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Join a franchise family where everyone benefits

Join a franchise family where everyone benefits

Fantastic Services’ philosophy is based on taking good care of everyone involved with the property maintenance specialist

According to Rune Sovndahl, co-founder of Fantastic Services: “A franchise is a family. “It’s pretty much the only business model where it’s in everyone’s interests for the entire network to do well - and where everyone benefits when it does.”

Founded in 2009, international company Fantastic Services is a leading franchisor in property maintenance in the UK.

With a portfolio of over 100 services, such as cleaning, gardening, handyman and pest control, it’s safe to say Fantastic Services is a one-stop-shop for everyone considering franchise opportunities in the property maintenance industry.

The main philosophy that Fantastic Services follows religiously is the 360-degree happiness philosophy.

Simply put, it boils down to taking care of everyone involved with the business - from employees and customers to technicians, franchisees and in-house professionals.

Here’s what Anton Skarlatov, co-founder of Fantastic Services, shared about the company philosophy: “Since day one, we have a set in stone philosophy we go back to every time it gets tough.

“The idea behind our 360-degree happiness philosophy is that we treat everyone the same.

“While many franchise companies are still trying to find their hierarchical way, we’ve made sure everyone has the same chance to grow and develop both professionally and personally.”

F for franchise, F for family

If you ask 10 people what characterises a healthy family, you will probably get 10 different answers.

However, there is one thing they will all agree about. It’s that family values that get passed along with generations are essential to achieving a happy, healthy balance.

When it comes to franchising, Fantastic Services is much like a family as it incorporates family-driven values into its work ethic and processes.

Let’s look at how the company’s philosophy matches the values passed along in the family structure.

Social values: Acceptance, respect, service to others

Social values, such as accepting people for who they are and respecting each other, are essential for the foundation of a loving and united family.

Fantastic Servies does an excellent job embedding these values in its work ethic by abiding by the 360-degree philosophy. Everyone in the company supports and motivates each other - and they love a good challenge.

Every new franchisee is welcomed to the family and provided with all the help and support necessary from the very early stages of their life to achieve success. The franchisee’s success is the company’s success.

Many franchisors consider selling their franchise as a cold business transaction.

“But this fails to appreciate what a franchise is all about,” Rune says.

“It isn’t a one-off transaction. Both ‘sides’ are investing in the start of what should be a long and successful business relationship.”

Moral values: Positivity, honesty, responsibility, transparency

Maintaining a positive vibe and being honest with each other is an integral part of a healthy and happy family.

Fantastic Services knows that honesty and transparency with its franchisees and employees are key to a successful partnership.

The company is honest and transparent with all its partners by being in constant communication with them, making sure they’re on the same page at every stage of their development.

Fantastic Services has experienced franchise advisers who are available to talk at all times through various channels, including face-to-face, helping franchisees build their dream business one meeting at a time.

Julian Fernando, an area development franchisee, says: “There’s a level of trust and understanding and that’s what we were always looking for.

“We know that no matter what happens in the future, there’s always going to be support.”

The company takes its franchisees seriously by dedicating whole units to customer support only for their partners.

These people’s sole responsibility is to make sure franchisees have lots of jobs in their schedule and do not sell franchises.

Work values: Punctuality, hard work, cooperation

Teamwork, in all its variations, whether associated with work or play, helps family members stick together and value each other’s time and efforts.

When Fantastic Services was born in 2009, it consisted of only two employees. Fast forward to 2021 and the family has grown to thousands of experts.

The idea behind Fantastic Services was to build something that’s simple and yet delivers the best service for all clients and cleaning crews. That’s what the 360-degree happiness philosophy is about.

The family value of cooperation is taken to the next level at Fantastic Services, as it does all of the marketing and handles customer service for franchisees.

That’s how the company ensures all its partners spend quality time continuously improving and growing as a business.

Franchisee Edmund Augustin says: “The main thing [that made me choose Fantastic Services] is peace of mind.

“I just have to do my job and the rest of it is taken care of for me. I quickly felt like a part of the fantastic family.”

When considering franchise opportunities, it’s essential you pay close attention to what the franchisor is ready to provide and pass down to you as know-how and support.

Always make sure a franchisor is taking good care of its franchisees and ensuring their success is the company’s sole purpose from the very start.

There’s no better place than here to share the company’s motto: ‘It’s all about technology where it works and heart where it matters.’

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