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Did you know?
Haagen Dazs has outlets available across the UK
Haagen Dazs
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About Haagen Dazs

Established in 1961, Haagen Dazs is globally recognised for making luxury ice cream with the creamiest texture and most indulgent flavours.

Founded by Reuben Mattus who had experimented with creating ice cream since childhood, Haagen Dazs began as a small business with just three simple flavours – chocolate, vanilla and coffee – each made with the highest quality ingredients available. The first retail store opened in Brooklyn in 1976, and while other brands cut corners and pumped their ice creams full of air, Haagen Dazs refused to follow the trend, instead making its products even creamier. Haagen Dazs soon established itself as a premium alternative to the more basic ice cream offerings available, and continues to take pride in the careful selection of ingredients and perfection of its recipes to this day – the strawberry ice cream recipe took six long years to perfect.

Now selling 46 luxurious ice cream flavours, each created using natural flavourings with no artificial colours or preservatives, Haagen Dazs ice cream is available to buy in supermarkets around the world. Ice cream lovers can also curb their cravings with a visit to a Haagen Dazs store, which also offer a range of irresistible sundaes, cookie sandwiches, sorbets, milkshakes, smoothies and frappes.

With stores now open across the world including China, Brazil, Australia, Japan and New Zealand, Haagen Dazs continues to provide extraordinary ice cream with mouth watering flavours that keep their loyal customers coming back for more.

How does a Haagen Dazs franchise work?

A Haagen Dazs franchise usually consists of a shop situated in a high street or shopping centre which offers the entire range of Haagen Dazs dessert products. The main store can sometimes be combined with a satellite kiosk located in the same area to provide additional sales. A Haagen Dazs franchise agreement is awarded for a period of ten years, and is renewable after that time.

How much does a Haagen Dazs franchise cost?

The initial Haagen Dazs franchise fee is £23,750 and the full initial investment can range from £130,000 to £430,000, with an average new store costing £280,000. The scale of the required investment depends on the size and configuration of the store, along with site specific factors such as the degree of improvements required to the store prior to launch.

After this initial investment, the ongoing Haagen Dazs franchise costs include a royalty fee which is four per cent of gross sales, a local marketing contribution of one per cent of gross sales and a general marketing contribution of £4,400 per annum, to be paid monthly.

Applicants are expected to have a minimum £159,000 net worth, with £63,500 in liquid assets.

What do you get for your Haagen Dazs franchise fee?

Haagen Dazs franchise owners are given plenty of support prior to the launch of their new store. The franchise development team follow a step by step process to get new shops up and running, and the operational team offer advice and assistance with the day to day running of the store, including inventory, recruitment, product cost analysis and business planning.

Once a suitable location for the new Haagen Dazs franchise has been identified, Haagen Dazs head office provide support with store construction and design, offering access to their experienced architect to ensure that design requirements are met. They also finalise the building plans before their construction manager begins work with the builders, overseeing the project throughout the construction process.

Once the store is in place, training is provided and online tools are introduced via the Haagen Dazs franchisees app, which allows new business owners to track inventory and schedule employees as well as offering access to recipe information and online training modules.

During the first four days of operation, Haagen Dazs franchisees are provided with a mentor who spends eight hours a day in store to oversee the launch and answer any questions.

Did you know?
Haagen Dazs has outlets available across the UK
Haagen Dazs
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What is the average Haagen Dazs franchisee income?

Haagen Dazs don’t release information on franchisee earnings, but they do say that average gross sales for a Haagen Dazs franchise is £397,000.

What training is provided for Haagen Dazs franchisees?

Haagen Dazs franchise owners take part in a nine day training course known as ‘Haagen Dazs University’, which usually takes place at the corporate training centre in Minneapolis, USA. This training is designed to prepare both the franchisee and their shop manager for the launch of the new store and involves 60 hours of classroom and 16 hours of hands on training. The comprehensive programme covers point of sale, inventory, sales reporting and all the other information needed to successfully run a Haagen Dazs franchise.

After the store has opened, training is provided when new menu items are launched.

What marketing support is provided for Haagen Dazs franchisees?

Along with benefitting from national marketing campaigns, Haagen Dazs franchise owners are offered support by the Haagen Dazs marketing team and a Franchise Business Manager who assists them with local marketing to attract customers and increase sales in their stores. New stores receive point of purchase promotional materials when they launch, along with customised national campaign materials to support new flavour introductions and seasonal sales as they happen.

Do Haagen Dazs franchisees need industry experience?

No, it’s more important to be hard working and committed to making the new business a success. Haagen Dazs franchisees should be passionate about the brand, with plenty of drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

Will I meet other Haagen Dazs franchisees?

Yes, Haagen Dazs holds regular meetings for their franchise owners, as well as offering an app with social networking capabilities which allows franchisees to stay in touch.

Is running a Haagen Dazs franchise a full time job?

Yes, whether that is for the franchise owner or a fully trained manager. Haagen Dazs prefer their franchisees to devote a minimum of 40 hours a week to running their store, but in situations where that is not possible (for example, where the owner has more than one Haagen Dazs franchise) an approved manager may be accepted.

Does a Haagen Dazs franchise cover an exclusive territory?

Haagen Dazs franchisees are not always offered an exclusive territory, so may face competition from other franchises or outlets owned by the franchisor. Haagen Dazs do offer ‘protected territories’ at their discretion, meaning they will not establish or licence another Haagen Dazs store within that area.

Why choose a Haagen Dazs franchise?

Haagen Dazs is a globally recognised and well established brand with a reputation for quality. Along with strong brand recognition, Haagen Dazs franchisees benefit from support, training and expert advice from a business with a proven franchise model that has been running successfully for over 30 years.

How can I apply for a Haagen Dazs franchise?

After receiving franchise information, applicants are invited to speak to a Haagen Dazs franchise team representative, and will then complete an application form along with supplying any relevant financial documentation. Once the application has been approved, applicants are invited to a Discovery Day and an interview date will be arranged. If a franchise is awarded, a non-location specific Haagen Dazs Franchise Agreement is signed, before a location is identified and approved, and construction can begin.

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