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“My turnover for the past few weeks has been more than I earnt in an entire year in my last job”

“My turnover for the past few weeks has been more than I earnt in an entire year in my last job”

With a full diary of jobs and quotes, franchisee Mark Jowett looks back on what he now considers to be the best decision he ever made: joining Access4Lofts

When Mark joined Access4Lofts, he was on a mission to get back to being his own boss and create a rewarding new career where he was firmly in the driving seat.

Like all new partners in the franchise, Mark left training with several pre-qualified leads put together by our marketing team ahead of his launch. With this solid head start, and his determination and commitment, the brand was confident that Mark would do well. 

However, one year on, he’s not only fulfilled his potential but smashed through his targets to become one of Access4Lofts most successful franchisees. 

Inundated with opportunities

Mark’s early success has left him stacked with opportunities. “My next availability for work is not for another two months at the earliest,” says Mark. 

“I’ve got paid jobs booked every day until then, and I’ve got no time for anything. I am just about managing to squeeze in a couple of visits for quotes every day, but that’s it.”  

However, like any new business venture, success wasn’t immediate. It takes time to build up a reputation and get word out about a new service. In Mark’s case, however, this proved to only take a few months. 

“Things really turned around suddenly just after Christmas,” says Mark. “I had work booked about four weeks ahead for most of the year, which was brilliant, but that began to tail off a bit as the holidays got closer. 

“However, when I got back from a two-week break, it just went bananas and I’ve been working back-to-back appointments and jobs ever since” 

Starting a business at a difficult time

The middle of 2022 was not a great time for starting a business, considering the cost-of-living crisis and the pandemic. 

Mark was understandably nervous about leaving his job and investing a lump sum in a new venture. 

“I had such an easy job before, with a guaranteed income, so leaving that was scary. That’s one of the biggest reasons I chose to join a franchise,” says Mark. 

The franchise model at Access4Loft provided a strong knowledge base and established reputation from day one – something Mark feels has helped him achieve his best month yet.

“My turnover for the past few weeks has been more than I earnt in an entire year in my last job. Of course, that’s turnover, not profits, but it’s still a major milestone. I showed my wife, and she said “wow!”. It’s nuts – this really is the best thing I have ever done.” 

Mark has accomplished what most new businesses struggle to do in 3 or 4 years of trading, in just 12 months. 

Future plans for expansion

The abundance of bookings and success that Mark has experience over the past year has prompted him to expand his ambitions with Access4Lofts.

“If we’d had this conversation even just a month or two ago, I would have said I was happy as I am, but it’s getting to point where I can’t keep up with the work that’s coming in,” says Mark.

“It’s brilliant to have the peace of mind of knowing I am booked up for 2 months in advance, but I’m worried I’m losing jobs simply because I can’t get out there quick enough to take them on!” 

In response, Mark plans to advertise for another member of staff with their own van, with greater expansion in the future.

“One day, I would love to also take on my neighbouring territory! That’s probably still a long way off, but now I know the work is definitely out there, I can start making these kinds of plans for the future.” 

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