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Do I need business experience to run a franchise?

Author: Louise Harris

answered by Louise Harris

Franchise network manager for NIC

Louise Harris writes:

Typically, franchisors are offering a franchise package that delivers a training programme to allow ‘inexperienced’ people to run their own businesses. This may include both business skills and appropriate service or product training.

Often, the franchisor would prefer someone with no experience in the specific sector and/or preconceived ideas of how to run the business. While a franchisor may be happy to take someone into the franchise who has no previous experience of running a business, there still need to be levels of capability. It is probable that, in a white collar franchise, it will look for someone who has a form of experience in a white collar role.

Most franchisors will take the approach that they can teach someone the practicalities. What they can’t teach is attitude. Everyone can follow the plan, but do they have the right mindset to follow the plan?

Business people ‘get up and get on’ - they see every day as an opportunity to drive business, earn money and be successful, whatever that looks like. It’s important applicants understand what is required of them and they are honest with themselves about their interest and enthusiasm around those requirements.

Louise Harris is franchise network manager for NIC. She’s been a franchisor, franchisee and franchise induction and support training provider.

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