, high ropes or bowling, for example. Around the anchor activity we then build ancillary products to ensure a diverse and complementary product mix that delivers something for the whole family and individuals too.

Who are your franchisees?

Our offer appeals to a wide range of people from various backgrounds. And while it may be perceived that franchisees have to have access to large pots of capital, this is not the case and investment levels vary depending on the scheme.

The key character traits we’re interested in is a passion for business, the brand and, most importantly, providing customers with a fantastic, unrivalled experience.

What does the UK market look like?

The UK is and will continue to be the foundation of our business. We have a healthy pipeline of sites, allowing franchisees to plan their growth and a multi-site portfolio.

We’re fortunate that having built a strong, reliable and trusted reputation we have options on all prime locations in the UK. The UK market will continue to provide healthy returns for our franchisees.

At a glance Gravity Active Entertainment



Number of franchised outlets:

4 plus 1 master (15 sites)

Location of units:

UK, Europe, Middle East

Investment range:

£250,000-£4 million

Minimum required capital:



Luke Miles.

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