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Experience a slice of success

Experience a slice of success

Pizza brand Caprinos is expanding rapidly in the UK and overseas, creating lucrative and stable opportunities for franchisees

From opening its first store in Didcot in 2014, Caprinos Pizza now boasts over 85 branches across England, Scotland, and Wales, with new international branches in the Republic of Ireland and Pakistan.

Caprinos Pizza is one of the fastest-growing British pizza chains. It offers a quick return on investment and high-profit margins for its franchisees, and the company will be expanding further. There are currently over 1000 employees working for the brand under different franchisees.

From the start, franchisees receive support to secure a location and legal advice if required. Franchisees are then assigned a dedicated project manager who provides support with getting the branch set up and completed. Full training on products, processes and systems is part of the initial support to new investors, as is ongoing support from the area coaches, SOR and admin team. Regular audits for standards and quality helps the business to achieve consistency and stability.

Award winning brand and extensive menu

Caprinos Pizza is a company committed to providing an outstanding experience to its customers, and it has proven the quality of its food and service by winning many industry awards, including the following:

  • PAPA Awards in 2022 – Pizza Delivery of the Year – Small Chain Category
  • PAPA Awards in 2020 - Pizza Delivery of the Year – Small Chain Category
  • PAPA Awards in 2018 - Pizza Delivery of the Year – Small Chain Category
  • Pizza Delivery of the year 2020/2021 - Corporate Livewire Prestige Award
  • Pizza Delivery of the year 2021/2022 - Corporate Livewire Prestige Award

This proud British brand caters to changing eating habits of customers by introducing seasonal options and ongoing additions to the menu. Tasty vegan and vegetarian options are featured on the menu, and a variety of freshly made crusts and delicious side orders specially made for Caprinos are available for its customers. The company offers exceptional variety for delivery, take-away and dine-in experiences, with more than a dozen topping combinations to choose from. Favourites include the Margherita, pepperoni deluxe, capricious and Caprinos special, as well as international flavours such as tandoori delight, Mexican hot and peri-peri.

State of the art systems

Caprinos has invested heavily in its systems and upgraded them to continue to meet market demands. Bespoke point-of-sale systems and a tailor-made website are in place for Caprinos franchisees. The company works with major aggregators to boost sales and approach all levels of customer segments, and it also works with world-renowned companies to gather customer feedback and market research to gain a competitive edge. Caprinos franchisees and their staff have access to both online and on-the-job training facilities in order to maintain high brand standards.

Social responsibility

As a young and rapidly growing pizza chain, Caprinos felt it was the right time to start giving back to its community. The brand has chosen Lucy Air Ambulance for Children (Lucy AAC) as its national-level charity partner, as this incredible service is not funded by the NHS. Lucy AAC transfers provide life-changing outcomes for children and ensures babies and critically ill children can access specialist treatment and care, wherever they may be in the UK.

Caprinos collects donations in-store and on its website, contributing the donations to Lucy AAC monthly. The brand also supports fundraising events to further aid the charity in garnering the funds and attention that it rightly deserves.

Franchisee success

Shehzad Rafique is one of the company’s long-standing brilliant franchisees. With a background in retail and boasting 11 branches, he has a passion for being a part of Caprinos’ growth. He chose to partner with Caprinos because of the quality of food, the supportive management style and the attitude of the directors. He appreciates the moral support that Caprinos offered during tough times in the business, and the respect that he has garnered in his community as a Caprinos franchisee.

Shehzad is going from strength to strength and in 2021, he won franchisee of the year, with his proudest moment being when he opened five branches. The majority of his branches have given him a return on his investment within 12 to 18 months.

Pawel Grochowski is a recently accomplished franchisee for Caprinos. He had 16 years of experience with Dominos, and he fell in love with the quality of Caprinos food and service. He valued the support system of the company when he was setting up his very first franchise business, as the assistance provided by the training manager, area coaches and head office was invaluable. According to Pawel, having a fresh look for your in-store branding and a good layout brings the attention of customers, and the taste of the food and good prices is what brings them back. He explains: “Working with a young and effective brand like Caprinos is the proudest moment for me, and I look forward to opening more branches in the future.”

At a glance



Number of franchised outlets:


Location of units:

England, Wales, Scotland with international units in Republic of Ireland and Pakistan

Investment range:

£100,000 – 130,000 (depending on the size of the unit and location)

Minimum required capital: