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My franchise story: multi-unit franchisee success

My franchise story: multi-unit franchisee success

Anna Muskett-Quirke owns and runs two Laser Clinics franchises, providing laser hair removal and aesthetics services to loyal customers

Anna Muskett-Quirke is living proof that you can own and run a laser hair removal clinic and turn it into a huge commercial success, despite having no experience in aesthetics. Anna is now the owner of two treatment centres in the Laser Clinics UK network - one in Luton and one in Milton Keynes - and they are so successful that she may consider opening a third in years to come. Starting off with just two therapists, Laser Clinics Luton now delivers over 20,000 treatments per year and has grown over 30 per cent in only its second year of operation.

Initial success

It all started with a coffee. Anna sent an old colleague a LinkedIn message for her birthday, went for a coffee, and discovered that her friend was bringing the Laser Clinics brand from Australia to the UK. “It turned my life around,” says Anna. After being asked if she was also interested in the franchise, Anna said yes, and her life changed virtually overnight. She went from having a senior role in the IT sector to owning a thriving beauty business.

Anna explains: “I’m very conscious about the way I look, and of ageing, and I like what we’re able to offer. I’ve previously bought laser hair-removal services, I’ve had facials, I’ve had skin treatments and I’ve had cosmetic injectables, so to have the chance to work with a brand and be a part-owner of a treatment centre was an amazing opportunity, and one I couldn’t turn down.

“It’s a clinic in a box. That’s what Laser Clinics provides you with. As long as you have the energy, the drive, the knowledge and the experience to run a business, run sales teams or handle accounts, you can make this work.”

Anna admits that at first, the transition into being a business owner was terrifying. “I didn’t have a clue at first. I’d worked in retail previously as a 15-year-old in a shoe shop, but that was the extent of it. Luckily I’m a quick learner and was able to build a fantastic team around me very quickly. Then Luton exploded. That’s all I can say. We just weren’t expecting it. We obviously hit the mark at absolutely the right time and provided a product that was needed.

“A lot of our clients used to go to London for their treatment and we told them we’d brought London to Luton. Our first clinic was incredible. In the third month, I thought, this is a replicable model. I have the energy, the drive and the enthusiasm, I’ve managed to build a great team and I wonder if I could do it again if I took some of them with me!”

Second time’s the charm

Rather than just wonder it, Anna did it - she opened her second clinic almost exactly 12 months after her first, in August 2021.

“Milton Keynes has gone brilliantly,” Anna says. “We’re absolutely delighted with the client base we’ve been able to build and we’re not far behind Luton. That’s phenomenal, and a testament to the brand, the services and the offerings, as well as to my team and the exceptional customer service that they deliver.”

What sets Laser Clinics apart from other providers is that the company has grown exponentially through word-of-mouth referrals. “We started off with two therapists and now, 18 months later, we have a team of 25 between our two clinics,” Anna continues. “Luton blew my socks off. And that’s enabled me to invest. Our rooms are booked back-to-back in Luton, and here in Milton Keynes I have two laser rooms, also booked back-to-back, so I’m already looking at a third. My teams work as one. It really helps to have two clinics in close proximity because you can share therapists when needed and we can borrow stock from the other clinic which keeps us operational.”

Family feel

Nicknamed Mama Muskett by her staff who see themselves as part of a family, Anna is excited by the constant innovation which Laser Clinics is renowned for.

“It gives us more lines to upsell and cross-sell to our clients and we get more share of wallet, based on the services we provide,” Anna says. “It’s fantastic for the therapists, too. Never before have they worked for an organisation that invests so much time in them as well, increasing their skillset and knowledge and giving them more offerings that they can then become passionate about and take to market.”

Anna has no regrets about becoming a 50- 50 partner with Laser Clinics UK in her two treatment centres. “The model has proved itself,” she explains. “I work long hours, but the rewards are just amazing, and I love the thrill of business. Sales is a massive part of it. So is customer service. I’m amazed at how many transferable skills I had. But we don’t have to do the hard sell here because clients really want and need what we offer.”

Asked if she has any advice for anyone else considering following in her footsteps by becoming a Laser Clinics UK franchisee, Anna answers without hesitation. She says: “Just do it. I didn’t know what I was walking into but look at what I’ve managed to achieve. The support now is far greater than I had when I first worked with them. It’s a family. You’ll be supported. And if you want to run your own business, you’ll get a lot of autonomy and can put your own spin on it.

“I’ve done it twice now and been through the mill with both of the clinics, so there’s not much I haven’t had to deal with. I’m willing to talk to anybody. I’ll be straight with you and not put flowers on it. I’ll tell you exactly how it is.”

Laser Clinics is a global aesthetics company with a mission to offer laser, skin and injectable treatments which are effective and accessible to all genders, skin tones and types. It launched in the UK in 2019 and now boasts 48 clinics nationwide.

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