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Fibrenew has outlets available across the UK
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Fibrenew specialises in leather, plastic and vinyl restoration
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About Fibrenew

Fibrenew is an expert in leather, plastic and vinyl restoration, and provides an on-premise service to a wide variety of customers from 250 locations across six countries.

Established in 1985, the company was purchased in 1994 by the first franchisee, Michael Wilson, who began expanding across Canada and into New Zealand. In 1995 Fibrenew began producing its own proprietary range of products, and by 2000 the business comprised over 100 global locations.

Saving customers time and money by quickly and efficiently repairing cracks, rips, stains, and marks on furniture that would otherwise need to be reupholstered or replaced, Fibrenew franchisees offer their customers the following services:

• Residential furniture restoration of leather sofas, chairs, etc.
• Automotive interior restoration including leather vehicle seats, dashboards, door panels and plastic bumpers.
• Medical furniture restoration including vinyl exam tables and waiting room chairs.
• Commercial furniture repair including restaurant booths, office furniture and fitness centre equipment.
• Marine restoration of seating and plastic moulding in boats and yachts.
• Aviation interior maintenance of helicopter and aircraft seating and vinyl mouldings.
• Light upholstery repairs including button replacement and split seams.
• Leather cleaning and protection.
• Vinyl siding and PVC window casing repair.

Fibrenew operates within a niche market and offers a ‘green’ alternative to replacing damaged leather, plastic, and vinyl, preventing hundreds of items going to landfill every day. While there is some competition in certain cities or regions, Fibrenew has secured three-times the market share of its biggest competitor in the same space, with its premium products, advanced techniques and unique colour matching technology setting them apart.

How does a Fibrenew franchise work?

Fibrenew franchisees are able to restore rips, stains, scratches, and holes in leather, plastic, and vinyl across a wide range of markets. Customers may be home and business owners, with repairs required in schools, offices, cars, boats and more. Multiple customer bases provide multiple revenue streams, with the most lucrative contracts including car dealerships and car rental providers, furniture retailers and insurance companies.

Fibrenew franchisees provide an on-premise repair service that can save customers both time and money as the repairs undertaken are faster and more economical than using replacement materials.

How much does a Fibrenew franchise cost?

As the UK is a new market, the first five Fibrenew UK franchisees will pay a reduced fee of £47,000 to start their new business. The franchise investment in the USA is £62,000, so this limited-time deal saves £15,000.

Fibrenew operates a flat-rate royalty system on top of this initial investment, and franchisees will also require a vehicle – usually a small van. The business otherwise has low overheads with few or no additional employees required.

Finding funding to cover the Fibrenew franchising cost

Finance can be arranged through a third party to cover part of the cost of the Fibrenew franchise investment amount.

What do you get for your Fibrenew franchise fee?

Fibrenew franchisees are offered comprehensive training in leather, vinyl and plastic repair along with access to over 200 proprietary products with which to complete them. In recent years, Fibrenew has invested heavily in technology to assist franchisees.

New business owners are provided with a suite of technology tools including custom-built in-house apps and third-party integration. A colour matching app helps franchisees with the hardest part of the business to master, a field management app assists with estimates, customer relationship management, and diary planning, and a photo editor app makes before and after photos easier to share with customers or via social media.

This technology all works seamlessly from the iPad every franchisee receives, making it easier to carry out work in the field.

How much does a Fibrenew franchisee earn?

Fibrenew franchisee earning figures aren’t released, however, it is worth noting that franchise partners set their own pricing – there isn’t a standard price list that must be followed, and franchisees enjoy over 70 per cent profit margins on some services. Pricing will vary dependent on the value of the item that is being repaired, and franchisees can ensure that they are receiving a rate that is consistent with similar skilled local tradesmen.

What training is provided for Fibrenew franchisees?

Fibrenew franchisees take part in six weeks of intensive pre-training, two weeks of hands-on training and a 12-week apprenticeship programme before launching their own business. The comprehensive training programme is the result of 30 years’ experience and is only available to Fibrenew franchisees.

Did you know?
Fibrenew has outlets available across the UK
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
Take the first step in becoming your own boss!
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Delivered in small groups by an experienced coach, the training gives franchisees all the tools and knowledge required to run their own successful business. Topics covered include repair techniques, colour and light theory, leather and plastic identification, marketing, pricing and scheduling jobs.

Once the new franchise is up and running, on-going training is available through live video streaming, seminars and workshops to enable franchisees to keep their skills up to date and learn new repair tips and techniques.

What marketing support is provided for Fibrenew franchisees?

Fibrenew franchisees receive a personalised website and benefit from internet, social media and email marketing support. Franchisees also receive professional print materials as part of their franchise package. 

Do Fibrenew franchisees need restoration industry experience?

No, industry experience is not necessary, and existing Fribrenew franchise owners come from a wide range of backgrounds. Suitable candidates should be able to distinguish colour, enjoy working with their hands and be physically fit as manoeuvring furniture will be necessary. Other essential attributes include being comfortable with networking and relationship selling, and a willingness to learn new skills. Fibrenew are seeking applicants with passion, drive and motivation to build their own successful business.

Will I meet other Fibrenew franchisees?

Yes, Fibrenew franchisees take part in regular workshops and seminars which offer franchise owners the chance to network and share business experiences in a fun and relaxed environment.

Is running a Fibrenew franchise a full-time job?

It can be. New Fibrenew franchisees are often changing careers in order to benefit from increased freedom and a better work/life balance and earning potential. Each franchise owner dictates their own schedule, giving them complete control of their income and weekly hours.

Do I have to use Fibrenew products?

Yes, but that’s a big bonus! Fibrenew’s proprietary product line is only available to franchisees and is shipped to them directly from Fibrenew’s Canadian warehouse. The product line is constantly being expanded and refined to provide effective products specific to the variety of vinyl, leather or plastic requiring repair, as well as industry-specific applications. All products meet the required safety and durability standards.

Can I list my Fibrenew franchise for sale?

Established Fibrenew businesses in the USA can be re-sold, so the same rules will almost certainly apply in the UK.

Does a Fibrenew franchise cover an exclusive territory?

Yes, each Fibrenew franchise territory is exclusive and covers a population base of between 150,000 and 300,000 people, comprising both residential and commercial businesses.

Where are the territories that Fibrenew is looking to open new franchise locations?

Fibrenew is looking for franchisees to cover territories across the whole of the UK.

Why choose a Fibrenew franchise?

Fibrenew operates within a niche market, and the highly specialised skilled service provided by franchisees can’t be replicated without the tools and training provided. The business is diverse, with multiple revenue streams and as customers can repair rather than replace furniture, the business continues to thrive during falls in the economy.

A Fibrenew franchise requires low overheads and a low initial investment, and franchisees receive extensive training and support, often from existing franchisees who understand the business challenges. Cutting edge product research and development ensure that the range will continue to grow and stay relevant.

Fibrenew was recently ranked #1 in the Leather and Vinyl Repair franchise category by Entrepreneur.

How can I apply for a Fibrenew franchise?

Interested parties are invited to begin the discovery process with an introductory phone call before moving on to a screenshare presentation to provide more information on the investment opportunity. From there, applicants are invited to speak to current franchisees before moving on to next steps.

If you are interested in starting a Fibrenew UK franchise, please complete the web form on this page.

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