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Be part of the B2B signage sector

Be part of the B2B signage sector

With FASTSIGNS, you can build a profitable business that’s not only vital to commerce, but also delivers an enviable lifestyle

There’s no denying that in the past 12 months signage has become more prevalent. For businesses operating in virtually any industry, signs have provided public safety information, communicated actions taken to protect staff and customers or delivered instructions for expected behaviours from patrons.

In a time of significant concern for many in the UK, signs provided key information that allowed the viewer to disengage from their anxieties and simply follow rules. This created a sales opportunity for signage businesses, even at a time when gross domestic product was in decline.

Essential tool

During a period of recession, signage becomes an even more essential tool, helping businesses win harder-to-obtain sales. Signs share information and create better user experiences that build trust and confidence in customers, encouraging them to spend their disposable incomes with a business, event or experience.

Signage is an emotional purchase for businesses. Business owners who have grown their enterprise from grassroots believe the sign above their door is more than just a sign - it’s a visual depiction of the company, a physical manifestation of what it can provide to its customers.

For customers, high-quality signage has a significant impact during decision-making processes. An independent study suggested that during the pandemic over 80 per cent of shoppers were influenced positively by the quality of signage a business had on display, believing the ones that invested in signage cared more about their well-being.

This is also true during more ‘normal’ times. Customers who see high-quality store signage are more likely to enter the establishment, purchase a product and equate more trustworthy goodwill to a brand, encouraging them to return.

Signage can help business owners attract customers or staff members, showcase their brand values and culture, and promote products, services and events. Using signage to promote their brand effectively will help entice the right people to their business.

Award winning franchisor

For all the reasons above, launching a business in the signage industry is a more than- worthy opportunity.

FASTSIGNS has been established for over 35 years, launching in Dallas, Texas in 1985 and arriving in the UK in 1995. Since then, it’s gone on to become an award-winning franchisor and has provided a sustainable business model for over 740 franchisees, with 24 of those operating in the UK.

Through the company’s tried and tested practices, you could launch a business that not only creates a viable business opportunity but also facilitates a positive work-life balance.

As FASTSIGNS’ target customers are business-to-business enterprises, prospective franchisees can work Monday to Friday hours and build a prosperous management-based business that can deliver financially and also provides valuable leisure time, which because of the pandemic many people have realised has been a much overlooked and under prioritised part of everyday life.

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