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Headcase Barbers is eligible for funding support!
Headcase Barbers
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Headcase Barbers

Headcase Barbers offers a contemporary take on the traditional men’s barber service, providing a stylish and sophisticated modern environment
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Health & Beauty

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£55,000 plus VAT

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About Headcase Barbers

Headcase Barbers was founded in 2000, with a vision to reinvent traditional men’s barbering services. With a focus on providing high quality grooming services in a stylish and inviting setting, the brand appeals to a wider market, and reaches out to the growing style conscious audience among younger men.

The brand has now become one of the UK’s largest men’s grooming services, with franchises across the nation. Headcase Barbers also has a growing presence around the world, with master franchisees based across the Netherlands, South Africa, and Ireland.

The Headcase Barbers brand’s success is due to the combination of providing cost-effective services with a clear and transparent pricing strategy, alongside a relaxing and sociable environment. While many traditional barbering providers leave customers uncertain what they may be charged for a particular service, Headcase Barbers has a clear menu of services and fees, so that customers can feel completely secure about what they will be charged.

Headcase Barbers has also created a distinctive identity for itself, helping it to stand out from its competitors in the market, by creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. Foregoing the traditional barbershop environment, the brand instead introduces pop and rock music for an edgy appeal, oversized mirrors and drinks, to create a more sociable environment. Headcase Barbers also has a sub-brand, Headcase Ink, providing a tattooing service alongside the grooming services, which in turn adds to the contemporary and modern feel of the company.

Where are the main offices for the Headcase Barbers franchise located?

The main offices for Headcase Barbers are located in Farnborough.


How much does a Headcase Barbers franchise cost?

To start a franchise with Headcase Barbers, you will need to invest a total of approximately £50,000 - £55,000 plus VAT. This includes the cost of the franchise fee and start-up pack, valued at £40,200 and bespoke shop fit service, which costs approximately £9,535. These costs include training, marketing support, equipment and furnishing, and a branded business launch.

Franchise owners should also budget for the cost of rent or lease for a property, legal fees and any other costs that may be incurred.


Where can you find franchise territories with Headcase Barbers?

There are currently franchise opportunities available across the country for standalone stores with Headcase Barbers, as well as opportunities to work in partnership with major supermarkets. Headcase Barbers is currently launching smaller versions of its outlets, as Headcase Barbers Pods, in selected branches of Morrison’s supermarkets across the country. To find out more about either opportunity, contact the Headcase Barbers franchise team by filling the enquiry form on this page.


What kind of financial support is available for a Headcase Barbers franchise?

Funding support for part or the complete investment amount may be available with a franchise with Headcase Barbers from most major high street banks. Franchisees are expected to be able to provide a personal cash investment of at least £20,000 – the brand will provide support and assistance to secure funding for the remaining amount, subject to individual history and status.

Did you know?
Headcase Barbers is eligible for funding support!
Headcase Barbers
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What experience should you have to start a Headcase Barbers franchise?

You do not need to have prior professional barbering experience before starting a franchise with Headcase Barbers, as new franchisees are given complete training. However having a passion for men’s style and grooming is essential to succeed in this industry, as well as a strong desire to communicate and work with people – good communication skills and the ability to connect well with people of all backgrounds will stand you in good stead in this industry.

You should also have a strong desire and self motivation to succeed, and be able to work hard, learn new skills easily, as well as have the vision to expand and develop your business in the long term.


What kind of training and support do you receive as part of the Headcase Barbers franchise package?

Headcase Barbers provides a full training package for all its franchisees, regardless of experience and background. You are given full training into all the typical grooming services provided by the brand, with practical training and hands-on experience. You are also given extensive support to develop your business acumen – with training into the brand’s own management and operational systems and software, and access to its bespoke EPOS system, which is used to manage customer bookings more easily.

The company also supports its franchisees with strategic partnerships with leading global product brands, to bring a competitive edge against other service providers.


What business opportunities are there with a Headcase Barbers franchise?

The market for men’s grooming has grown enormously in recent years, with increasing spending by men on male grooming products and toiletries, and growing spending on grooming services. Overall, the hair and beauty industry in the UK is valued over £7bn, with a rising number of men visiting salons and spas for treatments and services. Much of this growth comes from the influence of male celebrities, fashion and pop culture, with an increasing emphasis on style consciousness among men.

This provides franchise owners in this sector with a great opportunity for growth and expansion, as more men look for a more stylish and sophisticated environment to find grooming services. Barbering is also a recession-proof industry, as haircuts are continually required on a regular basis, and cannot easily be carried out by people themselves.

With Headcase Barbers’ contemporary and edgy approach, the franchise offers a great way to enter the market, and stand out against typical traditional barbershops, that do not appeal to more trend-conscious customers. The brand’s expansion into supermarkets also presents an innovative opportunity, as it gives franchisees the chance to expose their business to a much greater and busier audience on a regular basis.


How to get started

To find out more about starting a franchise with Headcase Barbers, contact them by clicking on the enquiry button found on this page to request an application pack and to arrange a preliminary call to discuss territories and opportunities.

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