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Snak Appeal has outlets available across the UK
Snak Appeal
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About Snak Appeal

Ethical business Snak Appeal franchise was created in 2008 as an innovative way to both raise money for UK children’s charities and provide excellent business opportunities to franchisees.

The biggest of their kind within this sector, boasting over 60 franchises in the UK alone, Snak Appeal franchise works by placing high quality savoury or sweet snacks and treats in high-visibility spots within various work establishments and outlets. The boxes display the charity that benefits from the purchase of an individual snack or sweet pack, and when the pack is purchased, a portion of the profits goes to the advertised charity.

Franchisees are able to access a wide range of attractive benefits and features from investing in Snak Appeal franchise, including the fact there are minimal setup fees, no franchise fees, ongoing costs or hidden fees. Franchisees can even back out of their investment at any time, with no penalties and the ability to sell their purchased stock back to the company at cost.

With an emphasis on raising money for charity and providing excellent sales opportunities for franchisees, Snak Appeal franchise also places a high level of importance on the quality of the snacks and sweets on offer. All of the sweets and snacks are packaged professionally and there’s a huge range of sweets and confectionery available such as: giant strawberries, chocolate peanuts, rhubarb and custard, foam bananas and jelly babies. Savoury snacks include bombay mix, bacon tasties, chilli coated peanuts and chilli rice crackers.

To stay ahead of the competition and to stay relevant with current trends the Snak Appeal franchise has recently started offering an alternative box offering delicious healthy snack options such as hummus chips and fruit and nut bags. Gluten-free customers needn’t miss out either, with special flapjacks and snacks free from gluten included in the alternative box.

Customers are drawn to the exciting selection of treats on offer, made even better by the draw that a portion of the money they pay for the products is going to a worthy cause.

The socially conscious company can also boast an important differentiating factor when it comes to the charity donations it makes. Impressively, their donations do not have a ceiling figure. The donation process is as simple as: the more they sell, the more they donate. Compared to other companies who may only work on a small royalty basis, this system ensures that the company is able to truly make a difference to the charity it supports.

Keech Hospice Care, for example, has been working with Snak Appeal right from the start, and has benefited from £234,000 in funding during that time. Overall figures for charity donations made by Snak Appeal to UK children’s charities currently total £2.5m.

The company continue to innovate and expand, holding coverage in 70 per cent of the UK, 80 per cent in Holland and 40 per cent in Belgium, with recent expansion into Germany and plans to move into the Australian and French markets soon. The benefits of the business type offer exceptional opportunity for funding for charities, and attractive cause-related marketing for potential franchisees looking to invest in an ethical business with a proven track record.

How much does a Snak Appeal franchise cost?

The cost of a franchise with Snak Appeal is currently £4,816.50 for stock which includes boxes and snacks. There are no franchise fees and no management fees, but there is a minimal personal investment amount of £2,000.


How much can you make annually as a Snak Appeal franchisee?

You should be able to earn £30,000 from your rounds per year before accounting for the costs of stock.


How does the Snak Appeal franchise work?

When you invest in a Snak Appeal franchise you are investing in an exciting work-from-home job opportunity that is local to you. On a daily basis you will be working from your home, or from a small unit and planning out a route to work through where you will place around 25 Snak Appeal boxes in different workplace and leisure business premises. Snack Appeal ensures the geographical area you are given provides the opportunity for at least two sizeable routes.

The average franchisee works around six hours a day and chooses their own hours, making the position extremely flexible and workable for those with lots of time commitments.

Although there is an element of sales involved in placing the boxes, their contents and the charity aspect make them exceptionally attractive for businesses. The boxes are also free for businesses to display so, the fact there is no cost to them is also a huge draw. The Snak Appeal franchise usually see its franchisees achieving around a 60 per cent success rate in placing boxes.

Did you know?
Snak Appeal has outlets available across the UK
Snak Appeal
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
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Once a box is placed, you need to return to the box regularly (sometimes every week, sometimes every month depending on how well sales are going) to refill the stock, and collect the money that has been made. The company also estimate that you’ll need to do any relevant banking and paperwork on a daily basis, which might take as little as 30 minutes or so.


How can I become a Snak Appeal franchisee?

Aside from the initial investment amount for stock, you will also need a computer and printing facilities, a driving license and a car with enough room for stock. You will also need a dry, contaminant free room to hold stock and the ability to get online for banking.


What training will I receive from the Snak Appeal franchise?

As the franchise model is so conveniently simple, minimal training is required to become a Snak Appeal franchisee. The company does provide a focused one-day shadowing opportunity where you are able to follow a current Snak Appeal representative on an existing established round. The day that you shadow is followed by a complete day of training at the companies head office where you learn about the products, how to canvas, how to use the database, and how to properly manage and please your customers.

For an excellent insight into the difference you’ll be making to the charity benefiting from the boxes you place, you will visit the charity in question to get an insight into the important work they do. This is of real benefit to your own work motivation and job satisfaction, and can be incredibly helpful when you’re trying to place boxes with different businesses, because you can talk from the heart about the charity and the different they make to the local community.

Following all training you will also get plenty of support from Snak Appeal head office. You will also benefit from access to Snak Appeals exclusive open franchisee forum where you can exchange information and ideas with other franchisees.


Why choose a Snak Appeal franchise instead of its competitors?

The company’s main USP as a business is the fact that there is no ceiling point for the donations made to charity. So whilst the cause-related marketing attracts customers to buy, and businesses to allow the boxes to be placed on their premises you can benefit from your own sales figures knowing the amount given to charity does not have a ceiling amount. So your sales and placements are truly benefitting the charity, giving you a high level of job satisfaction and motivation to sell more. On top of that, there is minimal risk to those purchasing the franchise because you are only ever paying for the stock and boxes.

You can quit at any time, you can sell your stock back at cost, you don’t have to pay any annual percentages to Snak Appeal, or any hidden fees at all, so as an investment and with potential earnings per year of £30,000, the franchise is exceptionally desirable. Snak Appeal proudly lists Snak Appeal franchise reviews from current franchisees on its website.


What is expected of the franchisee once they have purchased a franchise with Snak Appeal?

Snak Appeal places a huge emphasis on the fact that the only initial costs to you are for stock. There is no franchise fee, you get a free startup package and you get all the boxes, stock and training you need to start making money straight away. There is also zero expectation for any ongoing fees of any kind apart from the cost of replenishing stock and boxes as and when you need to.


Do you need any previous business or sales experience to become a Snak Appeal franchisee?

You do not need any previous experience at all to be a Snak Appeal franchisee, just the willingness to sell and to learn. You do however have to be willing to work full time on your round to ensure that the sales opportunities are tended to.


Is there a cooling off period at any point after purchase?

For ultimate reassurance, Snak Appeal LTD enable you to stop working with them at any point and will even purchase all unsold stock back. There are no financial penalties for ceasing to work for Snak Appeal.

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