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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Wake up to the benefits of sleeping, with an innovative franchise opportunity from Intercoil

There is something very fundamental about sleep – we all need it. Not just occasionally, but every single night.
Equally indisputable is that when considering the value of any franchise, one overriding factor has to be whether it will provide a long term, secure investment or whether it is just another short term passing trend.

So putting these two parts of the equation together naturally gives you a very obvious solution – a sleep solution; which is exactly the proposition being offered by Intercoil through becoming one of their retail franchise partners.


Having been well established for more than 40 years, Intercoil’s own stable of 22 retail outlets is located within some of the most prestigious shopping malls and high streets throughout the Middle East.

Demonstrable financial success is strongly supported by contemporary medical research that clearly highlights the importance of sleep to us all, which is something that we can all personally relate to. Simply put, a high quality night’s sleep guarantees that we all awake happier, healthier and fully prepared to embrace the coming day both at work and at home.

Bolstered by a wide range of superb products, continued expansion and success has depended upon formulating a contemporary retail approach that takes the selection of a bed and bedroom furniture beyond just meeting a very basic human function. Basically the act of selecting a bed and bedroom furniture had to become an experience, not a mundane activity.

So the marketing team posed some very serious questions, to which all potential franchise partners would also require the answers: Would the same formula be successful elsewhere? Could a store retailing beds, bedding and bedroom furniture be perceived everywhere to be as sophisticated as any high class perfumery? Could such a store create the same aspirational desires as the most luxurious jewellers or an elegant boutique offering branded clothing? Or even create constant demand matching the very latest must-have mobile phones?

To date trial franchises have produced positive answers in every trial country, underpinning the confidence in these expansion plans. So, regardless of the outlet’s location, each new franchised showroom will be beautifully appointed with lavish room settings that will inspire and create an ambience of maximum sophistication. Furthermore the staff will enjoy market leading sales techniques such as using digital tablets to demonstrate the full range and all showrooms. With an eye on always staying ahead of the curve, Intercoil has several digital technological ideas under development, from which all franchises will benefit in the near future.

Having devised the branding of ‘The Bedroom by Intercoil’ all franchisees will rapidly discover that they will be reaping the rewards from operating not just another furnishing or mattress store – but a unique bed, bedding and bedroom furniture store that is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind retail proposition.

All of this makes Intercoil quietly confident that its ‘The bedroom by Intercoil’ brand will be actively sought out wherever a franchise is established.


New franchise partners will instantly discover that Intercoil’s core strength lies in the organisation’s ability to manufacture its own range of products.

Beyond Intercoil’s own, high quality mattresses, ‘The Bedroom by Intercoil’ means that every new showroom will be stocked to offer highly customised furniture as well as a range of matched bedding and accessories, such as pillows, linen, mattress protectors, duvets and more, giving customers the joy of finding the perfect bedroom in a single shop. With this focus, all franchises will be poised to be a one-of-a-kind specialist retailer delivering exactly what today’s customers are looking for. Continually seeking excellence, Intercoil is the first and only manufacturer in the Middle East region to have set up a dedicated lab and testing facility for mattresses, as well as recently opening a new stateof- the-art manufacturing facility that includes the very latest technology.
This continuous and rigorous in-house R&D programme naturally allows the company to react instantly to all customer feedback, driving the industry forward and outpacing the competition.

A passion for innovation has not only produced a groundbreaking, eco-friendly mattress called the ‘Green Mattress’ but has given Intercoil the opportunity to implement environmental-friendly initiatives, such as using recyclable materials, converting to water-based glues and adopting many other waste management processes.


Founded in 1974, Intercoil is a family business adhering to the principles of service, integrity and professionalism. Proudly based in the UAE, the company’s success has been built on a belief that all business relationships must be beneficial to all parties. As such, Intercoil has gained an enviable reputation throughout the Middle Eastern region as the market leading brand in orthopaedic sleep products. The result is that Intercoil is now the major bed supplier of choice to a highly noteworthy selection of pre-eminent hotel groups in the MENA and Levant.

As a well-established and successful retailer in its own right, Intercoil can clearly demonstrate that ‘The bedroom by Intercoil’ is a wellknown and exceedingly trusted retail brand that customers worldwide actively seek out.


Intercoil’s partnerships and expansion programme means the brand already enjoys a strong business presence in 23 countries, with more than 50 distributors, retailers and agents; reassuring all prospective partners that the business model is not only successful but very lucrative. To date the principal benefits are undoubtedly providing high revenue generating stores that enjoy premium customer footfall. All showrooms will be fully stocked providing customers with the very latest in sleep style and comfort.
The Intercoil brand is supported by the full spectrum of marketing and advertising campaigns with a heavy commitment to all industry related seminars, conferences and exhibitions. Partners can expect:

A complete commitment from Intercoil Retail and Manufacturing teams.
A very successful and proven business formula with the full provision of a complete specialist sales, marketing, distribution and operational system.
Full protected Industrial and Intellectual property rights.
Complete access to an experienced franchisor team based in the HQ in Dubai. Their support will include your initial set up, a service portfolio, a pricing strategy, full corporate uniforms and all the necessary business know how, plus promotional marketing material.
Secure and protected access to Intercoil’s high quality bedroom and mattress product lines.
Provision to fully utilise and replicate the successful Intercoil template in your region using perfected policies and procedures, so foreseeing problematical situations and hence reducing the risk of set-backs.

The assurance that you have a professional, knowledgeable and dedicated franchisor who will provide you with full training and support in all the key preparatory and operational aspects of your business.
On-going research and development of cutting edge and ‘green’ products for both product development and new sector entry.
Management information systems and an integrated accounting package .
A proven business system that has shown continuous growth and unprecedented return-on-investment.
Ongoing motivation, training and inspiration. Innovative products right across the bedding, furniture and linen ranges to provide your clientele with the complete bedroom shopping experience


Above all, Intercoil is committed to providing full assistance to all its retail partners in aiding everyone to maximise the potential of their own franchise. Currently, very successful partners report that they benefit from the highest profit per square meter of utilised space and have seen the best Return on Investment in their marketplace.

To obtain your full franchise brochure and become an Intercoil Global Partner please contact:
Suchetan Kaashyap Email:
Phone: +971 55 5752 339/ +971 4 3474474

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