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Managing demand with YourPlumber franchise

Managing demand with YourPlumber franchise

YourPlumber offers the unique opportunity to run a plumbing business without getting hands on

We’ve all read the stories about how difficult it is to find a professional plumber and how much plumbers reportedly earn. The UK’s leading plumbing franchise, YourPlumber, provides opportunities to run a plumbing and heating business without actually being hands on.

According to YourPlumber, there’s never been more demand for the company’s services. Enquiries from new customers have increased by 22 per cent compared to the same period last year, repeat business has increased by 11 per cent, while customers are spending on average six per cent more per transaction at almost £230 a time.

According to Bob McColl, who owns a YourPlumber franchise in Glasgow: “We looked at several opportunities and plumbing was one we knew would be in demand for years to come. We’re fortunate that in this business we don’t have to cold call clients to try and make appointments or create the desire for our services. The demand is already there - customers come to us already with a need. Our job is just to manage the same excellent service to each and every one. When the demand is there like it is and customers are spending what they do each time, it makes it a viable and profitable opportunity.”


New franchisees in their first year average nearly 100 enquiries a month, while more established franchisees are receiving more than 300 each month. And customers are certainly prepared to spend on the YourPlumber service - anywhere from £80 for small repairs to several thousand pounds on new boilers and heating systems. In fact, last year one client spent £22,000 in a single transaction.

This is something YourPlumber director Dan Morris attributes to two things: “The excellence of our service and our own proactivity in finding not only new clients, but services to benefit our existing customers. People question whether there’s a market for a premium service during a recession. We’ve found there is a huge market for our services. Rogue traders have been well publicised in recent years and we’re finding people would rather pay once for a professional service than twice for a cheaper alternative.

“We’ve been particularly successful at targeting the right client base with a level of service delivery the typical one man band or small business just can’t compete with. Our service delivery ensures excellence before the service, during the service and even after the sale. I’m confident clients get an experience with us they won’t get elsewhere, reflected in recent survey results that show 99 per cent of clients asked would recommend us.”


People traditionally think plumbing and heating go quiet in the summer months. This isn’t something YourPlumber has experienced at all. During the last two years August has been one of the company’s busiest months.

This is something Portsmouth franchisee Sharon Hack says is a result of the variety of services provided: “Despite the name, we’re not just YourPlumber. We actually provide a range of services in drainage, heating and gas as well. Through installations, servicing and maintenance we have a range of services that are in demand all year. Boiler breakdowns and installations are inevitable from about the end of September each year, but routine repairs, servicing and planned installations make up a large part of our revenue all year round.”

Becoming a franchisee with YourPlumber doesn’t require you to be a plumber, or even want to become one. Dan adds: “We’re looking for people who identify plumbing and heating as an industry that has both sustainable demand and good earning potential. That might mean they have experience in the plumbing and heating sector, but it’s not a necessity.

“By managing their franchise rather than being the plumber in it, our franchisees are able to make the most of the systems we have. The prospect of a man in a van is pretty unexciting for us in terms of revenue. Our franchisees average revenues of more than £20,000 a month and it’s down to the management system that enables that.”

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