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Did you know?
Beleaf Juice Bar has outlets available across the UK
Beleaf Juice Bar
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Beleaf Juice Bar

Beleaf juice bars are located in major cities and offer fruit and vegetable juice smoothies to customers
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About Beleaf Juice Bar

The Beleaf juice and smoothie bar franchise began 15 years ago, inspired by similar business models in South America.

Beleaf became Europe’s first juice bar to use completely fresh and natural ingredients, sourced from the best possible locations, including Thailand, Uganda, South America and Costa Rica. The Beleaf franchise and smoothie bar stands out due to the exceptionally high quality of its products and its commitment to outstanding new ideas in juice and smoothie production.

Beleaf not only offers excellence in terms of taste and nutrition, it is a wholly new approach to retail in this area with a focus on freshly-squeezed juice on demand, where customers can select their own ingredients to make original combinations. In this respect, the Beleaf service is entirely costumer-focused. Staff engage with customers in a variety of different ways to find out about what their preferences are and what they seek when they decide to pay a visit to a Beleaf store.

There are Beleaf juice bar franchise opportunities available throughout the UK. The Beleaf franchise’s excellent juice bars, impressive growth, high profit margins and efficiency are the result of years of business experience. When new franchisees are considering their options they can be sure that Beleaf is a sound and reliable choice.

How does the Beleaf Juice Bars franchise model work?

Potential franchisees benefit from the fact that the parent company has already sourced all the very best ingredients and negotiated prices before you have even started.

Beleaf Juice Bar franchise marketing is also in place to support you as you grow: Beleaf has a sophisticated marketing operation, combining brand development with customer appeal. Its marketing campaigns are always original and will help new franchisees maximise their new customer base, as well as retaining existing customers.

Beleaf wants its franchisees to be independent and to be in the driving seat to grow their own business by means of an interactive and mutually supportive partnership. The more the Beleaf company grows, the more you save.

The Beleaf Juice Bar franchise support centre provides all the assistance that you will need, including HR and finance matters. You will get the chance to work with well trained, educated experts who know how to build a brand in the juice bar industry.


What does Beleaf Juice Bar offer that its competitors don’t?

Beleaf offers a distinctive choice of fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies in attractive and fun bars, located in popular areas where there is high demand and the need to market the business is relatively minimal.

The bars themselves have an accessible quality: they are set up in the form of open kiosks with no doors or other barriers for potential customers, allowing them to purchase with ease. Eye-catching, colourful shapes and surfaces also help to create a sense of welcome and ambience.

Becoming a Beleaf franchisee offers many exciting opportunities: the company now has a growing presence in the UK and, with 15 years of experience, the quality and freshness of Beleaf products are now beating the competition.


What kind of experience should Beleaf Juice Bar franchisees have?

The Beleaf Juice Bar franchise is looking for passionate, business-minded individuals who have a good knowledge of the market. New franchisees will be good at motivating others, they will be articulate and person-centred and will be good listeners and strong communicators. Additionally, franchisees should be professional and organised with good time-management skills, and willing to take on board the advice and guidance of experienced people. Individuals with these characteristics will share in our success by running their own Beleaf juice bars throughout the United Kingdom.

Did you know?
Beleaf Juice Bar has outlets available across the UK
Beleaf Juice Bar
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How much does a Beleaf Juice Bar franchise cost?

The franchise fee is 6 per cent of annual turnover net of VAT sales. There is also a 1.5 per cent national promotional/marketing levy and a 0.5 per cent international promotional/marketing levy.


Can Beleaf Juice Bar franchisees expect initial financial support?

The Beleaf Juice Bar sites are based on a sound business model and are located in major cities, such as London, Moscow, Istanbul and Cape Town. This high potential means that you are likely to be looked upon favourably by high street banks when it comes to funding.


Do I need an accountant?

Yes, you will need to pay an accountancy fee which amounts to around 0.5 per cent of your annual operating costs.

What kind of training does Beleaf Juice Bar offer its franchisees?

Beleaf training begins with a two-week course in Dublin before you open your own Beleaf outlet. You will learn about the daily operation of a Beleaf bar business with practical hands-on experience in a real store.

Your staff will also benefit from thorough training at the head office. Once you have finished your training you will be fully prepared to open your own store. When you do open, you will have support from experts on every step of the process through everything you need to know.

You will also have ongoing support from a framework of contacts who have already achieved success and can provide advice. Beleaf will help you with other support services, such as support to find world-class key suppliers at a good price (and maintain this supply); a yearly update of your menu and business system manuals; having a strong
online website presence; the provision of recipes for production; keeping good communication with fellow franchisees to help your business grow; and regular visits from head office support team.


When might I return a profit?

The potential for profit is substantial but the rewards (and the speed of those rewards) will depend on the time and effort invested, as well as, local market and general economic conditions.


How can I find out about becoming a Beleaf Juice Bar franchisee?

Interested parties should fill out the form on this page to receive a brochure.

Beleaf Juice Bar will not go for a hard sell. On the contrary, its focus is on finding potential franchisees who are right for the business and who are enthusiastic.

Once you have signed the contract you will need to commit to a five-year term. After that you will have the option of renewing the terms of the franchise agreement. You will not have to pay a renewal fee to do this.

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Send a free enquiry to Beleaf Juice Bar for further information!

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