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COOK provides high quality frozen meals, with fresh ingredients and home-cooking techniques

£ 128,000 Minimum Investment

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  • Description

    COOK provides high quality frozen meals, with fresh ingredients and home-cooking techniques

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    Food & Drink, Retail

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 128,000

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About COOK

COOK was established in 1997 as a ready-meal manufacturing company, producing high quality frozen meals, cakes, snacks and other items. The brand currently has an expansive range of products, including frozen and microwaveable meals, that include main dishes with meat-based and vegetarian options, single portion, and family-sized meals.

COOK features a variety of ranges featuring different cuisines and culinary styles, and also produces meals for specialist dietary requirements, including allergen-free meals, vegan and healthy eating options, as well as meals for seniors.

The company has stores across the country, selling COOK-branded products, and produces all of the meals in its main headquarters in Kent. All of COOK products are prepared, cooked and packaged at the UK head office, at the hands of an experienced team of over 300 staff, ensuring each meal meets the highest of standards.

With an emphasis on using top quality ingredients and making premium ready-made meals, the brand has been highly successful and has become an award-winning national company.

Where are the headquarters for the COOK franchise business?

The headquarters for the COOK franchise are located in Kent, England.


How much does a COOK franchise cost?

To start a franchise with COOK, you would need to invest a total of £128,000 plus VAT. This would cover the franchise fee of approximately £30,000 and the additional investment required to start up and run a branded store.

As well as the main brand fee, COOK franchisees also need to cover the cost for establishing a store, design and shop fit, staff costs, stock and related fees. On average, this can cost around £70,000.


Are there any territories available to start a COOK franchise or shop?

For up to date information on franchise opportunities with COOK, contact the brand directly by using the enquiry form on this page.

COOK is not currently looking for franchisees in new territories, but may have COOK franchises available for sale in the UK.


Is there funding support available to start a COOK franchise?

There may be financial support available to start a franchise with COOK from most major high street banks and lenders, depending on personal circumstances. You may need to provide a personal investment towards some of the total amount due, with evidence to demonstrate financial capability.


What kind of experience do you need to have to start a franchise with COOK?

To start a franchise or COOK store, you should have a passion and keen interest in the brand and its products. COOK is looking for individuals or couples who are keen to manage the business full time, rather than those simply looking for an investment opportunity, or who may be looking to outsource the business management to others.

An ideal franchise candidate for COOK would have a strong interest in the food industry, excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to build good relationships with regular customers, and good business management and administrative skills.


What kind of training do you receive with a COOK franchise?

The COOK franchise package includes a three-week training programme for all new franchisees. COOK is renowned for its high level of customer service, and franchisees are led through a detailed programme to familiarise them with the service practices.

The company’s training package includes a comprehensive programme of support, advice and guidance, including kitchen orientation and shops. Franchisees will have the opportunity to spend two weeks in a training store, to understand and appreciate the brand’s operational values and practices.


What kind of business opportunities are there with a COOK franchise?

The UK’s ready meal market is a thriving industry, worth nearly £5bn annually. While convenience is a leading factor for the growth in the market, the growing trend for higher quality meals with greater diversity in product range has increased the demand for frozen and ready meal products.

As customers have developed greater awareness about food quality, ingredient sources and a broader range of culinary styles, the market has seen an increase in premium ready meals.

In this growing market, the COOK franchise has been enormously successful, with a rapidly growing network across the country since it was established. With over 33 stores and 30 franchises, the brand has earned a reputation for exceptionally high quality meals, using natural ingredients and hand-made preparation. Meals are distinguished with the name of every chef responsible for the meal on each package, giving COOK’s products a unique edge over rival ready meal brands.

COOK’s approach has won the brand several awards over the years, for its products and business practices – including being named as one of The Sunday Times’ 100 Best Companies to Work For, Good Housekeeping’s Food Awards, and many awards for the quality of the meat and ingredients.

The brand is also distinguished against its competitors with its strong emphasis on its brand values – focusing on using the business as a force for good, as well as delivering quality to its customers. COOK was one of the UK’s first certified B Corps brands, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact on its employees, community and environment.

For franchisees looking to enter the food retail industry, a partnership with COOK can be a fantastic opportunity, to work with a highly reputable, successful and trusted brand.


How to get started on franchising with COOK

To find out more about potential franchise opportunities with COOK complete the enquiry form on this page.

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